Music Rock&Pop

I Amok, Kritikill Mass and Necropolis I all Non-(ale. 5” 60 King Street. 553 I638 ‘Ipin LllK Rock

Edmburgl’l FREE Dr Ruby’s Musical Surgery 1 he .la// Bar. l (haiuheis Street 220 1208 5 8pm See lllll 28 I Empires and The Scarecrows \khisllehinkies. 1 6 South Bildge. 557 5| l1 (iprii l'iee heloie riiidiiighl. L31 .iltci. Indie liiie up, I BrokeNCYDE, Yashin, Cure the Disaster and Winch House Ihe (iRV. l7 (iutlnie Sheet. 220 2087 6 30pm L'lll Ll2 Sec lhti -1 ‘9, De La Soul lhe ll\l\' l’lctuie ’0‘ House. | olhiaii Road. 081-1 817 I710 7pm L16 lhe legendai} latheis ol tiillsclilth hip hop \slio hioiight iis tlie classic .ilhiiiii i'lrr/ Hie/i il/ll/ li’n/Iig Sec pic\ It'\\. page "I ‘i, Future of the Left, Degrassi, ’1‘ 1 Inch Volcano and Tempercalm s’iudio 3,1. 31 26 (‘alton Road. 558 3758 "pin [10 l'llllls} punk) gaiage hand loiiiied h} \ch usk) \ .\|ltl_\ l‘.lll\tlll\ I The Raw Kings and The Merchantst'alwel \oll.iiie. 36 38 Blair Sheet. 220 M76 7pm. [the |'.\ iiieiiiheis oI lhe ( icins and 'l he \Voo \Voo \\ itches pla} indie iock'ii‘ioll. I Underclass, The Merchants, Bainbridge and Marble George \Vee Red Bai. Izdinhuigh ('ollcge ol Art. Lauriston Place. 22‘) I112, 7pm. L31. Indie \sith .l \‘ien/l .iheitiiies kick li'oiii l'iideiclass at this \line night. I lrn Maiden, Adrenalyn and Hippocampus llie .-\rk. 3 7 Waterloo Place. ()23 7l-17. 7. 30pm. [-1. 'l'i'ihtite to the might} metal sl_\llllgs oI lion Maiden, I Sparrow 8. the Workshop, Bluefunt Roddy Neilson and Pat McGarvey 'I lie \‘lllage. l6 South l'oi’l Street. l.eilh.~178 78|0_ 7,30piii. £6. Altlolk night headlined h} a (ilasgou hased duo touting percussion. \ iolin. giiitai and \oice. I’ll/1 of HIV It'll/1 I't'xli'i‘til, I The Seven Deadly Sins and The Nature Boys llem'ys ('ellar Bar. 8 |6a Moi‘iison Street. 228 03‘) 3. 8pm. 125181). lllkllk' rock. I Black Tape Sneak} I’ete's. 73 (‘oxsgalta 225 I757. 8pm 3am. £6.50 heloi‘e midnight; ll't't‘ alter. l'he Iiiial e\er Black 'l'ape. hut \\ me those tears ana} as II is going otit on a high \sith Ii\e sets lioni a gamut ol the hest indie acts known to man or heast \sith M} Latest .\'o\e|. ('op} llaho and Mitchell Museum. plus DJ sets Iroin l H} Spitlii'es. llogloollt. (lash. This is Musrc and more. I Kim Edgar lso Bar. 7 Bernard Sll'ecl. l.elllI. -1(i7 S‘)(l~1..\'plll. L7 (L5). Acoustic pop. ran and original colliposlllolls on piano. guitar and \olee. it"! o] lllt‘ l.('l//l /('\Illtl/. FREE Hughes 8. McOuade (Iuilt) Lil}. 28-1 Bonnington Road. 551 5825. 8.30pm. ()riginal acoustic rock material. I Svengali, Smoking Sundays and The Arkanes 'l'he (iianar). 32 3-1 The Shore. l.eith. 55-10-165. 8.30pm. £7 ([5I. Indie and rock. I’tiri u/ l/Ii' /.('Illl l‘t'Ull'ill. I Be a Familiar, Playtone and Richard Cobb Maggie's (‘hamhetx 'lihl‘ee Slslcl's. I30 ('imgate, 622 (i8(ll. ”pm. [the (ilasgtm hand \sith a kaleidoscopic sound Ieaturing cello. \ iohn and trumpet as Be a l‘aiiiiliar headline this So(‘o Social Rock Ness “arm-up part}. I Penny Black Remedy and The Red Well llc'iii‘}'s ('ellai‘ Bar. 8 l6a Morrison Street. 228 ”3‘13. llpiii 3am. (5 (HI. Balkan countr) ptiiik.


