Around Town

THE HIDDEN GARDENS, GLASGOW What is it? Sssh. Not so loud. It's a garden of peace. designed by artists and gentle green- fingered types. tucked away at the back of Tramway.

Bah. I’ve got my own garden. Why would I want to go and visit someone else’s? Ah. but does your garden have site-specific Installations by artists such as Gerry Loose and Stephen Skrynka built into it? Was your garden rescued from rubble and dereliction and created by the environmental art organisation NVA? Are audio guides to your garden available. with samples of birdsong that help you identify the local wildlife. as well as a specially-created poem written and read by Suhayl Saadi and a loving look at local history? Does your garden regularly host exhibitions? Do children hang their wishes on your trees? Thoughtnot

Actually, it sounds like a rather more peaceful and enriching experience than being in my own garden, which is usually just full of weeds and broken bike parts. Sigh. It's funny you should mention that. because the Hidden Gardens is actually having a plant sale this weekend. so you can pick up some cuttings of its plants to regenerate y0ur own. Really? Fantastic! How do I get there? Tramway is on Albert Drive in the Southside of Glasgow. There's limited parking or you can catch the train from Glasgow Central to Pollokshields. There's also a pedestrian entrance to the Hidden Gardens on Pollokshaws Road. The plant sale is on all day. Sat 30 & Sun 31 May. And before you ask. yes. there‘s a very nice cafe indeed.

I Tramway. 25 Albert Drive. Glasgow. 0141 433 2722,

www. thehiddengardens. org. uk

38 THE LIST 2&3 May—l 1 Jun 200:“

Events are listed by city, then type. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to for sport or for all other events. Listings compiled by Suzanne Black.

>l= Indicates Hitlist entry


Activities & Events Alien Wars l'ntil Sun 30 Aug. The Arches. 3.53 Argyle Street. 505 l000. Noon l0pm; Sat Illam l0pm. {l0 i£8; under ltis £5l. 'l‘errifying total reality L‘\pcl'lc0cc Ill the creepy bow cls of the Arches. FREE The Pudding Shop The 2 ty 0 Jun. The l'lying Duck. 7 Renfrew ('ourt. 573 0|00. 7pm, Weekly DlY record shop. clothes swap and uungleanongrel music frorn the ('roc y ('roc DJs. Artists Anonymous Pub Club Tue 2 Jun. Mono. l2 King's ('ourt. King Street. 0784b l4(i735. 7.30pm. £3.50. Networking tor theatre peeps w ith the added social lubricant of alcohol. DiScomBoBuLate Tue 2 Jim. The Arches. 353 Argyle Street. 5(r5 If“). 7me. {4 it: l. A laid-back performance night where literature and comedy collide. See prey iew. page 37 Cardonald Rocks! Thu 4 .& l’ri .5 Jun. The Old l'rtlilllittl'kcl. ('ttndlet‘iggs. 35.3 8000. Thu 7.30pm; l‘ri 8pm. {[0 tL'8l. A catwalk showcase from the young design talent of ( ‘ar‘donalil ('ollege's fashion. clothing and testile departments.

FREE Hungama at the Quay

Sun 7 .lun. Springfield Quay. l’aisley Road. llam llpm. See llitlist


Doctor Who Exhibition l'ntil .Mon 4 .lan. Kely ingroy'e Art Gallery ck Mtiseum. Argyle Street, 0844-1 31.53 l0. llltllli Spill; llatii .5pm. £7.50 (£4.50; family ticket U8). ('alling all Whmians: a galaxy of Doctor-related material will be on display in Kely‘ingroy'e. from props to costumes. ('ome face to face with Daleks. (‘ybermciL Sontarans and the ()od with nary a sonic screw driy er to fend them off. 'l‘ickets froin w ww.Sli('xtr‘acom or 08444 S l .53 l (r.

Fairs FREE JobServe Live! Glasgow Thu 38 May. Royal (‘oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 3.53 8000. l0.30am 7pm. (‘ome face to face with potetitial employers in this liy'e yersion of inter'nel recruiting sery'ice .lobSery e. l’re- register at w w w .iiibsery'eey' or turn tip on the day. FREE CCA Book Fair Sat 30 May. ('(‘.-\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 3.52 4000. Noon (rpm. A selection of creatiy‘e and limited edition publications from alternatiye and independent Scottish publisher's. f'octtsing on contemporary art. design. architecture and new itletls. FREE Handmade Heaven Sat 30 May. The Buff('lub. 142 Bath Lane. 348 I777. l (rpm. See llitlist. FREE Glasgow Craft Mafia Sun 31 May. Mono. ll King's (’oun. King Street. 553 3400. l (3pm. See llitlist. FREE Sloan’s Market Sat 30 & Sun 3| May. Sat (r & Sun 7 Jun. Sloan's. ArI—',\le Arcade. 357 .5387. I lam. Well— heeled weekly outdoor shopping market

just tucked off Buchanan Street. with

stalls stuffed lull of gourmet treats and classy crafty things.

