On Monday 22 June. Optimum Entertainment release Richard Stanley's remarkable 1989 cyborg sci fi feature on DVD and Blu-ray. Stanley's much adored cult classic has long been unavailable in any format so this is a real treat.


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ristina l’iareclona

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In the mood for some Catalonian love? Woody Allen's new romantic comedy is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


5 4 L“ "‘I l I!“ €5.10



{:3 “Will“ JI‘uIIIIC‘I III'II'II ”1in3”“ M

James William Guerico's brilliant 1973 Cult movie about an undersized motorcycle cop gets a long overdue DVD release this fortnight.


The List has five copies of each title to give away. Visit'offers/ to be in with a chance of winning one.

60 THE LIST 1 1-25 Jun 2009

Obsessed ( 12A) 0

(Steve Shill. US. 2009) Idris Iilba. Beyonce Knowles. Ali Larter. 108mm. Shill's glossy but vacuous drama features Final Destination star I.arter unleashing her inner bunny boiler alter ego as I.isa. a delusional temp who takes an unwarranted fancy to hedge fund manager Derek (Iilba). an office flirt and potentially errant husband of Sharon (Knowles). As slick. sick and empty as mainstream cinema gels. Selected release. One Scotland, Many Voices A festival of film including workshops. discussion. music and live performance. celebrating the positive impact that refugees and asylum seekers have on communities. Featuring a preview of work from Document 7 International Human Rights Documentary Film festival. alongside shorts from (‘amcorder (iuerillas. Diversity Films and Media (‘o-op. Part of Refugee Week. GMAC Glasgow. Phedre (Ii) (Nicholas Hytner. l'K. 2009) Helen Mirren. Margaret 'I‘yzack. Dominic Cooper. 90min. Live satellite broadcast of a performance of Jean Racine‘s I’hedre. starring Helen Mirren. from the National Theatre. London. Glasgow I’ilm Theatre. The Pink Panther 2 (P0) 0. (Harald Zwart. IS 2009) Steve Martin. Andy Garcia. Jean Reno. 9Imin. This time the hapless detective Inspector (‘louseau (Martin) teams up with a bunch of international crime fighters who are as clumsy as he is. Funnier and more comprehensible than the 2006 first filtn but still fairly tedious. Grosvenot; Glasgow. Radio On ( 18) .0000 ((‘hristopher I’etit. l7K/West Germany. I979) David Beartnes. Lisa Kreuzer. Sandy Radcliff. Ill-1min. In l970s Britain. a factory worker drives from London to Bristol to investigate his brother's death. The purpose of his trip is offset by encounters with a series of odd periple. Glasgow Film Theatre. Red CII" ( 15) .0. (Johlt \Voo. l'K. 2009) (‘hen Chang. Yong Ho. Jun Ilu. 150mm. See review. page 53. General release. Roman Holiday (l') .0. (William Wyler. lS. I953) Audrey Ilepburn. Gregory Peck. Iiddie Albert. I l8min. ()veratted but easy to watch fairytale romance about a fleeing princess (Hepburn) and her relationship with a journalist in 50s Italy. Seotsman Screening Room. Edinburgh. A Sense of Freedom ( )8) (John MacKenzie. l'K. I979) David Anderson. Bill Armour. Bill Barclay. 8lmin. l-‘ilmhouse. Edinburgh. 17 Again (PG) .00 (Burr Steers. [78. 2009) '/.ac Iifron. Matthew Perry. Leslie Mann. 102mm. Better than you might expect age reversal comedy in which a now frustrated and middle aged former teenage pregnancy dad (Perry) gets another chance when he is transformed back to his l7-year- old self (Iifron). ('ineworlrl Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Shifty ( IS) 0... (Iiran (‘reevyg lfK. 2008) Ril Ahmed. Daniel Mays. Jason Flemyng. 85min. Writer/director (‘reevy’s debut feature is a micro-budget marvel of an urban thriller. presenting 24 crucial hours in the life a small time suburban dealer. Sharply written. nicely paced and with healthy traces of absurd humour. (‘reevy is clearly a talent to watch. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Sleep Furiously (PG) 000.

((iideon Koppel. lfK. 2007) 94min. Filmmaker Koppel spent nine months observing the rituals and traditions of the inhabitants of the Welsh hill farming village Trefeurig. although this documentary is far front conventional: there's no voice-over. there are very few ‘charaeters‘. and the connections between the vignettes of everyday existence are rarely spelt out. A quietly compelling and melancholic portrait of life in a Welsh rural community. Cameo, Edinburgh. Soi Cowboy ( 15) 0.. (Thomas ('lay'. Thailand/L'K. 2008) Nicolas Bro. I’imwalee 'I‘hampanyasan. Petch Mekoh. I 16min. In Thailand's capital city a bizarre mixed race relationship between an obese Iiuropean man and a small Thai woman is examined while a rural gangster plans a murder. New film by Thomas (‘lay the contentious director of The Great Ecstasy of Robert ('armiehael set

