I)“ en Klitclhttlaltl lbassl. Stew (irossart lptanot arid KL'HII I)orrtan tdrumst

‘1, Led Bib The Jan Bar. I Chambers 'i‘ Street. 220 4298 8.15pm £1» i£51 Raucous “punk-ia/I' qurntet Irorn London. See preyiew. page 70

I The Black Diamond Express The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298.

I 1.15pm. £I. Alternatiye rockabilly. roots. blues and Rtkli.

Glasgow ‘9, Led Bib Ste-.rco 2” 3b Reltlleld ’i‘ I ane 222 2254 7pm £4. See Sun 1.


I The Jazz Bar Big Band The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. 7.30pm. £4 t£3r See Mon I.

I Rosie Nimmo arid Martin Lennon Iso Bar. 7 Berrtard Street. I.etth. 407 8904. 8pm. £0 I£5I. Ja/I. blues and tolk- infused \ocals Ir'om .\'immo. [111'] of 1/11' l.1'1/I1 ITS/[IN].

FREE Blues Open Session The Compass Bar. 44 Queen Charlotte Street. I.eith. 554 1979. 9pm. See Mon I. FREE Great Jazz Jam Session The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. III.3IIpIII. See Mon I.

Tuesdays ' ' -


FREE MusiChess The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. 5 8pm. See Tue 2.

FREE Tuesday Jam The Jan Bar. 1 Chambers Street. 220 4298. 8.30pm. See Tue 2.

FREE Tuesday Heartbreak Funk Session The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. I 1.30pm 3am. See Tue

Wednesday 1 0


FREE Mono Jazz Mono. 12 King's Court. King Street. 553 2400. 8pm. See Wed 3.


FREE Graeme Scott Trio (il'ettl (irog Bar. 43 Rose Street. 235 I(il(i. 7 IIIpIII. See “ed 3.

I Andrew Bain Quintet and The Edinburgh Schools Jazz Orchestra 20th Anniversary Concert Queen Charlotte Rooms. 5(ia Queen Charlotte Street. I.eitII. 555 (i000. 7.30pm. £3 l£5£ family ticket £20I. Iidinburgh born. New York-based drtnnrner Andrew Bain is joined by sa\ophonist .Ion Ii'abagon for high energy original compositions and fiery IIIIPI‘tIVIsIIIg. I’m-1 oft/11' [.111]: I'1'.\Iit'11l.

I Jazz Bar Quartet The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. 8.15pm. £4 (£3 I. See Thu 4.

FREE Jazz Jam and Open Mic Session Ye ()Ide Inn. I)a\ idson Mains. (I871 917 0007. 8.30 I 1.30pm. See Sttn 7. FREE The Macs The Compass Bar. 44 Queen Charlotte Street. I.eith. 554 1979. 9pm. Contemporary blues dtto. I’11r1 of 1/11' 1.1'11/1 I'i'srii'ul.

I Soul Society The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. i 1.15pm. £1. Funk arid blues frorn Mike Kearney 's four~piece.

Thursday 1 1


I Stretch Dawrson 8. the Mending Hearts Queen Charlotte Rooms. 50;! Queen Charlotte Street. I.eith. 555 boot). 7 3.11pm £10 (£8. 50) Scotland's only “estern Swing band P1111111 1/11 1111/1 I1 \III 11/

I Nicky Psaila/Michael Magg Quintet The Jan Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. 8.I5pm. £4 t£3I. Clarinet and sax-led fiye-piece.

I The Freaky Family The 1111/ Bar. I Chambers Street. 220 4298. I 1.15pm. £1. See Thu 28


Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to henry©list.co.uk. Listings are compiled by Henry Northmore and Norman Chalmers.

"= Indicates l-litlist entry



I Storytelling Ceilidh St Janies‘ Parish Church. Metklertg Crescent. 882 3025. 7.30pm. £3 t£2I .-\n e\entng of stories and occasional song w ith tale tellers Alan Steel and Rachel Sttlillie. I Kieran Halpin St Andrew 's in the Square. St Andrew 's Square. 559 5902. 8pm. £8 (£10. Veteran. popular Irish singer-songw riter.


