Music Folk


‘0, Malinky l.eith l-olk Club. 'I he '3‘ Village. South l-ort Street. 07502 024352. 7.30pm. £3. Popular Scots/Irish band yyith line traditional songs and skilled instrumental yyork. I’ur! u! [/H‘ .lluyit Run/4's l't‘VI/Itll. FREE Dagda Folk IJagda Bar. Biiccletich Street. 667 9773. 730pm. ()peii sessioit.


I The Border Gaitherin Coldstream 2009: Borders Tunesmiths ('oldstreaiit (‘oiiiiittinity ('entre. Iligh Street. 0I573 224920.

I 2.l5piii. £3. .\'eyy tunes in traditional style played by Borders 'I'uitesmiths: Slttilia Mooney. l.tit‘t \Vatsott. \Iult Seattle. lilspeth Smellie. limes \Vatson. ('hris Keatinge. ('hris \Vaite. lait I-raser aitd Martin Marroiti.

I The Border Gaitherin Coldstream 2009: Traditional Music Concert (‘oltlstreain Comntunity Centre. High Street. 0l573 224920. 7.30pm. £ I0. ’I’titors‘ concert yyith ('atrioiia Macdoiiald. Karine I’olyyai'l. .\'iall Kecgait. I.oi'i \Vatsoit. Shona Mooney. Iniies Watson and

Monday}. " -


I Lori Watson & Rule of Three l.eith liolk Club. The Village. South Hill Sheet. ”7502 02-1352. 7.30pm. £6. I‘ine Bordei's—Ixised contemporary liddle and song trio yyith guitar aitd accordion play Scottish-rooted music. yyith Iitiropean c\citrsioits. l’ur/ u/ the .llimt Rulllt'y I't’ylii‘tl/.


I The Anna Massie Band l’latl‘onn. The Bridge. \Veflel‘ltttllse Rtttttl. Iiastei'hotise. 276 9696. 7.30pm. £I0 (£2.50 £5). l.eading yotiitg all-yyotttelt Scots band. led by iittilti-instrumentalist Massic. \y ilh guitar and yocals l'rom Jenn Btittei'yyorth and accordion and border pipes l'rom Mairearad (ireen.


I Jamie Smith Band l.eith Iiolk Club. The Village. Sotith I'lort Street. 07502 024852. 7.30pm. £6. Poyyei'l‘til Iiddlcr aitd ttiitesttiitlt. I’tir! Ufl/It' .lliiyit' Ritlllt'y I‘i'ylli'tll.

I Ceilidh Club The Lot. (it‘assttial'k’el. 225 9922. 8pm. £6. Ceilidh dance with callers to lead )0“ through the steps. l.iye music from 'I‘radlab.


I Eric Bogle and John Munro Iloyvden Park Centre. Iloyy den. 0I506 433634. 7.30pm. £I2 i£‘)l. See Fri 29.

Wednesday 3 y .


I Eric Bogle and John Munro The Old I-‘ruitmarket. Candleriggs. 353 S000. .S'pm. £l5. See I-‘ri 29.


I Grace, Hewat and Polwart Iidinburgh I-‘olk' Cltib. Cabaret Bar. The Pleasance. 650 2458. 8pm. £8 i£7i. Three OI. Scotland‘s l'tne yocal harmonists (and instrumentalists oit ltarp. guitar. yyhistles and pipes.) FREE MacPolvo The White Ilart Inn. Cirassmarkct. 622 7] IS. 9pm. Scottish songs.


I Voyage De Nuit Carnegie Ilall. Iiast Port. 0|3S3 602302. 7.30pm. £I2 (£10-£I | i. A poyyerhotise mi\ ol~ traditional Celtic music. flamenco and jazz. bringing together members of Iirench llamenco-ja/I outlit A/ulejos and The .\'tia|a Kennedy Trio for this unique collaboration. This is an Arts C ouncil-sponsored Tttne l'p Tour.

86 THE LIST 28 May-l 1 Jun 2009


I Mike Berry Tribute St Andrew 's in the Square. St Andreyy ‘s Square. 559 5902. hpm. £8 i£6i. Special concert celebrating the lite ol musician Mike Berry. artists include the Square Iiiddlers. Mick \Vest. Seait tk Robyn (irey and Setanta A; Maggie Mclnnes.


I The Urban Tonkerers I'alkll'k l-olk Club. The Polish ('lub. Arnot Street.

0| 324 6I3395. 7.30pm. I.ocal band ol men and yyomen perlornt old and neys lolksoiig.

Stirling I Voyage De Nuit 't‘olhooth. Jail \Vytltl. III7S(i 274000. 7.30pm. See “ed

Glas ow

FRE Junior Academy Scottish Music Concert RSAMI). Renli‘eyy Street. 332 5057. 7pm. The RSAMI)'s

juniors pel‘ltll‘lll sonte traditional music.


