Concrete Campfire @ Brel. Glasgow. Thu 27 Feb 0..

19-year-old Isle of Mull Singer songwriter Sorren Maclean is a well- connected young chap who has worked With or supported such respected names as Michael Marra. James Yorkston and the late Martyn Bennett. It helps that his father Gordon is a well thought of folkie himself. and director of An Tobar arts centre in Tobermory. It might not be especially cool haying your old man in your band. but if he plays a mean upright bass. well. conceSSions can always be made.

Maclean‘s tunes are contemporary acoustic pop. This was best exemplified during this set amid the foliage of the Brel conservatory with his two-piece band. which also includes drummer and childhood pal John Barlow by his debut single 'Bus Tax and Bars'. Released through An Tobar's label Tob records. it‘s a glossy, keenly melodic thing think a sticker King Creosote. ‘These Golden Years' stood out for much the same reasons. while “One Last Dance‘ a high-tempo rockabilly number with a fierce jazzy guitar solo proved that the lad has plenty more tricks up his sleeve besides. (Malcolm Jack)

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The gig finishes With a note of despondent appreciation. "Thank you.‘ says Ben Wallers. also known at. The Rebel. one third of The Teasers and a son of St Albans who settled ll‘ Edinburgh for a few years way back when. 'Thank you. That‘s the end. Of the band'. Maybe he means it?

Probably not. in all honesty. upon hearing the giggle which enters his veice. Still. Walters does like to be opposite. The Country Teasers are like The Fall turned up to it. While a two part rhythm section await his cue to hammer away in the background, he dressed in summer suit and fedora. and looking younger than his 37 years bashes and honks and klangs awa. at guitar and keyboard. occasionally letting go some yelped non seguitur or other.

When the ambient racket converges into a demolishing riff and then an impudent lyrical call. though, it's incredible. 'Please ban music and drive it underground.’ he holler's during 'Please Ban Music". "They did it in Iraq and in Afghanistan. If he gets; his Wish. he seems intent on 21‘.'()l(tllttl the Cull by disguising his art as; something else entirely. iDavid Pollock. I mm: therebelco uk country/teasers.htrni‘

PHEVlF‘J. ‘. \- GLASGOW IMPLODES 13th Note. Glasgow. Sat 28 Mar

Nihilism and noise go fist in hand. Just take a look at the line-up of Glasgow Implodes. the fourth annual all-dayer of extreme noise terror organised by cottage industry label At War With False Noise in association with Zero Tolerance magazine. Vomir. for instance. is a Frenchman who. by placing bags over the heads of his audience while playing in pitch black at an excruciating volume. more than justifies the hype of ‘No change! No development! No music! No entertainment!‘ he‘s tagged with.

‘He wants you to feel nothing.‘ Glasgow lmplodes' Al Mabon is at pains to point out. ‘lt‘s about wanting to arrive at the most extreme. most violent conclusion you can. To me that‘s an extension of a punk DIY ethic. and I don‘t necessarily see nihilism as a negative thing.‘

Originally founded as a DIY alternative to some of the bigger experimental festivals. Glasgow Implodes comes out of a fecund Glasgow scene's desire to get back to basics. With the likes of Skullflower. Gruel and Manchester‘s Barbarians also in attendance for what sounds like an auto—destructive assault on the senses. some Ievity may be brought to proceedings by Atomized. This collaboration between Black Sun and Kylie Minoise takes 19805 disco hits as their starting point. only to render the likes of Madonna‘s ‘Justify My Love‘ unrecognisable. Not so much a remix. then. as tearing it limb from limb. Which all sounds novel enough. but how far can you go once you've taken things to the limit?

‘I don't know.‘ Mabon admits. ‘Can you go further? It‘s raising questions like that which make Glasgow Implodes so fascinating.‘ (Neil Cooper)

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