0135‘) 318531. 8pm. £6. 1’iyepiecc line- tip from Lanarkshire performs traditional Scots and Irish. “1”] some American music and their own material

Tuesday 24


I Emily Barker and the Red Clay "BIO 1.01111 Milk (Tub. The Village. South i'ort Street. 478 7810. 8pm. £6. Warm country folk yyith guitar. fiddle. cello and accordion under the Aiissie yocals. Songs from her new album '1)cspite the .Sttoyy.‘

I Ceilidh Club The Lot. (irassniar'ket. 335 0033. 8pm. £6. Scottish dancing. liye band and callers to lead yoti through the steps. Music from ('royy die House. I’rirr of ('ei/u/li ('u/Iun'.

Wednesday 25


I Soul of Flamenco Reiif'ield St Stephen‘s (‘hurch. Bath Street. 333 3836. 7.30pm. £6. 'l‘i'aditional flamenco songs and guitar.


I Absolute Beginner Ceilidh Dance Class Bruntsfield Primary School. .‘ylontpelier. Bruntsf'ield. 33‘) 1831. 7 8.55pm. £7 (£4). No partners necessary for this friendly and re1a\ed drop-in ccilidh class. Wear flat and comfortable shoes.

I Rallion lidinburgh 1-‘olk (’lub. (‘abaret Bar. The Pleasance. 650 3458. 8pm. £7 (£6). T’tiyy‘erhtitlsc‘ Scots music from singer Mariekc McBean on guitar and drums. Stey'ie Laurence on guitar and bou/ouk‘i. Andreyy' Lyons' fiddle and cittern. and Fiona (‘tithill‘s fiddle and yyhistle.

I James Lowe Henry ‘s (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 338 9393. 10.30pm. £tbc. Melodic. croyyd-pleasing acoustic set from lidiriburgh singer songwriter Lowe.

FRI! MacPolvo The White Hart Inn. (irassniarket. 633 7| 18. 9pm. Scottish c‘t'ou'd-plcasittg folk.


I Irvine Folk Club Vineburgh (‘ominunity (‘entr'e. Quarry Road. 01304 551047. 8pm. £6 (members £4). Popular fortnightly club night with a regular]y-changing roster of guest musicians.

Thursday 26


I Scottish Music Concert: Love, God and Murder RSAMI). chfreyy Street. 333 5057. 7.30pm. £5. In collaboration with the Digital Film and Television Departriicnt.

I Doghouse Roses St Andrew's in the Square. St Andrew’s Square. 55‘) 5903. 8pm. £8 (£6). (ilasgoyy's underground folk/country/blues outfit led by the vocals of Iona Macdonald on guitar. with Paul 'l‘asker. also on guitar and Vocals. Malcolm Lindsay (guitar) & Sharon Hassan (fiddle)

I John Miller 8: his Country Casuals and California Mississippi Mike Wolfe \Voodcnd Tennis & Bowling Club. (‘hamberlain Road. 95‘) 1438‘ . 8pm. £10. An

ey ening of good time music and Americana. Radio Sweethearts singer Miller and band play trad country originals.


I Ndaje: African Connections The Bongo Club. Moray House. Holyrood Road. 558 7604. l lpm~3am. £8 (£5). Senegalese organiser and musician Samba Sene brings together some friends for a night of Afrobeat. ska. reggae. roots. Latin. Celtic. Mbalax. folk. jazz. live music. dancers. drummers. African food and special guests Big Fat Panda.

Folk Music Falkirk

I Gill Bowman T‘alktrk folk ('lub. The Polish (Tub. -\rnot Street. 01 334 613395. 8pm. £tbc Burns interpreter and siriger-songyyriter


I The Whistlebinkies \fiigtlock ('ountry Park Visitor" ('eiiti'e. (‘iaigeiid Visitor (’entre. (iratgalltalt Road. 3.53 8000. 7.45pm. £15 (£14i. ()uality Scottish traditional music on pipes. harp. flute. drum. coiicertina and fiddle from the nitich-trayclled. \eteraii Scots band


I Guid Crack Club \Vayet'lcy Hat. St Mary 's Street. 556 057‘). 7, 30pm £3 donation. ladinburgh‘s monthly storytelling club yielcomes all. .\n eyeiiiiig of \yords and song.