I Michael McGoldrick Band and Genticorum Queen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. (i(i8 2019. 8pm. £12 £15. ('apercaillie's Michael .\Ie(ioItII'IeIs brings his own superb band to back his \irtuoso Irish IIule playing arid uiIIean piping. Strpport froin the dynamic trio who perform ()uebecois folk songs with a collection of original instrumentals written in the traditional style.

I Tom Hingley 1.eith Folk (lab. The Village. South Fort Street. 07502 024852. 7.30pm. £8. Former Inspiral ('arpet performer in a more intimate setting. P1111111III1'.III1.\11' Roulm I'1'stii'1rl.


I lan Davison Falkirk Folk Club. The

Polish Club. .-\rnot Street. 0| 324 613395. 8pm. The (ilaswegian songwriter comes

to the club with his album of new songs.

Friday 29


I Opening Concert St Peters Church Hall. I’artick. 7.30pm. £0 (£4I ‘Songs iii the Vernacular" with Peter .\'ardini. Adam .\Ic.\'aughtan and Finlay Allison. Strong words from some strong songwriters. Part of the I’11rli1'lt Folk Festival


I Fribo I.eith Folk Club. The Village. Sotith Fort Street. 07502 024852. 7.30pm. £0. Iidinburgh based. Scottish- .\'orwegian trio with beautiful \‘tIL'ttIs. fiddle and guitar. I’urr oft/11' .Iluxir Routes I'i'slit'ul.

I Guid Crack Club \Vayerley Bar. St Mary 's Street. 550 9579. 7.30pm. £3 donation. Iidinburgh's monthly storytelling club welcomes all to listen or contribute. A delightful eyening of words and song with a guest storyteller.

FREE The Maltings Open Mic The Maltings. St I.eonards Street. 667 5946. 9pm. Blues jam and old fashioned acoustic. From solo artists to bands. Book a slot \ia

w w wmy space.com/themaltingsopenmic.


I The Border Gaitherin Coldstream 2009 Cool Concert Coldstream Community Centre. High Street. 01573 224920. 7.30-9.3(Ipm. £4 (£2I. ’I‘raditional music performed by some of the best younger masicians from the Scottish Borders and beyond.

Nr Milngavie

I Alan Reid Mugdock Country Park Visitor Centre. Craigend Visitor Centre. CraigaIIian Road. 956 (i100. 7.45pm. £13. Battlefield Band keys player and singer/songwriter.


I Eric Bogle and John Munro \Vhiting Bay Hall. 7.30pm. £15. AUssie singer/songwriters Bogle and Munro on their final tour of Scotland.


I Partick Folk Festival St I’eters' Church Hall. I’arttck. 1pm. £3. .-\fternoon workshops/talks from

'I‘MSA (ilasgow include: Iiw an MeCoIIs' Radio Ballads with Peter Cos. Ipm; The life and songs of Sam I.arner with John I’owles. 2. I 5pm; ‘McCoII and the politics 01 IIIL‘ lirltlslt I’olk Rey isal' \Vith .-\Itstatr IIuIIet. Finlay .-\Iltson and Peter Cos. 3pm.

I Festival Concert St Peters Church Hall. I’artiek. 7.30pm. £10 (£01. With the wild and dangerous players tn the 'I‘t'eaclierous ()rchestra. superb traditional Scots song from Stobh iii Miller and Jeana I .eslie and Norway s Kim \ndrc Rs sta id I’11r11i/ P11111111 III/[k I1t11i1il.

I Ceol ‘s Craic (‘(‘:\. Sauehiehatl Street. 352 4900. 9pm. £5. Scottiin 'I'r'aditional Club of the year welcomes music this month from Na ('aimbeulaich and ceilidh dance hand IIaudyerIugs. The ('ampbells l.\'a ('aimbeulaichI are masters of the art of rnottth music and count seyen Mod ('iold Medallists in their number. Singer and teacher Kenna leads her brother Seumas Campbell. with actress. singer and teacher \Vilma Kennedy. .-\Iso Maggie Macdonald. a member of the Chair and Inyerness (iaelic Choir: and harp player and broadcaster. Mary .-\nn Kennedy.

