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The Edinbur h Art Festival shows the strength of its convictions with the launch o a bumper summer programme Words: Anna Millar



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ever one to be outshone by its more established August counterparts. the lidinburgh Art Festival has announced a roster of talent. with major exhibitions from world-renowned artists. as well as an extraordinary programme of sculpture work. at over 50 galleries and spaces. Highlights include never before seen studio-work of the seminal (ierman born. American artist. liva Hesse. to be shown at the Fruitmarket Gallery. The lnstitut Francais d‘licosse will present the first Scottish showing of If) original photographs taken between December 1929 and February 1930 by l’aule Nouge the poet. instigator and theorist of the Surrealism in Belgium. lilsewhere at lnverleith House American artist. John McCracken‘s painting and sculpture will be showcased. At Stills Gallery the first solo UK show by Joachim Koester will include photographic work alongside film and video installations. New work can be found at Doggerlisher courtesy of one this year‘s Turner nominees. Lucy Skaer. while the lngleby

Gallery celebrates the first anniversary of

its move to Calton Road with a former Turner prize-nominee. Edinburgh-born abstract painter Callum lnnes.

Sculpture will also feature across the city with sculptural forms from Hesse. McCracken and the Wilson Twins: elsewhere. look out for a specially

commissioned large-scale sculpture in reclaimed timber in (iayfield Square

(iardens. creating a focal point at the top of

Leith Walk. liurthcr uptown. a daily event in the Art (‘ollege quadrangle will offer a rare opportunity to watch stone sculptors in the process of creating their work.

()rganiser‘s of this year’s event said they were keen to build on past successes. Joanne Brown. Director of the lidinburgh Art liestival said of the line-up "l‘hc liAl" continues to offer a vital platform for lidinburgh‘s galleries and artists.‘

‘This year‘s exhibition programme includes work spanning the first l'K shows by major international artists [and] new commissions from British artists.‘

Edinburgh Art Festival runs from 5 Aug-5 Sep. www.edinburgh

Doctor Who actor David Tennant will present Masterpiece Contemporary. a US TV strand showcasing many British drama productions. The series returns in October with William Hurt‘s Endgame.


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distiller Jura has employed the services of one of the world's top barmen to launch a limited edition whisky collection inspired by the Paps of Jura - a trio of Scottish mountains so- called for their similarity to female breasts. Colin Field. 3 mixologists from the Paris Ritz, will launch the ‘Jura Paps’ at the lslay Whisky festival.


I Cheshire cat grins all round at Edinburgh‘s Traverse Theatre which has no fewer than 12 nominations in the Critics‘ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS). Tickets are now on sale to the public for the annual ceremony at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Sun 14 Jun when the company will be in competition with the Tron, Dundee Rep and the Citz as well as touring companies such as Dogstar, Rowan Tree. Vox Motus and TAG for the ten prestigious awards. Details: www.criticsawards.

cnv wour Edinburgh Zoo has announced the return of wolves followin a 16-year


ree wolves

have made their way from the Highland Wildlife Park. Due to

huntin , habitat loss an diseases, they are now confined to small pockets in a handful of countries.

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