Nill‘llt.‘ Jill Brown

Job Title Marketing and Press Officer Comj I. my Collective Gallery

When did you start 3 our joh'r‘ I’ve been at the Collective Gallery for three years now and my role has evolved from gallery assistant to marketing and press - this was the area I was naturally drawn to and enjoyed the most. I‘ve been the Marketing and Press Officer for nearly two years.

So what docs; your job actually iiivolvtt’.‘ The Collective Gallery do such exciting projects as well as exhibitions. It‘s my job to get the word out that these great things are happening and let everyone know what’s on when. or that they can get involved with upcoming projects.

Best .' Worst Aupor‘ls'? The best aspect for me is working with lots of different artists. There is a huge variety in the level of experience of the artists who show at the Collective Gallery but you can learn something from all of them. The gallery has huge beautiful windows but it’s hard to keep the heat in so the worst aspect for me is that I‘m always cold!

What did you do lJL‘ILH'C you sign too this job”? I studied Time Based Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. I have an arts background as opposed to

a marketing one and I think having a genuine interest in contemporary art is a definite advantage when marketing it.

What's the best way to gel Ll iol) Iiko your 53'? There are a lot of different galleries who do placements and internships. That's how I started out. It allows you to find your feet in a creative environment and get on-the-job experience.

What advice would you give to .1 young Jill at the start

of his career? I‘m still a young Jill! I would advise applying for and making use of any funding that's available to you

for training and courses - this can connect you to people with different skills and more experience. I had a wonderful mentor who I approached from meeting on a training course which helped me enormously. I‘ve also had informal mentors in the form of dynamic individuals I‘ve encountered along the way.

Whose talents will be gracing the Collective this summer? Right now there is an ongoing project called The How Not to Cook Book lessons learned the hard way. This is a limited edition book and art project by Aleksandra Mir commissioned and produced by Collective Gallery. Based on Aleksandra's personal history of cooking disasters. the project invites 1000 people from all around the world to

give their advice of how NOT to cook. It‘s a fun project and anyone can contribute. The final cookbook will be launched this summer.


92 THE LIST 19 Mar—Q Apr 200:?



drop-in and dance

arr dililctc‘l).l'st".(‘{l ul. for (lotarls


I Berlitz Language Centre. languagc courscs, laxcningslS hours. l-oi'cign langtiagcs LIJII loi' III “ccks. lznglisli UN INT 5 \\ccl\s. l4 l'l‘L‘tlL‘l'It‘lx SII‘L‘L'I. (ll3l 33h 7l‘)r\'. cdinhurglwl Ianguagcccntrcsciint



U'II ill" 1 '. C?..ww.-. l;IliI\ll‘rlll(C7ll~ li'i l‘.'lil .' l H'.".“ .11"

Do you want to improve .‘our S( )(‘l.-\|. l.ll‘li'.’ 'l'hcn clicck its out at u \\ \xglasgou i\ uk or contact 075-1 057 lIl3‘) icxcnings “cckcndsi for morc information. \Vc arc a l‘ricndl} social and acti\ itics cltih - Wining. Dining. 'l‘hcatrc and Walks ctc. \lL'Itthcrshlp ICC

only £40 per year




Accommodation wanted Flatshares cont.


For fry'o call Carole SmlthlAnne Gorlng on 01620 810620 email: festfiatsGaoLoom wwaestivaIflatsmet

I Looking for room III chillcd out. li'icnd|_\ llat ll‘tllll start of :\Pl'll. pi‘clcrahl} in |.citli. 3H. Icinalc. nursc. into intisic and socialising but not IlUl\_\ (all (flirt) IS: (r33

Home Improvements

I IAM Decorators. 25 us curricncc. qualit} assurcd \xor'k. lntcriors & l‘.\lL‘I'ltll‘\. all “ork considcrcd. I‘Rlil: liS'l‘|\l.-\'I'I:S. (‘ontact lain \lackcchnic on Ill 31 467 US I 3 orlll‘lfi7 41335-1l3lohi

Parking Spaces


I PARKING Glasgow City ('cntrc. chain and padlock strcct spacc. l‘l‘tllll .-\pl‘ll lst to cnd ol Scptcinlx'r. L' lllfl pcr month. ('all 07868 334 3 I 3


