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Tilted Productions follows five characters through a dystopian future where officials eavesdrop on their every thought. See page 91. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. Sat 20 Jun.

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Vision/Aria , , Edvard Munch: Prints THEATRE Throbbing Gristle VISUAL ART Glasgow company Palazzo Theatre explores love by means of trash MUSIC Major eXh'b'tlon 0f DF'OIS by TV. film noir. pop music and sex chatlines. See page 91. Tron Theatre, A major coup for Tramway: the tormented NQVWQQ'a” Glasgow. Thu 11-Sat 73 Jun. coaxing a first-ever Scottish artist. including his Signature date from the reclusive work The Scream. See page 95. industrial coalition. See page 70. Hunter/an Gallery. Glasgow. Fri 72 Tramway. Glasgow. Wed 7 7 Jun. Jun—Sat 5 Sep.


. . . ' wr:¢.kar""-I.'“ our Degree Shows . .5 ., =- 92: i VISUAL ART A chance to catch the best The Hangover new artistic talent. See page FILM 30. Glasgow School of Art Ingenious and funny . Degree Show 2009. Sat 73—Sat 20 blokecom. It's from the Raqlnq Balls Jun; Edinburgh College of Art Degree makers of Road Trip. but THEATRE Show 2009. Art 8 Design: Sat 13—Tue don't let that put you off. See Ten—minute performances of Oreet Ashery's diatribe against 23 Jun: Architecture & Landscape review. page 52. General release politicians handling of the Aids crisis in the 19805. See page 91. The Architecture. Sat 20 Jun—Thu 2 Jul. from Fri 12 Jun.

Arches. Glasgow, Fri 72 Jun. 4THE LIST" ."