Live appearances throughout the day and evening from a range of Scotland’ 5 most talented electronica producers... \;\

Live performances Christ. - Frog Pocket - Joe Acheson Quarters

Es’pion ' Morphamish - Araya - Plum - Engine7 g2 Asthmatic Astronaut - B-Burg - Freemoore - Jakalby Ridler

Video performances The Amazing Rolo- Melvitronica ,/ i / .

Edinburgh’s first festival of elggt

dedicated to promoting all forms of electronic music- ma /9

300 advance tickets are available in- store from Red Dog Ill/1F priced £5 or visit www. uniquebeats. co. uk for further detailsz//

Workshops running from midday until épm- / K


w «2.9 .. “New" - Making Music with Ableton Live 8 “Mew?!“ - Akai: Introducing the APC4O Ableton Controller - Yamaha Tenori-On Workshop - Making Music using Reason 4 - Cakewalk V-Studio Console 8. Interface month" - Making Beats with Steinberg Cubase - Tour of Roland V-Synth Technology a - Native Instruments: IntrOducing the Maschine

Roland Those attending the workshops will have

C9 ste'"be'9 . the opportunity to win a range of prizes NAMAHA including Sonar 8 Producer, Reason 4 and “NOW” a Roland SH201 and loads more...

In association with

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233-“ - .- or call 0131 229 M