I 1 bed flat, lllc SlIlIl'C. l.clIll - {Sillpcin l.o\c|} lull} llII‘IllsllCtl llat. suit couplc singlc. li\ ingrooin niodcrn kitchcn. hcdroorn ilargc

inirror \Hll'tlran' storagct. scparatc toilct modcrnslioxwrixim. .-\\ailahlc mid-April. ('ontact ( lull (in ll7‘)3l ”()5 (i33


HIRE A VAN WITH A MAN Local & long distancc. Largc d; small. Ilousc ()l'licc garagc L‘lClll'itltCL‘s lkca l’lclxtlps Clc. Rcliahlc. l‘ricndl} land on IllllCI. l'ircc quotations. Disclosurc Scotland (‘crtilicato ('ontact Philiplll3l 333 I373 07836 633 006



I Beautiful sunny room oxcrlimking ()uccn's park. Sharing with 3 others. (30”. cht £385 pcm to includc hills (\Vili broadbandi and ("I'. Tcl: 0798-1 4-16 () l (i

I Double room available to icnt in SIM“ lands \ll.lllltj,‘

\\ ith 3 L'.I\} going inalc piolcssionals \ll inod tons.

t 33” ptin int hiding .rll lulls (inc inc .r \.lll to .riiangc \rc\\ing lcl lVIIW -1-l.\' “S?

I Double room available in Southsidc lcn nnns lioin Kings Park ll.IlII \l.tll\\II tiood local ;iiticltillcs lx’cnl nci'otiahlc loi tlic right pcison lciimlc non smokcr pictciicd lcl II "I lit

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I Double room to lt'l Ill 3 hcdroorn aina/ing duplm pcnthothc lull} liiinislicd. mod cons. sharing: xx Illl 3 ga} liicndl} lx’cnt l; VS \xliitlr includcs ( ' I \II S l Sl'l (all Ric on Ii‘tijii iijs soil

I Double room in out \\cst l'nd llat I ooking Ioi ll‘ICIltll). citllsltlt'talt‘ [mil (‘omcnicnl location l‘;l\\

\ parking. tJill PL in plus hills and dcposit (lo on call inc on (IT-"‘5 mu V:

I Double room in 2 hctlt‘oottt \Vcsl liltd llal l .itgt' loungc and kitclicn. ( i( 'l l. hroadlmnd and \Vili t 33“ pt nr incliidcs hills and (‘l \\ .ul.rh|c ll‘tllll (till .'\pl'll 'lcl HM“) tilts (i-l‘l

I Huge double room lot onc. loungc. hatlnooin & krtt lrcn sliai‘cd \\llll 3 gins. inid 3lls Spaciotis Hat on l’aislc} Rd \M-st ncai' ( 'cssnock l'(i L33“ plus {3‘} ("l and around i; 3* hills 'l'cli II7SUII SIS TV»

I Lovely furnished double room in Shamlands lull} i'clurhislicd llat Sharing

\\ 1th qnict inalc 3| \Vili. pimct sliimcr. Sk) 'l \. (ii'cat transport links location. £33“ pcin plus hills. l'cinalc piclci'i‘cd. sriit sttidcnt pr'olcssional 'lcl. (IV il 038 337

I Large furnished

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in llillington Sharing \\lllI

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053 I73

I Double room to lL'l Ill largc 4 hcdi'ooin Ilal sharing \\ lllI 3 otlicrs inaturc pi‘olcssional _ nuns Iron] ll} I‘Cs Road and (null \Vcstcrn Road. L35“ pcin plus gas and clcctricit). 'lcl IIWIT 334 343

I Double room Eastwood, ncar Slum lands sharing \\ ith )oung prolcssional and sparc room for gucsts. l'urnishcd unlur'nislicd. (iood transport links. l'rcc parking. £350 pcm pltis LN) ("l ('hcap hills. (i('ll l)(i. .-\\all;ihlc lsl April, Id: 07500 ()63 730

I Flat mate wanted! Doublc room to rcnt lIl \Vcst land llat. closc to Botanical (iardcns. l'ndcrground and main htis routcs. £390 pcm pltis hills. ('ontact Sarah on 07817 583 IXS