Ladywell \‘v'ay. Mtisselbiirgh. 665 2240. Pero or Mysteries of the Night l'ntil Thu 28 May it) 30am. £8 (family tickets available) A llll\ of puppets. actors and live itiustc tell this story of lriendship atid love foi ages 6+, l’ttrt u; the Bank of St ut/am/ lltltlL'lIltllt’ l’evttval. Museum of Dreams Thu 28

May Mon l Jun. Thu. Fri s Mon l0.l5am 6.; 2pm; Sat l0.30am & 2pm; Sun 2pm 8v; 4.30pm, £8 (family tickets available). New multimedia show suitable tor 6 8 year-olds about a dUsty old museum brought to life by a tiiagical new exhibit. I’m! at Illt' [tank at Scot/arid Imaettiatt' I'i'vtti'til.

The Book of Beasts Fri 2*) May Mon I Jun. See Kids listings.

Morag Alexander School of Dance Annual Show Mott 8 Sat 20 Jun tiiot Sun). 7pm (Sat tiiat 3pm). £l2 (under lbs £8). The school‘s annual performance of siiigitig and dancing.


l I New Market Road. 477 3500.

Here Come the Boys Wed 10 Jun. 7pm. £27.50. Former Chippendales. along with some fresh bods. are back to satisfy the liists of a certain demographic of the fetiiale populace. ()ver— l4s show.


l4--l6 (irassmarket. 228 I404.

Lying Down l'ntil Sat 30 May. Thu l().l5atn & 1.30pm; Fri 10.45am & 4pm; Sat [0.15am ck 3pm. £8 (family tickets available). A ‘so laid back it‘s horizontal’ show by Bontel‘lond about bedtime stories arid the imagination iii a mattress palace. Ages 5+. l’art oft/iv Bank of Scotland [mag/Hate Festival.

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy Until Sun 31 May. Sec (ilasgow, Platform.


l7 Duncan Place. Leith. 0l3l 554 I509. The ‘PLACE’ Performs . . . Tue 9 Jun. 7pm. £tbc. Sketches. short filitis and live music (supported by Off the Rails) by local youth clubs. l’art (if/1'11}! Festival.

I FESTIVAL THEATRE 13/29 Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. Ouadrophenia l'ntil Sat 30 May. 7.30pm (also Sat 4pm); Fri 5.30pm & 8.30pm. £l5--£26.50. See Glasgow, King's Theatre.


15a Pennywell Court. 3l5 2l5l. Brilliant Thu 28—Sat 30 May.

Thu l.30pm & 3.30pm; Fri 9.30am S;

l l.30am; Sat l0.30am & l.30pm. £8 (family tickets available). Fevered Sleep/Polka Theatre presents an imaginative show about bedtime for ages 3—5. Part aft/1e Batik atScot/aiid [Illu‘t’ftlult' Festival.


30—36 Dalmeny Street. l-eith. 555 7l0l. Comfort Zone Thu l l—Sat 13 Jun. 8.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £5. Futuristic drama about a new development iii the Harbourstone area SpaZe lnc iii 2030. Part Uflx’t'llt Festival.

I PLAYHOUSE 18—22 Cireenside Place. 0870 606 3424. An Audience with Sally Morgan Sun 3| May. 7.30pm. £19.50. Sally's psychic powers have been with her since she was nine months old. and she's now taking her wealth of psychic knowledge on tour.

John Edward Tue 2 Jun. 7pm. £50—£60. The superstar psychic medium reaches out from the land of the living.

94 THE LIST CS May—l 1 Jun 2009

Shaolin Warriors: Legends oi Kung-Fu Sun 7 Jun. 7.30pm.

i l 5* £24.50 1 34.22.50). See (ilasgow. King‘s Theatre.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 20a lnverleith Row. 228 I404

Lava - a Soil Investigation Thu 28—Sun 3| May. Thu l0.30am & lpm; Fri 10.30am. noon 6: 4pm; Sat l lam. lpm dc 3pm; Sun Ham 6.; lptn. £8 (family tickets available). Two men constructing a subterranean car park suddenly hear inexplicable noises scratches. creaks and murmurs. Watch as the my stery titifolds . . . dun dun DL'NY Ages 6+. l’art aft/1e Bank (ifSt’UI/tlllt/ Inuit‘ftluh’ Festival.

(irindlay Street. 248 4848.

Story ot a Family (and Everyday Things) L'ntil Sat 30 May. Thu 7pm; Fri l0.l5am; Sat 2pm. £8 (family tickets available). A look at families. in all their shapes and forms. though the eyes of a child. Ages l0+. Part oft/iv Batik of Scotland Imaginate Festival.

Peter Pan Thu 28—Sat 30 May. Thu

l0.30am 8; 1.30pm; Fri l0.30am (S; 7pm;

Sat 2.30pm & 7pm. £8 (family tickets available). Combining shadow puppetry and vibrant storytelling. the classic adventure Peter Pan is brought to life by the combined forces of Visible Fictions. The Children‘s Theatre Company. Minneapolis and renowned ltalian shadow artist Fabri/io Montecchi from

l i e‘


Teatro (iioca Vita Ages 8+ Part ot'tlit' Bank at Scot/tutti lntaetritttt' Festival. Under the Carpet Thu 28 May»Mori 1 Jun (not Fri) Thu it Mon l0.l5am at 12.15pm. Sat l0_3()am; Sun 2pm. £8 (family tickets available) Welsh company Theatr lolo presents Sarah Agent's play about .\'onno and l.ol. a pair of old friends who love telling stories. Ages 35. Part ot'tlit' Batik at Scot/ant! Inittetitatt' Festival.


