Dean Newton and


Occupation Although many clubs around the city specialise in the same retro sounds. the Glasgow Mod Weekender is a definitive four-day event that offers a comprehensive celebration of Mod music and styles. This will be its seventh year.

For younger reedere: whet le e med? And why deee It need a weekender? The word mod is a shortened form of ‘modernist'. the latter a term used to describe fiber-stylish London youths of the 19503 who railed

-- . against stale, postwar British NEW VENUE. HOUSE s culture and revelled in Italian style.

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THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS One of the highlights this fortnight is the launch of , French cinema and modern jazz The Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Mon-Sun (599 listings Wildlife (13 June), celebrating the release of Huggy & ; music. As the trend spread for details) Dean Newton’s ‘747’ on Erik Morillo’s Subliminal through Britain's youth through Records. Morillo describes the new track as a ‘jet , the 505 and was then revived in There’s been bad news after bad news for the capital’s propelled tech-house monster that rocks every time.’ | the 703 (blame Ouadrophenia), clubbers as a slew of venues have closed over the last Huggy is equally eager to get behind the decks at : certain accessories became few years. So it’s great to see one premises getting a Electric Circus: ‘l’m really exited about the venue as : attached to it. Scooters, parkas new lease of life as Massa (formerly Club Mercado) it’s a brand new concept with a massive visual aspect I (but only when riding the scooter), relaunches as The Electric Circus. and an incredible sound system. I can’t wait.’ ; rock'n'roll _ and ‘weekenders' ‘The Electric Circus is very different to any other They are also going for a new set-up to match the spent battling rockers on venue in town - the decor, the programme of venue. ‘Wildlife is going to be pretty original,’ says ' England’s resort beaches. completely new events, the karaoke rooms,’ says Huggy. ‘lt’s going to be Dean and me for four hours. i 80 whet’e happening ever music manager Solen Collet about the set-up, which We are also using laptops and machines to create a the weekend? On Thursday, offers private rooms for your own party. very different set to what people normally get.’ j the residents of mod Club Friday ‘It’s a fresh idea and it’s somewhere everyone should Sounds like the perfect way to get acquainted with ; Street and live band The Laynes see for themselves to get a sense of what we’re trying Edinburgh’s newest club space. i play at McChuills. Back at the to achieve.’ (Henry Northmore) i same venue on Saturday 5 afternoon, Berry Tweed and the DUBSTEP i Chasers play live. while the COOLY G 3 Winchester Club hosts DJs from Ballers Social at Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 12 Jun. § Glasgow's Friday Street. Divine . . . , "‘"_‘—‘ E and Eyes Wide Open nights, Cooly G is hard to pin down. Coming from Brixton, she's often placed , Sheffield's Pow Wow and special Within the growing UK funky movement. and her tracks almost always t guests Michael Wink (Blowup. include a dancefloor—ready baseline. Yet she wouldn‘t describe herself as E Berlin) and Lenny Harkins (ex of part of the scene. even though she used to rap for funky producer 1 Caley Soul, Glasgow). Then the Fingaprint. ‘l'i'n more minimal tech. bit of dubstep. bit of this and that.’ she ; Weekender DJS play Basura says. ‘Funky to me sounds fruity; it's quick little beats and a little bit of i Blanca at the Brunswick Hotel on vocal. I go deeper, I spend a lot of time on the production'. ; Sunday. In fact. Merrisa Campbell (‘Cooly's my business name') has more in line MINING elee? Yep. Saturday

musically with her Hyperdub label boss Kode 9 and its most famous labelmate Burial. Her sound is minimal but atmospheric. the futurist dubstep production offset by bits of sexy. breathy vocal. She knows all . about producing tracks. Her dad had his own studio which she used to i play about with. so she'd learned to DJ at the age of seven and was , teaching music technology to men three times her age two months after ; she left school. 5 While her productions (see the debut 12in ‘Narst'/'Love Dub‘ on Not On) rightly marked her out as one of Britain‘s hottest young producers. she i hasn't yet managed to transfer her recorded sound to the live stage. But ' what she does do is DJ. ‘When I do.‘ she says. “people love it. They say. i "Is this really a girl? Going on hard like that?" I give them attitude. I { l

. and Sunday afternoons at

t McChuills will feature DJs playing mod sounds which include black styles such as soul and ska as well as white-boy rock'n’roll. There's also record and vintage clothing stalls and a large-scale scooter ride-out on the Closing day. (David Pollock)

I Van'ous venues, Glasgow, Thu 25—Sun 28 Jun. See listings for

. , _ . , , details. entertain them. I blow kisses. It s all natural to me. an its all fun .

(DaVid Pollock)

11—25 Jun 2009 TH. LIST ‘1