I FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (i000. H’. H. “C. W'AI

Swan Lake t'ntit Thu 1‘) Mar.

7.30pm (Thu mat 2.30pmi. £10 -£30. Romance and heartbreak in balletic form with the Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky 's stirring score. Suitable for ages |0+.

Northern Ballet Theatre:

Mixed Programme Sat 21 Mar. 2.30pm (‘4; 7.30pm. £|3.50 £30. Classical meets contemporary in this programme designed to show off NBT's repertoire. The pieces are [.11 Bay'ailere. Angels in the :l/‘t'lii'lei'rm'e and Gillian Lynnc's A Simple .llan. Pied Piper Wed 25 Sat 28 Star. 7.30pm. £|2 £20. (iroundbreakiiig hip hop dance piece by Boy Blue (Kenrick ‘H20' Sandy and Michael ‘Mikey J' Asantei with Robert Browning recast as a parable about anti-social ‘hoodies' and fickle politicians. Scottish Dance Theatre Tue 3| Mar. 7.30pm. £lllv£l(i. Scotland's award-winning dance company presents its spring programme. a double bill of works by artistic director Janet Smith and internationally renowned choreographer Ina Christel Johannesseii. Pre-show talk at 6.30pm.


|8~~22 (ireenside Place. 0870 606 3-124. IH. WC. WA]

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat t'ntil Sat 2| .Vlar. 7.30pm (Wed Thu & Tue mat 2.30pm); 5pm & 8pm; 2pm. Various Any Dream Will Do runners-up oil tip their chests and lioik the coats of many colours otit of the iiiotliballs to belt out the Lloyd-Webber standards in rousing style.

Cabaret Mon 23 —Sat 28 Mar. 7.30pm (Wed 8; Sat mat 2.30pm). See (ilasgow'. Theatre Royal.


()0 Pleasance. For Ceilidh Culture events call 0|3| 228 HSS.

The Jolly Beggars and A’ That Fri 27 Mar. 7.30pm. £9 (£7). One of Burns' lesser known plays (or cantatas) made up of eight poems and eight songs. Part of Ceilidh Culture.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Cirindlay Street. 248 4848. IP. H. WC. “'A]

Curse of the Starving Class

Fri 20 Mar—Sat l | Apr (not Sun/Mon). 7.45pm (Wed 25 Mar. Sat 28 Mar. Wed t Apr. Sat 4 Apr & Sat | | Apr mat 2.30pm). £9—£2b. Sam Shepard‘s comic dissection of the corruption of American values. On a run-down Californian farmstead. at the edge of the desert and within migrating distance of the Mexican border. an alcoholic husband and a philandering wife are each scheming to sell off their family home without the other's knowledge. whilst their children struggle to come to terms with the harsh reality of the world they‘ve been born into. I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 |4()~t. [P. H. WC, WA] A Play, a Ple & a Plnt: Weekly changing lunchtime drama run in conjunction with Glasgow's Oran Mor. 1pm. £|O (includes pie and drink). Kyoto Until Sat 2| Mar. 1pm. £|O. New play about love and climate change. by David Greig.

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86 THE LIST 19 Mar—2 Apr 2009

Ballet Lorentz Designer Body

Sat 2| Mar. Spin. £l3 (£5 £Si. The newest piece from excellent choreographer l.|\ Lorent's company is a celebration of the body transformed. backed by a powerful new score from /oyiet:france. See preview. page S2. A Play, a Pie & a Pint: The Ching Room Tue 2-1 Sat 23 Mar. lpiii. £|0, See (ilasgow. ()ran .\lor. A Play, a Pie 0. a Pint: Poem in October Tue 3| Marv Sat —1 Apr. 1pm. £l0. See (ilasgow. ()ran Mor.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE BAR Cambridge Street. 228 H04. ll’. H. W(’, WA]

"III Words Words Words Mon 30 Mar. 8pm. lnformal readings of short pieces (24 pagesi by playwrights at all stages of their work.