I Red Hot Chilli Pipers ('uli'oss Ahhe) llouse (iardens. Kirk Street. 0l5‘l2 6| l l0l. 8pm. Ll5. 'l’he killed pipers hi‘ing energ} and balls to the ils‘tire. ’tir! Ul(‘ulro.\.\ I'i'srii'ul Music lli'i'kt'lltl.

78 THE LIST .‘8 Mn I I .Jor‘ 300:3



I The Next Big Thing ()2 .-\cadem_\. l2l lzgliiiton Street. 08-144 772000. 6pm. £10. Box selection ol great new local acts. v1 itli lineup to he conl'irmed.

u, Attic Lights, Alto Elite and

’l‘ PopUp Queen Margaret l'nion. 22 l'nixersit) (iardens. 33‘) 978-1. 7pm. £|0 ’l‘hrce great local hands.

I Katy Perry Barronland. 24-1 (ialloxsgale. 552 -160l. 7pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. l’op lroiii the ‘I Kissed a (iirl' songstress. I Louise MacBeth, Random Guy and Lean Tales The Twisted Wheel. 73 Queen Street. 22l 4851. 7pm. £5. (ilasgoss tour piece Lean 'l'ales cite inlluences lrom l)ust} Springlield to The Velxet l'nderground.

I Models for the Radio, The Dunderheids and Lost in Oxygen .'\B('2. 330 Sauehiehall Street. 332 2232. 7pm. [6. ()\er l-ls shim. 'l'riple hill ol local rockers.

I My Latest Novel Stereo. 20 38 Reiilield Lane. 222 225-1. 7.30pm. £6.50. The epic Scottish lolk-rockers prepare to unleash their nexs alhum “(will and Iznlrulni'x.

.3, De La Soul The Arches. 253

'3‘ Arg) le Street. 565 I000. 8pm. Ll‘). See Hi 5.

I Full Metal Racket Rockers. I-1 Midland Street. 22l 0726. 8pm. L'thc. Rock and metal cmers.

I Howard Elliot Payne, Charlene Soria, Ewan Butler and Raymond Meade King 'l'ut's Wah Wah lluI. 272a St Vincent Street. 22| 527‘). 8pm. £8. l-‘onner iiiemher oI' The Big Kids and The Stands pet'l‘orllls.

I Massacre Cave, Minus Won, John Hailstones and Borborigmy ('aptain's Rest. I85 (ireat Western Road. 332 730-1. 8pm. {the Rock.

I Nevada Base, The Ex-Men, Dirty Cuts and lamchemist |3th Note Cale. 50 60 King Street. 55.3 I638. 8.30pm. Lllk‘. Rock and tIlIel‘ntilhe.


I Frenzy Frenzy Roin Highland (‘entre. lngliston. 08708 748 7-18. Noon. £36 (under L'l6s 2-1). A one day ('hristian music lestiVal I'eaturing Starlield. Bltish.

Patrick Wolf

Third l)a}. l)a\id ('rowder Band. The Valle) LR and man} more across three stages. All denominations welcome.

I Rock Around the Shop Imponed Instruments Ltd. 98/46 ()cean 'l'erminal Ilst lloori. Leith. 0800 756l3|2. 3 6pm. Lise mUsic l'rom local talent as well as mUsicaI masterclasses. Part of the lx'llh l‘i'Ull'tll.

FREE The Rab Howat Band Bannerman's. Niddr} Street. 556 325-1. 4pm. See Sat 30.

I The Deal, The Zips and Dignan, Dowell & White Whistlehink‘ies. ~1 6 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 6pm. liree before midnight; £4 alter. Mixed hill taking in indie. punk and more.

FREE Dr Ruby’s Musical Surgery The Jan Bar. I (‘hamhers Street. 220 4298 6pm. See Thu 28.

I The Damned and The Alarm 'l‘he llMV l’icture House. Lolhlan Road. 08-1-1 8-17 17-10. 7pm. {I750 See Fri 5. I Found, Withered Hand, My Kappa Roots, Rob St John, Wounded Knee and Little Pebble Old St Paul‘s (‘liurL‘lL 3‘) Jellrey Street. 556 3332. 7pm. {III 0.8). Alternative sounds. l()-ll. alt.lolk and more weirdness at this fundraiser gig.

I Nobody Else and Afterglow Wee Red Bar. lidinhurgh ('ollege of Art. Lauriston Place. 22‘) 14-12. 7pm. £5 (£3). Modern hlues.

I Seneka (‘aharet Voltaire. 36 38 Blair

Street. 220 6|76. 7pm. £5. Young.

energetic rock outlit l'rom lidinburgh.

I Nothing Concrete and Inspired

The Ark. 3 7 Waterloo Place. 623 7 H7.

