Visual Art

Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to arthist.co.uk. Listings compiled by Kirstin lnnes.

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350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900.

Tue l-‘ri ||am opm; Sat Itiam (ypm. FREE The Dirty Hands 0... l'ntil Sat 2| Mar. (iroup shit“ about

excess and dandilied amorality l‘rom

(ilasgoyy artists ('lare Stephenson and

Alex l’ollard.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Royal lixchange Square. 237 3050. Mon Wed c‘c Sat ltiam 5pm; Thu

|l)am ts'pm; l-‘ri ck Sun I lam 5pm. FREE Collected: Matthew Buckingham and Peter Hujar t'ntil Sun 26 Apr. llujar's gritty photos ol'l'er a glimpse ot Neyy York's seedy underbelly in the 70s and Xtis. yyhile a yideo narratiye by Buckingham explores human rights and sexuality

FREE Snapshot: 20 Years of Arts Activity In Glasgow l ntil Sun __ Mar. A celebration ol' the impact (ilasgoyy‘s Arts Development Team has had on the city. and a highlight of its itnportant btit largely unseen work.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART The Mackintosh (iallery. ”)7 Renl‘reyy Street. 353 4500. Mon Fri |()am 5pm; Sat |()am 2pm.

FREE Our Objects: Contemporary Ceramics in Context t'ntil l-‘ri It) Apr. The lirst dedicated ceramics exhibition in a major gallery in Scotland for many years. (Mr (Hz/em attempts to

UanCrSIt y| ' (f Glasgow Art Gallery

0‘ ,3m' #3 ill

reeyaluate the medium through an exciting collection oi neyy \xork and museum pieces

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l‘liHel’Sll} ol (ilasgoyy. S2 llillhead Street. 330 543|. Mon Sat 0.30am 5pm. FREE The Glasgow Boys: Drawings and Watercolours t'nul Sat lo May. A selection ol (ilasgoyx Boys school yxorks from the lltinterian Collection. tnounted as part ot Homecoming 2titl‘).

FREE Whistler: The Gentle Art of Making Etchings t'ntrl Sat 3th May. lixhibition showcasing \Vhistler's beautil'ul. influential etchings.

I THE LIGHTHOUSE ll Mlteliell Lane. 22l (1362. Mon (N

Wed Sat It).3()am 5pm; Tue llam 5pm;

Sun noon 5pm. £4 t£|.5()-£2; lamily iiekei 129.5“: tree on Saturdaysi. Adrien Rovero: Mapping the Field t'ntil Sun 20 Apr. Neyx \yorlx by the young Syyiss industrial designer. as part ol' the LightlioUse's Syyiss Season.

Between Earth and Heaven:

The Architecture of John Lautner Thu It) .‘ylar Sun 2o Jul. £3 til. tree on Saturdays). John l.autner‘s designs are knoyy n l'or their radical innoy'ation and ayyareness ot' the natural enyironment.

I MANSFIELD PARK GALLERY 5 llyndland Street. 342-1124. Tue Sat

llam 5pm.

Catriona Campbell 8. Alan King

l'ntil Sat 28 Mar. (iroup sltoyx by tyyo

Scottish painters brought together by a shared on e of the tliealrical.


Sttite 2/l. 6 Dixon Street. 226 2257. Thu Sat noon 5pm. FREE Neocoins 00. Mar. See review page SS.

t‘nul Sat 23

‘72:“ \\


my. l~‘ J‘, to v


23 January - 30 May-MET, Open Monday - Saturday. 9.303m - 5.00pm Admission free Telephone 0141 330 5431


I THE MODERN INSTITUTE ”3 Robertson Street Stiite b. i'|oor l. 2433 || .\lon in “Hill 5pm.. Sat noon 5pm FREE Toby Paterson ooooo t'nttl Thu 9 Apr. Sec reyteyy. page SS.


3 5 (iihson Street. (l774S (536554.

9am Itipm.

FREE 100 Portraits t'ntil Tue 3| Mar. A chain ol' people in or around (ilasgoyy photographed by Mattheyy Boyle.


52.3 North \Voodslde Road. “79(1S 252 454 Tue Sun noon Spm.

t 74'3- Rasterizing t'ntil Sun 5 Apr. Mixed shoyx ol‘ yyork yyhich has all been created digitally.


Mtisetim ol’ liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Mon Thu ck Sat

Itiam 5pm; Fri ck Sun liam 5pm. FRI“ Wildlife Photographer of The Year Exhibition Sat 2| Mar Sun l-t Jun. ()utstanding exhibition ol‘ the best natural history photographs l‘rom all oyer the World.


5 St Margaret's Place. 553 Jon: | 5pm.

F Rik Grey Flannel Suits Any Man O... t'ntil Sat 28 Mar. t’ilms. photography and collage exploring the fragility of representation. by acclaimed artist Jimmy Robert.

I SOUTHSIDE STUDIOS l7 \Vesttnoreland St. F PEI Unfinished Plan for a New

. Tue Sat

and Better Society t'ntil Sun 22 Mar.

| lam 7pm. Work by l)ayid Shrigley. Billy 'l'easdale and Alan Stanners.

e Hunterian ..

.. gs. . ,: Avie ‘5


2” 2S Rentield lane. 222 2254

As We Speak: New Works 'l‘hu 2r» .\lar. Split {1500. Monthly series ot .irttsts‘ \ ideo screenings


25 .-\|bert l)riye. HSJ5 33” 35M lue l'Tl ltiam 5pm. Sat c\ Sun noon 5pm FREE Our Starry Night t'nnl Wed 20 May. Tyy elyc-lect tall sculpture ol aluminum and It'll) lights. acting as an interactiye gateyyay betyycen Tramyyay and Hidden (iardens .-\rttst James Yamada conceiy ed the piece as a response lt‘ Neyy York‘s post " l l suryeillance culture

Glove t'ntil Sttii 22 Mar lust Scottish exhibition ot work by innoyattye anttnator Sebastian litietknei [sing a sophisticated. dream-like \ isual language. sharply rendered by Hash technology. Buerknei creates surreal yistial narratiyes yyhich strikingly challenge receiy ed perceptions ol space and time.

FREE Alleen Campbell l’nttl Sun 5 .-\pr. Sound perlorniances and lilins that can be understood \\lllil|i the tealtns ol both art and experimental music.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY ~15 King Street. 552 4Sl3. Tue Sal ||am 5pm

FRFE Preparatory Ways ’l‘ue 3| .\lar Sat 25 Apr. | lam 5pm, (iroup shoyy lt‘tlltll'llig \yorlc by Karen ('unningham. Yuen |-'ong ling. Sophie Mackl'all and Ralo Mayer.


Arch 2-1. liastyale l’lace. Thu Sun ||am 6pm.

FREE USE HISTORY AUTONOME t'ntil Sun 5 Apr. Neyy \yorks by British sculptor Nick liy‘ans. conceiyed especially for Washington (iarcia at the litiropean (‘eramic Work ('entre.

19 Mar-2 Apr 2009 THE LIST 89