I Scott Matthews ()ran Mor. Great Western Road. 357 6200. 7.30pm. £12.50. Solo artist from \VoheI‘IIattIptotI sings folk/blues from his debut album Passing Stranger. FREE Ceilidhs at Lauries Lauries Bar. King Street. 552 7123. 8pm. The Riyersitle Ceilidhs new residency at I.atiries.


FREE Bavarian Tradition Show ()ut of the Blue Drill Hall. Dalmeny Street. I.eith. 555 7101. 7.30pm. Suggested donation £3. Bayaria and

()k'toberfest come to I.eith with music.

yodelling. beer and tongue-in-cheek hutnour front Vroni HoI/mann and her Bayarian Maidens.

I Rise Kagona and Champion Doug Veitch The Pleasance Cabaret Bar. I’Ieasanee. 050 2458. 7.30pm. £12. The legendary Bhttndu Boys' guitarist joins the Scottish blues mayerick' at this pre-marathon tVeitch runs the Iidinburgh Marathon the next morning) benefit concert and auction in aid of Play Soccer Malawi.

I Stringjammer l.eith Folk Club. The Village. South Fort Street. 07502 024852. 7.30pm. £6. Musical mayhem organised by ex-Shooglenifty bass player and tnulti instrumentalist (onrad I\It.skl Molleson. I’ 111'! of 1/11 .Ilusrt Rnrm s I1slri11l.


I The Border Galtherin Coldstream 2009 Lunchtime Concert Coldstream Community Centre. High Street. 01573 224920. 1—2.30pm. £6 (£4). Dance show with ‘Absolutely Legless' Irish dance team and musicians.


I Cappuccino Concert (‘aird Hall. City Square. 01382 434940.

I lam. £4.50. Organised by the Friends of Wighton. promoting the collection of historical Scottish music books held in the Wighton Centre at Dundee Central Library. Traditional and classical performance accompanied by coffee and newspapers.


I Clive Carroll String Jam Club. Salmon Inn. Bank Street. 01750 20538. 7.45pm. £9. Brilliant fingerstyle guitarist. Carroll spans folk picking. classical and jazz.


I May Ball Balquhtdder Village Hall. 01507 830453 7 30pm £12 Dance to the popular sound of the Ian MtIItgan band from Callander Itckct includes a btitfet supplied by lady member's ol the Dance Club.


I Celter Schmelter I‘entctttk :\II\ Centre. 4 \\ est Street. IIIWIS 0788114 7.30pm. £8 Irresistible I'astetn I'uropean Jewish dance music.

St Andrews

I The Tannahill Weavers Ityie Theatre. Abbe} Street. III 334 47501)” 8pm. £12 «£101. ()ne ol Scotland's longest runrnrtg Iolk bartds. the Iannies perform their trademark high energy take on traditional tunes and instrtttnentatton based round fiddle. pipes and flute

Em. :-l.-.L::.;:- -.;..';I: i . c _.’


I Partick Folk Festival the tall Ship at (ilasgow Harbour. Stobcross Road.

‘. 'I‘tmes \at'y. £7 lot all three e\ents t£3I I'atmly d l_\ out It is I Iain 12pm Iamily introduction to ‘I-olk Mtisic. with RI'LII tid (it IIII_L'LI itid ('hris I’arkinson: I2pm- lprn lunch; Iprn 2pm I‘amily Ceilidh d ince workshop pttt 3pm :\ Iamily ('eilidh with The Blyde I.asses It'tIIII IIIe Shetland Isles. I’11I'I 111 I’111'Ii1/t I'iI/L I'i'ttitul.

I Maritime Concert aboard The Glenlee The Ship. Stobcross ()uay. 7pm. £7 with Richard (iratnget arid Chris Parkinson. and from Shetland. the Blyde I.asses. I’url 11/ I’11I'Ir1k I'm/A I'1'slri'11l.

is" M ‘. ivfil '-I ,- ‘v. l ; I .‘ " . 'I ‘r ‘l ‘.':i “I :7 .. ._ . ‘, ". ‘l a? /-.il~l;.~~ . - 1.;

i t :24. ' » ‘I


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