6 Henderson Street. l.ellh. 0845 458 970‘).

Homecoming Wed It)» Sat 13 Jun. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). Alistair Rutherford's play about the changing face of l.eith that was commissioned by l.eith Festival in 2008. Part titlx'tt/i Festival.


H) Um ell Terrace. 346 I405.

Glits in the Blitz Tue 2~Thu 4 Jun. 7.30pm. £l0 (£4~£7). A mix of period songs arid scenes of women‘s lives during WWI] with local amateur choir (This.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 1404.

Queen L'ntil Thu 28 May. l0.l5am. £8 (family tickets available). The fearsome stories of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth l as enacted in a recording studio by Swiss company Theater Sgaraiiiusch. Ages l()+. Part of the Bank (ifSt'utltmd Imaginary Festival.

The stage musical adaptation of the film of the landmark album by The Who, about a bloody Bank

Holiday weekend battle between the Mods and the Rockers in Brighton at the height of their 19605 rivalry, is told from the point of view of teenage rebel, Jimmy, who rides with the Mods because he ‘wants to be


I Fest/va/ Theatre, Edinburgh, until Sat 30 May; King's Theatre, Glasgow, Tue

2—Sat 6 Jun.

Ugly Child l'ntil Thu 28 May l0.30atii £8 (family tickets available) Lieve lives a tragic life and only seems to make things worse in this play about an outcast child by Dutch company Stella Den Haag. Ages l 1+, Part or the Bank otScot/and lititteiritttt‘ Festival Echoa Fri 29 May—Mon 1 Jun (not Sun). Fri l0.45am. Fri/Sat " 30pm. Mon 10 30am ck l 45pm £8 (family tickets available). A lively llil\ of dancers. drummers arid physical comedians frotn Arcorsm. Ages 7+ l’art at the Bank of Scotland [magi/tale Festival. Songs from Above Sat 30 May Mon l Jun. Sat lt),30aiii & l.30pm; Sun l 13th & 1.30pm; Mon |0.45aiii & l.30pm. £8 (family tickets available) Teater Refleksion atid Teater My present a magical. musical adventure under the stars for a very young audience. Ages 2-4. Part of the Bank otScut/arit/ lttltlt’llltllt' Festival. Rehearsal Room 15 Thu 4: Sat 6 Jun. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50; £9 £l2 for all three readings). See (ilasgow. Tron Theatre.

Three Works Fri 5 8: Sat 6 Jun.

8pm. £l3 (£5 £8). Debut performance trilogy by lirrol White Dance. with a soundtrack by Portuguese composer Tiago (‘erqueria See preview. page 9 l.

The Ducky oooo Wed l()—Sat

l3 Jun. 8pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). i l 3—K l 0 (£5 —£ l 2 ). l)(‘ .IilClsStHhS follow-up to 2008‘s critically-acclaimed The Wall picks up on life iii the same small town several years oti. as the characters muse on love. loss atid getting older. Contains strong language.

France in Scotland: Paris Calling Wed l0 & Thu 1 1 Jun. 7.30pm. £5

(£3.50). Readings performed by leading

actors. of first drafts of new translations of plays by French playwrights Francois

Begaudeau and Lancelot llaiiielin as part of the Paris Calling year of Franco- British performance events.

Outside the Cities than“: nee Tay Square. Dundee. ()l 382 223530.

* Peer Gynt Until Sat 30 May. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £l4~£l6

(£l2—£l4). A radical new version of

lbsen's play adapted by Coliti Teevan

and directed by Dominic Hill in a hugely-praised collaboration between

Dundee Rep and the National Theatre of Scotland.

Balgay Hill Tue 9 Sat 27 Jun (not

Sun/Mon). 7.30pm (Sat 20 Jun mat 2.30pm). £5—~£l6 (£5 —£ l 2). A unique and moving take on the life and times of Billy Mackenzie and the Associates. See preview. page 8‘).


185 High Street. Perth. 07838 62103l. Moll Flanders Thu 28 May. 7.30pm. £8»-£l6. lncest. bigamy crime and crossdressing frotn Brute Farce in this modern spin on 17th century lingland. Fascinating Aida Sat 30 May. 7.30pm. £l |—£20. Female singing trio

Dillie Keane. Adele Anderson and Liza

Pulman perform some satirical cabaret.

Cinders Fri 5 8.; Sat 6 Jun. 7pm (Sat

mat 2.30pm). £8. The Dance Bank

presents Cinders. a biennial dance

display that brings together pupils from across Perth and Kinross.


University of Stirling. Stirling. 0l786


* The Ducky 0000 Thu 28 May. 8pm. £12(£9; under 16s £6). See

Edinburgh. Traverse. Happy Feet Sat 30 May—Tue 2 Jun.

2pm; 7pm; 6pm. £8. Showcase from the Central Scotland Ballet School.

Dance Connection: Ta-da! Fri 5 &

Sat 6 Jun. 7pm (Sat mat 2pm). £8 (£7).

Two hundred talented dancers dance to

music from Hairspray. Happy Feet and

Mauli'n Rouge.