17 Jul—1 2 Sep. Royal Albert Hall. London. MUSIC and literature merge wrth a breathtaking programme

< 2000 TREES 17-18 Jul, Upcote Farm. Withington, MARKET


Cheltenham. www.twothousand

Featuring Randall Stevens. Orphans 8. Vandals. Big Blue Sun. Che. Babel. Get down wrth nature Attack! Attackl, Fightstar Red Light and enjoy some tun Company and Wlld Beasts. With all the family.

18—1 9 Jul. Edinburgh.

26 THE LIST 28 May—1 1 Jun 2009

lnverleith Park. www.edin


18-19 Jul. Victoria Park, London, Dananananaykrr>3,d. Duran Duran. Florence and the MilCIlllML (Srrxm: Armada. Ladyhawke Mr Hudson and N'E'R'D otter up plenty of reasons; to fillllk,‘

SECRET GARDEN PARTY 23—26 Jul, Huntingdon,

Ten years after they proved just how good live dance music could be, Orbital return as the main attraction at Rock Ness, finds Henry Northmore


24-25 Jul, East Kirkcarswell Farm, Dundrennan, www.thewickerman

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CAMP BESTIVAL 24-26 Jul, Lulworth Castle in

Cambridgeshire. Dorset.

Bicycle Thieves. Little Comets, Caspa. Cocosuma. Daedelus. Decoder Heloise And The Savoir Faire and Ema-low» entoy some covert Operations Phoenix and PJ Harmy are among the entertainment at that, proper dress Jp silly and party If! a field shindig