7.30pm. £4. Driving guitars. I Transgression Sessions: Battle

. of the Bands 'l'ransgression Skate

Park. Ocean 'l‘erminal. Leith. 555 3755, 8pm. £6 (£5). Live music battle at

'l'ransgression Skate Park. limail

sessitiiis(a‘e-li-x.com il~ you think you‘ve got what it takes. liinal on Sun l~1 Jun. l’ur! Uflllt’ [,(‘lI/l l'i'sti'i'ul.

I Delta Mainline, White Heath and Frantic Chant The (lranary. 32 3-1

The Shore. Leith. 55-1 0-165. 8.30pm. £7

A It’s hard to pin down Patrick Wolf, a musical magpie happy to lift Romanian folk refrains or electro

(£5). Psych-blues rock from iidinhurgh hand Delta Mainline. l’ur! oft/iv [with l‘i‘slil'tll.

I The Plight and Tyrant Lizard Kings Bannerman's. Niddry Street. 556

basslines for a truly eclectic sound. Amazingly he manages to make this mish mash gel together, returning with new album The Bachelor and his trademark exuberant approach to dressing up.

I Class/c Grand. Glasgow, Fri 29 May.

3251 ”pm £5. lleas) rockers Irom Leeds.


I Big Vern’n‘the Shootahs ('ulross Ahhe} House (iardens. Kirk Street. 0|5‘l2 6ll10l 7 30pm H0. Big Vern bring the part) and some support I’m! of('iilrou I'i'iliml Mum Weekend.

I Culross Festival Music Weekend (‘UITUSS Abbe) llottse (iardens. Kirk Street. 01592 M l l0| Times \ar). l’rices \ar) See l'Tl 5,

Dundee FREE Transfer Audio, Dormant

Figure, Night Noise Team I. Collar

Up Drouth} Neehours. l-12 Perth Road. 0l382 202l87. 7 30pm, Post-punk inspired indie lrom a line roster ol Scottish acts,


I Dave Arcari liraser ('entre. Douglas Street. 07743 8859‘” 7.30pm, L'thc. Althlues guitarist Arcari perlorms l’rom new album (in! Me Iz'ln'irit


‘9, Mastodon A B('. 330 Sauehiehall '8‘ Street. 332 2232. 7pm. £l5. ()Ver- l6s show. Atlanta-based hell) rock

behemoth with a progg)‘ approach to



I Serpico ('lassic (irand. l8 Jamaica Street. 847 0820. 7pm. £6. l’unk. \Mlll more guests to he continued. See lisposure. page 7|.

I Cherbourg and The Agitator (‘aptain's Rest. l85 (ireat Western Road. 332 730-1. 8pm. £5. Alternative l'olky rock (think Radiohead meets Iron & Wine) l'rom headliners (‘herhourg

I Illicit Eve Rockers. l~1 Midland Street. 22l 0726. 8pm. {the Rock. FREE Miss the Occupier, Come in Tokyo and We the Last Men The Twisted Wheel. 73 Queen Street. 22! 485l. 8pm. Local indie talent.

I NO Tribe l’iVo l’ivo, l5 Waterloo Street. 56-1 8l00. 8pm. £3. All the best from the local alt/rock/metal scene. Weekly. with hands to he continued.

I Teitur, The Seventeenth Century and Empires King 'I‘ut‘s Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22| 527‘). 8pm. £8. l’aroe lslands singer- songwriter touring his new album The Singer.

I The Void and Cry Over Billionaires Niee‘n‘Slea/y. ~12I Sauehiehall Street. 333 0900. 8pm. [the Local indie rockers.

FREE The Magic Blues Surfers (EaHUs. 80 Dumharton Road. 334 80! 2. 9pm. See Sun 3|.

I Ocean Fracture, The Whisky Works, Citigazi and Penguins Kill Polarbears |3th Note (kite. St) 60 King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. L'tbc. Rock and indie.


I Sunshine Delay The Village. I6 South Fort Street. Leith. -178 78l0. l.30pin. L'thc. Melodic country— inlluenced Americana. I’ur! (Ill/11' [with festival.

FREE Acoustic Music Sessions The Morningside (ilory. l (‘omiston Road. 4-17 I205. 6pm. See Sun 3|. FREE Dr Ruby's Musical Surgery The Jan. Bar. I ('hambers Street. 220 4298. 6pm. See Thu 28.

I Post War Years ('aharet Voltaire. 36-38 Blair Street. 220 6176. 7pm. £7. Live electro-pop.

I Barberos, Mr Peppermint and The Fatallsts Henry's ('ellar Bar. 8—l6a Morrison Street. 228 9393. 7.30pm. £tbe. Drums and synth l'rom Barberos.

I Carrie MacDonald, The Banjo Lounge Trio, YuiIl Scott, Little l Pebble and Plum The Granary. 32 ~34 : The Shore. Leith. 554 9465. 7.30pm. £7 ' (£5). Acoustic session. Purl ofihe Leilh festival.