I Beastmen, Kyon, Coma-Toast, Explain This! and Toecutter Rockers. l4 Midland Street. 22l 0720. 8pm. £lbc. Rock and punk.

FREE Blactzar Admiral llar Basement. 7la Waterloo Street. 22107705 Spin The local group release their new. single 'Rusl'.

I Cryptic Nights ('(':\. 35H Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Spin. £5 An). ('olor Black. a (ilasgtm based electro rock duo. guest at this monthl} night run by Theatre (rsptic.

I Goldheart Assembly, Ten to Five Project and Acutones King 'l‘ut‘s Walt Wah llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22] .5279. 8pm. £5. London \I\-[)IL'L‘L' \Hlll ellortless melodic sl_\|e.

FREE Mick Hargan & The Propositions and Maeve O’ Boyle ()ran Mor. 73] 735 (ireal Western Road. 357 (i200. Xpm. Tuo high—qualit} )oung local outlils perform as part ol The Mills bi—WL‘L‘kl) t‘L'sldL'nL‘)‘ at ()ratl Moll 'l'icketed. See W\\“.lllL‘llllllrlHL‘.L‘Ulll lor more into.

FREE Mike Nisbet lirel. 39 43 Ashton Lane. 342 49M). Spin. Local singer-st)ngwriter. presented b} ('oncrete ('amplire.

I Riverside Complex Showcase (‘aptain's Rest. [85 (ireat Western Road. 332 7304. 8pm. £tbc. Line-up ol local groups.

FREE Glasgow Jam Session Samuel Dow's. ()7 7| Nillisdalc Road. 42.3 0107. 8.30pm. See Thu 28.

I Ming Ming 8. the Ching Chings and Yooks l3th Note ('ale. 50 (it) King Street. 55.3 l(i3b’. 9pm. £lbc. (ilasgtm blues-rock headline.

FREE Bazodee The Hall liar. loll Woodlands Road. 352 9990. See Thu 2S.


FREE Dr Ruby’s Musical Surgery The Jan liar. l (‘hambers Street. 22() 4298. 5pm 8pm. See Thu 28

FREE Cry Over Billionnaires, Over the Wall, The Void and Lions.Chase.Tiger (‘aharL-t Voltaire. 36 .38 Blair Street, 220 (il7b. 7pm. l’tisl- melodic hard rock at this l)ut) liree gig. I Northwestern Sne' Liks l’e-.tL's 7 i (‘ngate. 225 I757. 7pm. £5. .\'L\\ b md l‘orm lormer llopL ol thL SlL ilLs \oL Lilist Sam llerlih)’.

I Terry Callier Queen's Hall. 87 89 (‘lerk Street. 668 2()l9. 7pm. £l.5. Veteran l‘olky soul singer. \\ ho has collaborated with the collcc lablc likes o| (iroove Armada. '/.ero 7. 4 Hero and Massive Attack. See liirst Word. page 2. I Antony & the Johnsons Playhouse. IS 22 (ireenside Place. 0870 606 3424. 7.30pm. £25. The sell-styled ‘chamber cabaret' outlit arrive u ith the blessing oli Lou Reed and the 3(i-pieL‘L' chamber orchestra Manchester ('amerata in low.

I grace.will.l‘all, Issues of Morality and Shields Up! Henry's (‘Cllilr Bar. 8 lba Morrison Street. 223 9393. 8pm. £4. Hardcore from Sweden. I Limbo The Voodoo Rooms. 19a \Vest Register Street. 556 7060. 8.30pm lam. £6. See Thu 2S.

FREE Vegas Nights, The Revolution and Djanlearbra WhisllchlnkiL‘s 4 (i South Bridge. 557 5| 14. 9pm. lndiL action

I The Freaky Family The Jan Bar. 1 (‘hambers Street. 220 4298. l l.l.5pm. £l. See Thu 28.


I Alasdair Roberts Stereo. 20 28 Renlield Lane. 222 2254. 7pm. £tbc. Spectral singer/songwriter with strong folk leanings.

I The Damned and The Alarm ABC. 3.30 Sauchiehall Street. .332 2232. 7pm. £l7.5(l. Double bill oli old school punk.

I Final Outcome, Hounds of Audio Prime, Daybreak, Long Way Home, AC&C and The Katet The Fen); Anderston Quay. Broomielaxs'.

Rock&Pop Music



1 Great band name Often overlooked as an essential requirement for a great band is the need for a cracking band name. We Were Promised Jetpacks has just the right amount of off-killer comedy and poignancy to get across their bittersweet. scintillating and raucous indie rock squall.

2 They’re just wee balms Average age still only 21 . the four guys in the band met at school in Edinburgh in 2003, won a battle of the bands competition shortly after. then decamped to Glasgow when they came of drinking age.

3 Vanity Fair love ‘em The legendary American style mag raved about their recent appearance at the South by Southwest festival in Texas and quite rightly so.

4 They’re all about the miracle of lite Stand out track on the band's fantastic debut album. These Four Walls. is the epic ‘Keeping Warm', which says it all: ‘The chances of being born are so slim. so keep warm, so keep warm, so take some heart in being born.‘

5 They’re probably braniacs All four band members are still at university. Their record label Fat Cat are apparently fine with them finishing their studies. which means world domination will have to wait a year or two. (Doug Johnstone)

I Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Tue 9 Jun; King Tut '8, Glasgow, Mon 75 Jun.

()lo9S 3(i() llS5. 7pm. £5. l'nsigncd hands shim case. \\ ith more to be confirmed.

I Horse ('lassic (irand. IS Jamaica Street. S47 0820. 7pm. £l5. l.());lll) palronised singer-song“ riler perl'orms tracks from her e\lensi\e career.

I Psychobabe l\or} Blacks. So ()suald Street. 248 4| 14. 7pm. £tbc. l’unk. \sith guests to be continued.

I The Skinflints .-\l3(‘2. 33ll Sauchielmll Street. 332 2232, 7pm. £6. Rock‘n'roll band from (ilasgou. current!) \mrking on their &l\-)L‘l-llllllllL'kl debut album.

I Blue October US King This with Walt llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 .5279. Spin. £lll. lipic. pastoral Te\an rock.

I Joshua Tree Rockers. l4 Midland Street. 22] ()726. Spm. £5. ['2 tribute. I Maria Taylor and Whispertown 2000 (‘ ipt iin's Rest. 1S5 (ireat Western Road. 332 7394. Spm. £tbc. .'\/ure Ra} \oc ilist Maria l‘a_s|or is part ol Bright l‘i}C\. Saddle ('rL‘L‘ls \lLthlL‘.

I Vinyl Play .\'icL"n‘S|ea/_\. 42] Sauchiehall Street. 333 0900. Spin. £tbc. Indie.

0 regular music We


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