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I Saw Yous are a fun way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, be it in a witty, cheeky or sexy way. You might have seen someone you fancy, want to post a message to a friend or even propose to a loved one... The only limit is that you have 30 words to express yourself. After each issue of The List recipients can reply via email or post using the box number at the end of each message. Set the ball rolling today by placing your I Saw You at

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0 I Saw You at the Botanic (iitl'tlL‘ll\. Suntla) .ilxt .\la_\. You: tall. hlaek hair. light blue tll'L‘\\ \itting in shade. ho} l'rientl nearh} 1’ .\le: male. hum n hair. \lIllllg‘ L‘ltixc. C} ex till )0“.

l. (13] (H

V I Saw You \l} heautil'ul \xontlerl'ul hlontl ho}. Yoti are m} \xorltl. In} light. I am so \er) ltiek) to lIa\ e )(ill. M] m} lo\ e to _\ou Banana \ l' (6] 05

V I Saw You making me tea and toast in the grand tratlition ol' the litnporerx ol‘ \(i\\[i I think \\ e should also add some spaghetti lloopx too though. and perhaps the option to upgrade to a haeon \arnie on puhlie holiday. What do )oti tliink'.’ I. ()3l ()(i

V I Saw You paeking lrantieall} l'ot' )our lltilltlit}i l)itl )oti lllltl1t\\\llll\llll in the entl'.’ ()l‘ \\ L‘I'L‘ ~\till llhl PlCil\C(l lo \L‘L‘ me'.’ I' (ifil ll"

V I Saw You ar ( ilaxgou (‘entral tr} ing to tintl the train to l’rextn iek. I named to get )our number. hut _\ou \lltltlL‘Ill} l'L‘ZhllL‘tl the train “as about

to lea\ e and ran oll l. (\3l ()3


V I Saw You I \\ ill tleam} _\ouT \o. onl} joking. I ha\ e heen \Iatehing too mueh l-titurama again... BB \\

1‘ (SI (ll)

0 I Saw You looking e\eellent jogging alotig the eanal. l'tl take tip running

In} sell il' l eoultl guarantee those I'C\lll[\i l. (til I”

V I Saw You \lurrloeli. .\latl .\lurtloeh. Hit} me a drink ne\t time )titi tight h \lill'tl l‘ (til II

V I Saw You at the ('atliouxe nearing a lime green jumpsuit

fruit}? I‘ (til 13

LG @

O I *Saw You in

thepEast... f

v I Saw You looking very very hot. You’re so hot you’re like a curry. I can’t wait to smother you in chutney and mop ou up with naan read... U/631/15


V I Saw You Working in \larehmont l'ootl tk \\ ine. I think _\ou are gorgeous? lionl} l “as him e enough to ask. \\ ixh l kne\\ il )ou \\ ere attaelietl - are .‘ou'.’ l. oil l3

V I Saw YOU otlt\ltlc 'l‘equila .loe'x 30th \la). Yoti ga\ e me a tlra\\ ol' )titit' eig antl \\ e ehattetl. l lelt in a nut helore l eoultl get .‘our natne l' (ifil l-l

V I Saw YOU looking \et'} \er} hot. You‘re \t) hot )titi‘re like a eurr}. l ean't nail to smother _\ou in eliutne} antl mop )titi up \\ ith m} naan bread...

I' (x‘sl 15

V I Saw You Your name is l.ia and I met _\ou at _\our \Iork. lean’t stop thinking about _\otl antl \Ianna meet _\on again. get in toueh la}tlee... l‘ (61 lo

O I Saw You doing the Lll\llL‘\ “hile l \ei'enatletl )ou \\ ith a tin} guitar \\ l' (afil l7

0 I Saw You .\lL‘tll'\itlllI at the \lt‘iltlti\\\ l‘extiuil. antl _\ou \\ ere great. I‘ (SI 18

V I Saw You at _\our part} looking hot. |o\ e _\ou \ieola \\ hat a lo\ el} tla}. l' (til I”

V I Saw You, hot ho} heing a total gent. looking alter the. getting m} hag antl juxt heing l‘ah ...... l‘ (i3l 2t)

V I Saw You .\ll\\ _\ott Samho \\ lxll _\ou eoultl mm e haek here lore\ er I' (ifil ll

V I Saw You Barea. llarea. Barea llippen lona. bring it on Sonar ere“ lell‘). l‘ 63] 33

9 I Saw You ('an't unit to get to (‘roatia and Inn e some major tun IllilL‘x. \\\\\\\ l' (i.“l 23

V I Saw You Through hallk‘loxetl sleep) -peeper\ this morning. l)amn _\our e}e\ and earl} morning! 'l‘hankx l’or letting me kip o\ er. I‘ (iBI 3-1

V I Saw You Or rather I didn‘t. I'm sure 'xou’re just pla) ing \iek l'or attention? Me. Me. Me. I \\ ill nurse )ou better it )ou tr) to get out ol~ hospital soon. Kisses. l. (XII 35

V I Saw You I \an _\oti Bitltl} reall} e\eitetl l'or _\out' holitla} \. _\ou tlexetw e a loxel) break... lo\ e 'l'eam Sales l’ (mil :6

V I Saw You [didn't \CL‘ _\ott litltlxtar \orr} l llllxxctl _\our BBQ. hope _\ott hatl a lmel} time hig lo\ e \\ee .l \\ l‘ (61 3'7

V I Saw YOU looking hot

in \larehmont \\ ith _\our long hlontle hair and tank} tll'L‘xx. You are too heautil'ul to he shopping in \Iat'giotta? l' (til 28

V I Saw You .\lr llunt l)utle. llope _\ou had a moxt e\eellent hirthtla} and research proposal. Keep up the eternal optimism?

1‘ oil 3‘)

V I Saw You seeing the seeing )titi seeing me seeing )Iiti \L‘L‘lng me \t‘cillg )ott seeing

me seeing ~\ou... Ilou “as it for )oti'.’ l' (in .ill

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