FREE The Maltings Open Mic The Malliltgs. St l.eonal'tls Street. 667 5946. 9pm. See I-‘ri 29.


I The Red Hot Chilli Pipers (‘ulross Abbey House (iardens. Kirk Street. Spin. £l5. Comprising three pipers iii a rock baitd. \Vinners ol'(irahaiit Norton's II'lu'ii Hill I [H' l’tlIIIUIIV. I’ur! u/ Cit/mu I‘t'U/Ill/ .Iluyi't' IIi't'kt'rirl.


I Voyage De Nuit liasigaie 'l‘heati'e ck .'\t'ls Centre. littslgttle. Ill 72I 725777. 7.30pm. £ll) £l2. Sec Wed 3.


FRE Ceilidhs at Lauries Lauries Bar. King Street. 552 7I23. Spin. See Sat 30.


I Bollywood Unlimited Sotillt l.eith Parish Church. Henderson Street. l.eith. 7pm. £5. Vibrant music. rhythms and dance from India. Part of (he l.eiili I‘t'slii'ul.

I The Chilli Dogs and Freight Queen Charlotte Rooms. Queen Charlotte Street. l.eith. 555 6660. 7.30pm. £7.50 l£6l. Ait evening ol‘ blues. .-\niericana. rhythm & blues. honkytonk. country and original material. I’uri oft/iv [mi/i festival.

I Fanattica The Village. South l-‘ort Street. l.eith. 47S 7ls'l0. 7.30pm. £5. Quirky Balkan sotiitds. l’tirr oft/iv l.eiI/i l‘t'yllt‘tll.


FREE Dagda Folk Session Dagtla Bar. Bticcleuch Street. 667 9773. 7.30pm. See Stiit 3|.

Isle Of Arran

I Arran Folk Festival Various Venues. Times vary. Prices vary. A yyeek ol~ sessions. concerts. ceilidhs and Ian. featuring the likes of Iistlier O'Connor. Lunasa. Aly and Phil. Moses and Boguillie Band. See

yvyv yy.arranl‘o|kl‘ l'or full details.


I Taiko Drumming - Mugenkyo Drummers Hoyvden Park Centre. Hoyvden. (Il506 777666. 2—4pm. £20 i£I5l. A unique opportunity to try otit the energetic. heart-pounding art of Japanese ritual drumming in a two-hour taster session taught by Scotland's own group. Email MTDQI‘taikocouk‘ to book.


I Goldmsh The Village. South Fort Street. l.eith. 478 7SI0. 7.30pm. £5. Dynamic Bluegrass band led by John Sheldon. l’tirl «it (hr [with ,‘('\II\(l/.

Isle Of Arran

I Arran Folk Festival Various Venues. limes vary. Prices \ary. See Stiit 7.


I Guitar CD Launch Ranishorn 'I‘heatre. Ingram Street. 548 3444. I.I5pm. £4. Peter Argondi/Ia launches Ills \ec'itntl Cl). \Vltlelt It‘alut‘es \ytit'ks It} Baclt. neyy Latin American music. and commissioned \yorks - Sally Beatttlsh‘s .Iltitlrigtt/ aitd Rory Boy Ie's Lit/lulmw for [Jim .IUNIH'.


I Rod Picott and Amanda Shires l.eith I‘oIk Club. The Village. South I‘ort Street. 07502 024852. 7.30pm. £3. ()ne ol' .\'ashy illc's best young singer- songyyriters. yyith 'l"e\as l'iddler Shires. I Ceilidh Club 'I'Ite l.iil. (irassmarket. 225 9922. Split. £6. Ceilidh dance yyith callers to lead yoti throtiglt the steps. I.i\e tttltsic It'Um Ileelicgoleerie.

Isle Of Arran

I Arran Folk Festival Various Venues. ’I‘imes yary. Prices vary. See Sun 7.


I Penicuik Folk Club The Roadhouse. John Street. S.I5pni. £ l0 i£Si. The yyarm voice l'ront Iingland's North liast. Bob I"o\ perl'oritis.

Wednesday 10 _ . '


I Nathan Rogers Iidinburgh I‘olk Clttb. Cabaret Bar. The I’leasancc. 650 2458. 8pm. £7 i£6i. 'I‘raditional aitd original music mi\ing l‘olk. blues. country and rock. l’rom the guitarist son til-Canadian I'olk singer Stan Rogers. FREE MacPolvo The White Hart Inn. (irassmarket. 622 7I IS. 9pm. See Wed 3

Isle Of Arran

I Arran Folk Festival Various Venues. Times vary. Prices yary. See Sun 7.