FREE Annual Plant Sale Sat 30 & Stiii 3| May. The Hidden (iardens. Tramway. 25 Albert Driy'e. 0845 330 3501. Noon 4pm. See Site Specifics. left. Scottish Franchise Showcase Fri .5 Jun. Royal (‘oncen Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. £10. ()ne-day eyent supported by the British Franchise Association to proy ide info about franchises. Book online at

w w w .franchiseinfoco.ilk/register.


Walk for Skin Glasgow Sun 3| May Kely ingroye l’ark. ()tago Street. (home .i 3 5 or 5 little sponsored walk in aid of the British Skin l‘tllllltldllt‘ll All sponsorship money goes to research to help light skin tllscdsc “Itllkcrs \\ lll l'L‘cCHC .l walker pack on registration and a goody bag on completion of the walk Register .it

w w ww alkforskin org tik or by calling 0:0 fii‘” 03-”.

Race for Life Sun 7 Jun (ilasgow (ireen. (ireendy kc Street. 0871 b4] :38: 0.30 ll30am L' l: 00 it I 2 0‘“ \Vomen come together to walk. log. or run 5km in the hopes of raising a large amount of money to help aid the fight against cancer British Natural Bodybuilding Federation Scottish Championships Sun 7 Jun. Sl-.(‘('. l‘mnieston Quay. 0870 (L40 4000 lpm ik 5pm. U4. (let the fake tan out as body builders compete for the Scottish title


FREE Science is Fun Thu 28 May l'niyersity of (ilasgow. Boyd ()rr Btiildiiig. 330 5370. 7pm. l’rofessor' Anne (iloser‘ tries to empirically w tn oy er sceptics to the opinion that science is fun. l’uri o/ (i/iiyemi (’nni'rsm Si I('Il( i' I'('\Illtll. Pecha Kucha Glasgow Vol 7 Thu 28 May. The Lighthouse. l l Mitchell lane. Ill (i362. 7 l0pm. {l7 ifllll. The Japanese term 'l’echa I-s'ucha' roughly translates as ‘chirchat'. A succession of united guests show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. allow mg the audience to c\perience an eyhilarating range of speakers and images oy er the course of the eyening.

ln Conversation with Valerie MacLennan and Donald Finlay DC Hi 3‘) May. ()ran Mor. 73f 735 (ireat Western Road. 3.57 (3200. 7.4.5pni. I ll). (‘hat show with Donald l-inlay. Scotland's leading criminal defence lawyer and ()(I w ho was \ ice chairman of Rangers l‘ootball ('lth and was twice rector of St Andrew s l'riiyersiiy.

FREE Lite Beyond the Abyss: The Pressures of Life 5 Miles Under the Sea Thu 4 Jun. l'niy'ersity of (ilasgow. Boyd ()rr Building. 330 5370. 7pm. Alati Jamieson and 'l‘oyonobu l‘uiii. the ()ceanl .ab team at .-\berdeen l'niyersity'. talk about life in the big blue. I’ll/'1 of Glasgow" (’nli'i'rylly St‘ft’llt't‘ I'i'Ufl‘tll.

FREE Artist Talks Sat (3 Jun. Mitchell library. 30] North Street. 287 390‘). 3pm. Talk by (iraham l‘agen to coincide with the Ins/tired eshibition.

FREE Public Lecture Series 'l‘hu l .lun. l'niy'ersity of (ilasgow. Boyd ()rr Building. 330 .5370. 7pm. l’rof Stie Roaf expounds on ‘Adapung for Three Degrees of ('limate (’harige: the .»‘\daptation of Buildings and ('ities for ('limate ('hange and Fuel l’iiyerly '. Hill I” (i/tiyuoii' ('Iui't'rsily' Si‘ri'ui'i’ l'i'yriiul.


FREE Adult Workshop: Scratch and Smudge Tue 2 Jun. (iallery of Modern Art. Royal liychange Square. 287 305‘). Want. lixplore the moni)chromatic Rob (’hurm exhibition and try some new expressiy'e drawing techniques inspired by his graphic style. Booking required. AftersWork Yoga Class Tue 2 (t 9 Jun. Sloan's. Argyle Arcade. 357 .5387. 7pm. £5. De-stress and slough off the ‘) 5 with a mixture of dynamic and yin yoga.

