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lvlark Robertson gets out hisgiant foam finger and keeps his fingers crossed that his topless torso turns up on the big screens as we look at just what this summer's massive outdoor shows

have to offer


What? The climax of the Gallagher's epic global jaunt in support of Dig Out Your SOUI.

Where and when? Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 16 Jun.

Special quests Kasabian and The Enemy. Hits? Still trading on their Morning Glories. Around 1 f classics in a 21 song set. Expect ‘Supersonic'. ”Cigarettes and Alcohol' and get your lighter or mobile phone out in time for “Don't Look Back in Anger".

Last Visit? November 2008 for a couple of nights at tho SECC.

What kind of spectacle should we expect? It's about the songs rnaaaaan. Its a rock'n'roll show. norra feckin' disco?

The X factor? If a stoic. vaguely uninterested looking Liain Gallagher most likely sporting a peculiar shorts cagoule cornbo -— is special then here you are. Oh. and the bridge bit from “Slide Away' and the crowd singing ‘Wonderwall'. Stadium rocking-ness By definition. 8


WHERE AND WHEN? Hampden Park. Glasgow. 19-21 Jun.

WHAT? Most certainly back for good. Gary. Mark and the other two have become the biggest live act in the country. Who needs Robbie. eh? SPECIAL GUESTS Gary Go and The Saturdays. HITS? Mostly from their ‘classic‘ era, nine belters your mum would know from 20. See you down the front for ‘COUId it Be Magic'.

LAST VISIT? November 2007 for three nights at the SECC.

WHAT KIND OF SPECTACLE SHOULD WE EXPECT? The Circus world tour is likely to live up to its name; expect whistles. bells and Mancunians-a-leaping. Can't guarantee clowns. but we've already established Robbie won't be there.

THE X FACTOR? The crowd. Mere mentallist than any AC/DC moshpit.

STADIUM ROCKING-NESS This is a pop show mate. But bigger. 8


WHERE AND WHEN? Harnpden Park. Glasgow. 30 Jun.

WHAT? The long awaited return of the world's greatest rock band.

SPECIAL GUESTS Thin Lizzy and The Answer. HITS? Out of 18 tracks. at least 10 are rock'n'roll diamonds. ‘Back in Black'. “Whole Lotta Rosie'. ‘Highway to Hell' . . . you know tne drill.

LAST VISIT? It has been nine long years since they played Scotland. last time was at the SECC in December 2000.

WHAT KIND OF SPECTACLE SHOULD WE EXPECT? Given their penchant for bloody big canons and more pyro than Guy Fawkes. expect something that goes off wrth a BOOOOOM! THE X FACTOR? That funny wee man in the school uniform duckwalking his way across the stage is old enough to be your granddad. but is still the coolest man in the room by a mile. STADIUM ROCKING-NESS These people were made for such an endeavour. 10


WHERE AND WHEN? l-lainpden Park. Glasgow-r. 4 Jul.

WHAT? The tour for the aptly titled long Road Out of Eden which has been dragging on for longer than anyone can remember.


HITS? Plenty. They even find time to throw in a few solo hits including Don llenley's ‘Boys of Summer" on top of ‘Hotel California etc. Around 10 nod-along (loo/res from a (30—song set. LAST VISIT? The actual Eagles Visited Harnpden Park in June 2006. but in the meantime the 800 tribute bands have made sure it felt like they've never been away.

WHAT KIND OF SPECTACLE SHOULD WE EXPECT? Less a spectacle more a la:d- back rock lain. Duuuude.

THE X FACTOR? T he tension love between Don Felder. Don Henley and Glenn Frey. STADIUM ROCKING-NESS Rocking. in a

slightly more easy way than most. 7

28 THE LIST 11-25 Jun 2009