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Birds of Paradise Theatre

In association with Playwrights’ Studio Scot/and

Volunteer Cast Required The Gathering 2009 - Aisling’s Children:

- - - Tales of the H ' m Writer in Resudence . °me°°mm9 GATHERING Directed by Mark Murphy EDINBURGH £15,000 EAEREICS); VOLUNTEER PERFORMERS required Birds of Paradise Theatre are offering a . g for a large-scale theatrical performance m;

‘l i on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

Playing to an audience of 8,000, and featuring a cast of 200, Aisling’s Children is a spectacular celebration of Scotland’s clan history a once in a lifetime experience for audience and performers alike.

We are looking to cast both male and female VOLUNTEER PERFORMERS aged 16 and above (meals and expenses provided). Performance date: 25th July with rehearsals 1 3 weeks prior to this.

residency and commission of 18 months

to a disabled Playwright. The residency

will allow the writer the space and time ' to research and develop their work and awn“ produce a script. The residency will also Swtm‘m include delivering outreach activities

relating to the residency for Birds of

Paradise in Scotland.

For further information please contact: If you are physically fit, willing to perform outdoors in all weather or have any questions, please contact

Kirstin McLean at: or 07760 730180

More information available online at

Email: Contact Phone: 0141 339 1155

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday the 10th July

‘This post is restricted to disabled candidates, as permitted by the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005. This post is funded by The Scottish Arts Council.

RECRUITING? 0131 550 3060

Supported by .. W . The National Lotter r" 5T SCOit'SI‘ . @ Ih'OUgh the Scottish Arts Council y , .. i Arts COURCII

'The brightestjewel in Glasgow's CITIZENS theatrical crown' THEATRE


One of the UK's major producing theatres, the Citizens Theatre, seeks applications for a 12 month traineeship. The traineeship will offer the opportunity to be involved in the full range of the company's work from the award winning productions in Glasgow and on tour to the pioneering work of our Citizens Learning & TAG team.

The Edinburgh Dungeon, one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions is currently recruiting performers. If you feel you have the skills to create strange and wonderful characters who

will inform, entertain and scare our visitors then please contact us.

We particular ly welcome applications from women, intludinq those from a black and minority (‘llilllt background

the post has been funded by the l sinee I an hairn I oundation and . the Clll/Oii‘; theatre Somety

Short and long term contracts available I or a jOb descr iption and application for in please send an AA envelope With a Map stamp to Anne Gillan, (:llllt‘ll‘) lheali e, 119 Gorbals Street, Glasgow (if) 90?) or send an email to anneldcit/ (Z0 uk

Send your c.v to: Lyndsay Hebert 31 Market Street EH1 108 0131 240 1001

Closing date for applications: 12 noon on Friday 19 June 2009

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