('ontact cheryl<n yogabellescouk to book.

FREE The Merchant Sinfonia Tue 2 d; 9 Jun. ('ity Halls. ('andleriggs. 353 8000. 7.30 9pm. The Merchant Sinfonia is an orchestra for all those mUsicians out there who think they are too rusty. too inexperienced. too busy or too ncry‘otis to play. led by cellist and conductor Louise Martin.

FREE Adult Workshop: Oil Painting Wed 3 Jun. Burrcll Collection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 387 2564. 10am. View the Burrell's collection of oil paintings before trying your hand at creating one yourself. All materials are supplied. Booking required.

FREE More Archives for Family History Sat b Jtiti \litchell l than. 301 North Street. 38" I‘M” l0 30am noon.

: ‘stlpm Dr liene (l'Biien e\plotes the landed l-amtly and l'state \tchiyes at l0 30am and the School »\ichi\es .il 3pm FREE Trombone Education Day Sun 7 .Iun RS-\\lD. llll Renfiew Street. 333 50.55 lprn lhere‘s more to the trombone than slapstick sound effects. you know


Activrties 8. Events

Holyrood Amateur Theatrical Society l‘ll I" May ('anons' (i.tll. 3 3.‘ ('anongale. 0""4 I": ”3‘" b 30pm till per team l’ub qui/ organised by ll-\l S with your qui/master. loin \\ heeler l; Ill entry for a mas of fry e people per team Register by emarlmg

l marshalltil iiiaisliall onlme co iik

A Love Song to St Francis Sat 30 May. Scottish Storytelling ('entre. 43 45 High Street. Sinus": 30pm i‘loirs'i ()n the 800th anniyeisary of the l'i‘aiiciscan oidei. Sarah l’erceyal tells the story of the original party boy turned saint. with yrolui and birdsong acciimpamment.

Edinburgh Psychic versus the Sceptic Ghost Hunt Sai to May Mercat ('I‘iiss. lllg‘ll .Slli‘cl. ”Still ”l“ I007. Midnight 5am. Ur”. liiyestigate the yery haunted yaults of Niddiy Street with their resident psychic and the l’arados li\pet'ience. 'l'he eyeniug consists of an introduction from the team. a ghost walk with psychic meilitun Dawn Sherwood. a psychic workshop. equipment demonstrations and paranormal e\perunents.

New Living Leith Tour l'l'l 5 Still l4 .lun. South l.eith l’arish (hutch. o Henderson Street. |.eitli. 554 3578 l.30pm & 3pm. £51k3l. l'inil out about the key stories lll l.eith's history plague. golf. ('romw ell and gray erobbers. l.eith l.lllks tour at 1.30pm; South l.eith l’aiish ('hurch tour at 3pm. I’urt o/ Ill!‘ [III/l I't'ylll‘ill.

Dalmeny Street Parklife Sat o ts Sun 7 Jun. (hit of the Blue Drill Hall. 30 3o Dalmeny Street. l.eith. 555 710]

l lam 4pm. Dr? Know wot I mean ’lhe l’i‘iends of Dalmeny Street Park inyite a few chums around for commumty planting. art workshops. poetry sessions. sporting eyents and music Definitely not about you ioggers. who go round and round and round l’iirl u/ Illt' It'll/l l'i'ylit'ul.

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Sat (l Jun. The Jan Bar. I (’hambers Street. 320 4308. I 3pm. £7 (UH. \Vhere cabaret meets life drawing the models are burlesque iliyas. strapping hunks of manhood and circus freaks.

FREE Leith Festival Tattoo 2009 Sun 7 Jun. 'l‘he l’iaI/a. The Shore. l.erth. .554 0508. 7.30 ”pm. A family friendly show w ith massed pipes and drums. a concert band. buglers. Highland dancers and the Mons Meg Rappers. I’ur/ u/ /.(‘II/l I'i'ylii'iil.


Spread the Word Sun 3| May. l’aul Randall Burlding. 3| Albert Street. |.eith. llam. L'l. ('ommunity craft fair with art. gifts. accessories. home-baking and complementary therapies.

FREE The GrassMarkets Sun 7 Jun. (irassriiarket. noon (rpm. The (irassmarket is coming os er all crafty the first Sunday of each month this summer with stalls for organic. borne-grown and farmers' produce. plants and flowers. crafts. collectibles and bric-a-brac as w ell as liye riiusic. See www.grassmarketnet for more info.

Food & Drink

World Cafe l"ri 2‘) May. North lidinburgh Arts (’entre. 15a l’cnnywell ('ourt. 3l5 3|5l. 5.30 7pm. £5t£150t liat food from around the world and meet members of the local community at this monthly night.