Often the sunniest festival of the year. so we're going to tentativety suggest sandals! You won't be mocked by revellers it you get a little creative. as they'll all be dressed as pirates and flappers and schizzle. The List Will be denying our common as muck roots and pretending to be eccentric members of the aristocracy gone ape.

1. mm C25, French Connection. wwwtrench

Goodstead. Rose Street. Edinburgh wwwgood steadcouk


maxi dress 5285. Beyond Retro. wwwbeyondretrocom 4. Ivoleyes fllsflts- prlnt scar! £48. Rockers NYC at Pageant. Launston Street Edinburgh wwwpageant-storecom 5. lance Toni faul- leather Oladlator sandals £32. www.bbo hemecom 6. Romper €137. Che Camille (Argyle Arcade. Glangw) wwchecamillecom

7. Vlsor, £9.49

Asos. wwwasoscom

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2 Aug. Victoria Park. London. www.underagetestivals.com Santigold. The Chapman Family, Golden Silvers. Goodshoes. Marina And The Diamonds. Patrick Wolf, The Horrors and The Whip play

Deck life

Leith has blossomed beyond all recognition in recent years and the Leith Festival is just another example how. Miles Fielder has the lowdown

So what’s The Leith Festival, then?

It's an annual community celebration that takes in comedy. dance. film. literature. music. storytelling theatre. visual art and children's events in other words everything.

A small affair, is it?

Hardly. Its roots go back over l()() years to the I907 Leith Pageant a parade held to raise funds for a new hospital in the area which became a festival in the 1970s. Since the millennium it‘s expanded rapidly and can now boast 150 events at 50 venues within a one-mile radius that has been regularly drawing audiences of over 30,000 for the past three years.

What’s going on this year?

Bruce Morton. described by this magazine as ‘the godfather of Scottish comedy'. stands up for one night only. The Caledonian Swing Cats teach you how to dance like they did in the l940s with Swingin' in the Docks. Strange Town Youth Theatre present [2 Stories featuring 33 characters in four days. Everything from homegrown Gothic thrillers to wacky European


5 Aug -5 Sep. Various venues. Edinburgh The great and the good of the art world set their stall in the capital.

animation will be premiered at the Leith Short Film Festival. Rising star of Scottish crime fiction Karen (‘ampbell talks about After the Fire. her new novel featuring Sgt Anna Cameron. a contender for Rebus‘ crown. l’op combo Aberfeldy return to the place tltey originated from to play a gig in advance of the release of their third album.

()cean Terminal gets a makeover as its transformed into a giant art gallery. And that's a smattering of what's on. There‘s also a plethora of walks. talks. tours. workshops. food and arts and crafts stalls.

Phew! That’s all folks?

By no means. The week-long programme of events climaxes with the Gala Day and Parade at Leith Links. where live bands and radio broadcasts from Leith FM will provide a soundtrack to a summer afternoon of sunshine oit Leith.

The Leith Festival, is at various venues, Leith, Sat 5-Sun 14 Jun.


6-9 Aug. Heslaker Farm. Skipton, North Yorkshire. www.moomiusic festival.co.uk

Featuring Badly Dressed Boy. Jake Flowers. Pulled Apart By Horses. Bob LE Funk, Rare By Luck, Brothers Grime. Japanese Fighting Fish, Red Stars Parade

GREAT BRITISR THE BIG EDINBURGH MELA 1-2 Aug. Knebworth. Herttordshira. BIIR FESTIVAL CHILL 7—9 Aug. www.mispheretestivalscom 4-8 Aug. Earls 6—9 Aug. www.edinburgh-mela. This newbie sets its stage down in Knebworth with Court. London. www.bigchill.net co.uk a finety line-up including Metallica. LJnkin Park. www.9bbt.org; Guest turns from This multi- arts festival JUSY

Machine Head. Feeder, Thin Lizzy, Killing Joke. Taking Back Sunday. Corey Taylor, Bullet For My Valentine and Dirty Little Rabbits. said.

grows and grown year on year, With food. dance and so much more.

Optimo and Sub Club DJs, See page 20.

www.camra.org Beer. beer. beer. Nuft

2. TH. LIST 28 May-11 Jun 2009