I The Jolly Beggars and A’ That The i’leasance ('abai‘et Bar. i’leasattcc. 7.30pm. £1) (£7). Burns‘ ruinbustuous cantata made up of eight poems and eight songs. l’urr of (ti/It”) ('u/tim:

I Singing the Stories, Telling the Songs Scottish Storytelling (critic. High Street. 5560571). 7.30pm. £8 i£6i Marie Louise ('ochraiie and Ice Patterson discuss Scottish culture and share some stories and songs. l’iirr of ('wi/u/lr (tr/lure.

I Edinburgh Gaelic Community Ceilidh/Dance Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 6333030. 8pm 1am. £15 (£131. The Black Rose (it‘liitiii Tittttd ttlttl a selection of('iae|ic singers pt'oy ide the liye music celebrating fiye years ol the Bothan (‘iaelic (’lub (fiill info and tickets from \y y\ yy.gaelic-edinbur'ghnet ). l’urr of ('i'r/ir/li (it/Irma

I Canongate Cadjers Ceilidh Dance Band The .\1erlin. Morningside Road. 447 433‘). 8pm. £8 (£6). |.i\ely Scottish dancing. I’urt of ('r'i/irl/i ('u/lim'.

I Burns’n’Blues: The Merry Muses The Pleasance ('abai'et Bar. Pleasaiicc. 9.30pm. £9 (£7 ). An ‘adults only‘ performance of Robert Burns' bayydy songs. l’urr ult'i'rlrrl/i (ii/lure.


I Kelso Folk 8. Live Music Club The Maltings Theatre and Arts (‘c-iiti‘e. Iiastern Lane. ()1573 336033. 0.30pm. £lhc‘. Sec Fri 30.


I Rowan Tree Concert liasigate Theatre ck Arts ('entre. liastgate. 01731 735777. 7.30pm. £10 (£8). l.illias Kinsman-Blake. Rachel .\'eyyton and Seylan Baxter play coiiteiiiporar'y and traditional Scottish music and song yyith flute. harp and cello.


I Spiers 8. Boden 'l‘olbootli. Jail \Vyttd. ()1786 3741101). 8pm, £13 (£10), Some of the finest contemporary liiiglish music by tyyo great players on inelodeon. fiddle and meals.


I Fusion \Vtiodstde Social (‘lttil .\'orth Woodsidc Road. 337 1643. 7pm 3am. £7 (£4). ('elebrate music from around the \yorld in a global fusion of Latin. Afrobeat. reggae and Bollyyyood styles. 1.i\ e bands include Zuba Bassa Beat. Seeds of Thought. Samba ya Baiiiba. l-‘usion li\perience and others. Fundraiser for African Youth I)e\‘elopment Action Project.

FREE Ceilidhs at Lauries 1.;tllrit‘s Bar. King Street. 553 7133. 8pm. Dance to liy‘e ccilidh bands. See Sat 31.


I Spring Song (Eillis (‘c-ritre. Strathearn Road. 633 891 1. 10am 4pm. £50 (£30— £35). Learn seasonal song from Scotland and beyond u ith yoiee coach Wendy (‘arle Taylor.

(Sunday March 'Z'Ziid T-lOpiii Cabaret Vollairc 56 1‘i1.iii \lreel iidiriliiiiydi


Dick Dangerous St the Love Bastards The A15 and the Pussycats Sean Paul periorming the mask of the llarly November 0] Shambles Tree cupcakes will be given out at the start of the night hi we'll be raising money for Shelter with

golden ticket cupcakes! www.eversosweet.co.uk


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