Thursday 11


I Nathan Rogers St Andreyy 's in the Square. St Andreyy 's Square. 559 5902. Split. £3 l£6l. See \Vetl III.


FREE Live Music Now National (iallery Complex. The Mound. 624 6200. 6 6.30pm. ('larsach play er Jennil‘er Port perl'orms play s pieces on a theme ol~ tray el.

I Stretch Dawrson 8: the Mending Hearts Queen ('harlotte Rooms. Queen Charlotte Street. l.eith. 555 6660. 7.30pm. £III l£S.5l)l. (Set on doyy n to Scotland's only \Vestern Syy ing band. I’url oft/tr l.eiI/i l‘t’S/Il'tll.

I Sylvain Ayite lso Bar. Bernard Street. l.eith. 467 8904. 8pm. £5. Senegalese singer. songyyriter aitd guitarist. I’ur! riff/Iv [.t’l'llt l‘i'yrit'ul.


I Falkirk Folk Club Session Falkirk Folk Club. The Polish Club. Arnot Street. 01324 6] 3395. 8.30pm. £2. Their usual inl‘ormal night ol‘ masic and song.

Isle Of Arran

I Arran Folk Festival Various Venues. Times vary. Prices vary. See Sun 7.


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:3: Indicates Hitlist entry

Thursday 28


FREE Kelvingrove Organ Recitals Kelyingroye Art (iallery tk Mtiseuiit. Argyle Street. 276 9599, Ipm. I-i'ee Itinchtiitie organ recitals ey cry day by dil’lerent organists.

‘0, Scottish Opera: Cosl tan tutte 'l‘ Iheatre Rityal. 2S2 ”UPC Street. (IS-HI (I60 6647 7. I 5pm. £75” £60. David McVicar returns to Scottish Opera to direct a production ot Mo/art's entertaining aitd risque Mediterranean opera. The story ol I'crrando. (itiglielmo and their liancees is set amongst gorgeous. sun-ysashed scenery \\llIl a score composed at the Iielgltl til Mo/art's ci'eatiye poyy ers. \Vith conductor Tobias Ringborg aitd soloists to include Joel Pi‘ieto and Ville Rtisanen. Audio description and totich tour on 30 May.


FREE Amadeus Duo National (iallery ('oinpley. 'I'he .Motiitd. 624 6200. 6 6.30pm. The harp and flute dtio [k‘l‘lttl‘ltls some ol‘ the ittost popular yyot‘ks of Chopin. arranged tor the No instruments.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Summer in the South oi Scotland l)tins Volunteer Ilall. ‘) I.angtongate. 0I72I 725777. 7.30pm. £I0 i£4 £7i. Conductor aitd Itarpsichordist Nicholas Kraeiner joins the S('() iii a concert ol baroque and classical yyorks. including Ilttlltlel‘s (.(llli't’l'll' (from: ()p 6 .Vu 2. 'It'lelllilllll‘S Suite IUi't'rIitrt'i m If mmm' attd Ilaydii's Svm/i/iunv .Vu [03’ l ‘Hrimt Ru/I'I. \Vitlt bassoon soloist I’elei‘ \Vhelan.


I The Nash Ensemble of London Perth Concert Hall. Mill Street. (0738 62] ()3I. 7.30pm. US. The adventurous yvorld-class ensemble returns [0 Perth [0 pL‘l‘Ithll chamber yyork's by Mo/art. Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

Friday 29 -


I Friday Lunchtime Concert Series: Maximiliano Martin and Scott Mitchell RSAMI). I00 Renl'reyy Street. 332 5057. Ipm. £9 (£6). The S(‘()'s principal clarinet Maximiliano Martin giy es a recital yvith accompanist Scott Mitchell. to launch the release ol his latest recording. \Vorks include Romero’s I’rimt'r Sula dr' ('mit'uryu. Widor's Int/”(Idlu'IUHI um] Rum/n and McCabe's Tlil‘t't' I’l't'r‘t'y.

I Scottish Opera: Manon Theatre Royal. 2X2 Ilope Street. 0870 060 6647. 7.|5pm. £750 £60. Renaud Doucet directs Jules Massenet's tragic opera. which tells the story of Manon. a young girl yvhose beauty catches the eye ol~ a nobleman. leading to devastating consequences. A large chorUs and ballet scenes lend the already moving opera maximum dramatic impact. With soloists Anne Sophie l)uprels and Paul Charles Clarke. and conductor Francesco ('orti. Audio description and touch tour 31 May and 24 June.

Edinburgh I Lunchtime Concert St Giles‘

Cathedral. Royal Mile. 226 0673.

12.15pm. Retiring collection. A lunchtime treat as cellist Anna Chilton