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Wedgwood is more than just a restaurant. it is a hidden gem on Edinburgh's prestigious Royal Mile. Paul and Lisa have a passion for food and hospitality. this is the complete dining experience in warm and intimate surroundings.

Hitlisted in the List Eating & Drinking Guide 2009/10

0 Open 7 days a week 0 Monday-Saturday 12-3pm/6pm until late ' Sunday 12.30-3pm/6pm until late

2’67 Canongate. Royal Mile. Edinburgh. EH8 8BQ Tel: 0131 55 88 737 0 Fax: 05602058978 wvdgwoodthorostatnantta‘hotmail.(tom

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Real loose leaf tea. Real cakes made 13y Loogy's fab @hefs..-

The Real Thing!

“To describe the interior of Loopy Lorna’s as dull would be like calling Hugh Heffner a feminist, and quirky details are what make it stand out from the crowd... Tea in Morningside has never been quite so lovely."

Loopy Lorna’s Tea House 370-372 Morningside Road Edinburgh EH10 5H5

T 0131447 9217