Outside the Cities

I DUNDEE REP Tay Square. Dundee. (H.382 223530. ll’. ll. WC. WAI Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? l'ntil Sat 2| Mar (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm (Sat 2| Mar mat 2.30pm). £|0-£|(i. Dundee Rep get all Burton and Taylor on tis. with a new take on lidward Albee‘s dark love-gone-bad story. See review. page 82. The Little Mermaid Mon 30 Mar—Sat | | Apr. (ipm (Sat 4 Apr mat | lam. Tue 7 -Sat | | Apr mat 2pm); Tue 3| Mar—Fri 3 Apr l0am (Wed-Thu & Tue mat lpmi. £9 (£5i. The ever-curious Little Mermaid is enthralled with the strange land beyond the ocean. btit her misadventures don‘t lead to her to happiness. and she soon realises that she's better off down


where its wetter under the sea Charming. musical tale suitable tor eyeryone aged the and o\ er Sarah Brigham directs. Dundee Rep linseiiible perform

Ouelques Fleurs Thu 2 Sat | l Apt S30pm. £5 An l‘.ll\L‘tlll‘lL‘ l’lattorm perform l.l/ l.ochead's comic yet moy mg play about the two sides of a marriage


lltlcclctlclt Street. \lc‘lt'tisc. lllS‘Ni Hlools {R it. we. w‘.-\|

Lola l'l'l 20 Mar. Spin £l5 (£l2i. Trestle. in collaboration with lncrepacioii Dan/a. present the dramatic tale of the infamous l‘lth century Spanish dancer l.ola Montel. lieaturing l|\ e music from renowned llaiiienco guitarist Ricardo (iarcia. tllt‘ show celebrates the ltlc til all estraordinary woman.

The Lasses, 0 Sat 2S .\lar_ Spin. £|2 (£l0i. New production from Rowan Tree Theatre (’oiiipany by aw aid-winning poet. author and play w right Janet l’aislcy. llti’ l.ayyi'y. () celebrates the women of Robert Burns' life. liach of their stories Is ttiltl in early Scots and linked with a song.


Abbey Street. St Andrew s. 0| 33-1 475000. [l’. H. WC. WA]

FREE The Mermaids Sat 2| ck Stiii 22 Mar. .\'oon 6: (mm. St Andrews l'niversity students offer visitors to The Byre one-to-one encounters with poetry and dramatic monologue. I’ari at .Slxlltitli Scotland's International l’oelry I'eslii'al. The Merry Monks of Cambusdonald Wed 25 Mar Sat 4 Apr. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pmi. £|0 (£8). The (ii/ards present James Scotland's Scots comedy.

Lysistrata lit 2“ ck Sat 2S .\lai

" 45pm (Sat mat 2 J5pmt £S (£oi liyie Youth Theatre presents .-\ristophanes' enduring classic. a wry early temmist comedy


l'niyersity of Stirling. Stirling. 0|"Sti .lhhhhh [P ”- \V(‘_ \\'.\I

The Boy Friend t'nul Sat 3| \lai

S illpm (Sat mat 2 itlpmi. 5pm t\

S 30pm £l2 £14 Stirling and Bridge ot Allan ()peiatic Society pertoini Sandy Wilson's W53 musical set in a finishing school on the l'rench Riyieia m the roariii‘ 20s

The Cherry Orchard Mon 2‘ Mai SL‘L‘ Kltls llslttigs

Active Scotland Tue 31 is Wed 25 Mai: ”pm £5 Volunteers from schools throughout Stirling have been tiaiiied and supported by Actiye Schools to create two fantastic eyemngs of dance Candoco Dance Company to 2‘ Mar Spm £l2 (£9; l'lSs £oi_ llotesh Slieclitei choreographs Ilie l’i'rln 1 Human. a dark unsettling piece that questions our search for perfection.

w liilst Nigel ('liarnock of DVS leads the Company through a walt/ ol love and obsession in Still. Recommended for ages l(i+.

Forth Valley Schools Dance Competition Tue it Mar ts Wed I Apr. 7.30pm. £5 i50i. Young dancers ”(Hit 2” \Cc'tilltlttl'} \L‘lltitils ll'ttllt .tcl'ttss the liorth Valley compete in this annual c‘tittipt‘tllltilt.

MsFits - Fur Coat and Magic Knickers Thu 2 Apr. 8pm. £10 (£8; l'lSs £(ii. .\lsl"its comedy duo return with a play about a shopaliolic. her charity shop counterpart. and a personal shopper.

The second in legendary US playwright Sam Shepard’s series of darkly comic works dealing with the fragmentation of traditional American family values and aspirations focuses on the dysfunctional Tate family as the alcoholic father and phllandering mother struggle for the control of a dilapidated California farm. This sharp, energetically paced portrait of a family in decline features typically coruscating dialogue, and everything’s shot through with a scathing humour. I Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh. Fri 20 Mar—Sat 7 7 Apr.