around the notorious red light district in Bangkok. Selected release from I’ri 12 Jun. Some Like it Hot (PG) 0000. (Billy- Wilder. l'S. I959) Tony ('urtis. Jack Lemmon. Marilyn Monroe. 120mm. Two impecunious male musicians inadvertently witness the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and take refuge in Florida with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators. an all-female band. Brilliant. brittle. crackerjack farce with all concerned at a peak in their careers. Part of Refugee Week. Glasgow I-i/m Theatre. Sounds Like Teen Spirit ( 12A) 0... (Jamie Jay Johnson. l'K. 2009) 93min. Iindearing pop documentary about Junior Iiurovision which. while unheard of in the l7K. garners 23 million viewers in continental Iiurope. In following four contestants to the 2007 finals. Johnson reveals the competition to be as fierce. hilarious and downright weird as its grown- up counterpart. An entertaining look behind the scenes that also gets beneath the surface. becoming a fascinating and moving exploration of these children's lives. I-‘ilmhouse. Edinburgh. Space Station 3|) (l') (Toni Myers. (‘anada/l'S. 2003) 47min. Narrated by Tom Cruise. this big screen IMAX presentation follows real astronauts into the big blue. Impressive. but not as awesome as it should have been. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow. Star Trek ( l2A) 0... (JJ Abrams. l'S/(iermany. 2009) (’hris I’ine. Jennifer Morrison. Simon I’egg. l2omin. A quirk in the space-time continuum allow s both a sequel and prequel to the already vast Star Trek oeuvre. in which Lost creator Abrams surpasses his previous film efforts to reinvent the whole dynamic of the l'SS Iinterprise. Iimotional struggles from I’ine as (’aptain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Vulcan Spock mix with adrenaline packed adventure to ensure that Star Trek is that rare thing. a blockbuster with humour and girls. General release.

Sugar ( 15) 0000 (Anna

Bodett/Ryttn I'hlcck. LS. 2008) Algcnis I’ere/ Soto. Rayniel Rufino. Andre Ilolland. I l-lmin. Premier Baseball‘s Latin American slave trade route and the immigrant experience go under the microscope in this offbeat and compelling character study of wannabe Dominican Republic pitcher Miguel Santos (I’ere/ Soto). Struggling to make it into the big leagues and pull himself and his family out of poverty. he finally makes it the l'S' minor leagues. only to face a healthy dose of corporate greed. isolation. casual bigotry and loneliness. ('ameo. Iz'dinlmrgh. Synecdoche, New York ( 15) O... ((‘harlie Kaufman. l'K. 2008) Philip Seymour Hoffman. ('atherine Keener. Samantha Morton. 123mm. Detailing the later life of a gifted theatre director (‘aden (‘otard (Hoffman) as he attempts to create a work of brutal realism by restaging his own troubled life with an ensemble cast in a large wareliotise in Manhattan. Svneedm‘he. New York is an ingenioUs. ambitions conundrum that's underlined by themes of symbiosis. connectivity. deterioration and an understanding of our dream life selves that is at both beautiful and horrific. Grosrenoi: Glasgow. Telstar (15).... (Nick Moran. l'K. 2009) ('on O'Neill. Kevin Spacey. I’am Ferris. l l9min. Film adaptation of popular stage play about record producer Joe Meek. (TIIt’II'UI'ltl Rettft’elv Street. Glasgow: Terminator Salvation ( IZA) COO (McG. IS. 2009) (’hristian Bale. Sam Worthington. Anton Yelchin. I ISmin. Set in 2018. 1-1 years after Judgment Day. Salvation exists in a world where 'l'erminator armies seek out the last remnants of humanity while a resistance attempts to fight back. I’rimary among them are John ('onnor (Bale). the man destined to halt the rise of the robots. and Kyle Reese (Yelchin). the teenager who will later grow up to become John's father. A gutsy and sombre attempt to breathe fresh life into an ageing machine. General release. Tormented ( 15) 0 (Jon Wright. l'K. 2009) Alex I’ettyfer. April l’earson. (ieoff Bell. 91min. I’oorly' pitched secondary school comedy horror in which pupils getting mysteriously killed off after the recent death of the school fat kid. F-gradc. (‘itteworltl ReIt/retv Street. (ilasgrm'.

Trainspotting ( 18) 0000 (Danny Boyle. l‘K. I995) Iiwan McGregor. Iiwen Bremner. Robert ('arlyle. Jonny Lee Miller. 93min. John Hodge's screenplay perfectly captures the desperate humour of Irvine Welsh's novel. keeping the episodic structure of junkie scenes for the first half before concentrating on Renton in London in the later stages. Fast aitd stylish direction. with a creative soundtrack and acting that's off-the- rails excellent this cinematic blast from beginning to end show s a complex and true understanding of the lure and fatal consequences of drug-taking. Grosvenor: Glasgow. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (12A) (Michael Bay. LS. 2009) Shia l.aBeouf. Megan Fox. Josh Duhamel. l-Ibmin. l'nable to review at tithe of going to press. Sam Witvv icky tl.aBeouf) again joins with the Autobots against their sworn enemies. the Deceplicons. I'ue lidinbtojgh ()eean. Edinburgh. 12 Rounds ( l2A) O. (Renny Harlin. IS. 2009) John (’ena. Aidan (iillen. Ashley Scott. 108mm. So-bad-it's-faintly-ainusing trawl through a rag-bag of action-movie cliches. featuring non-acting lunkhead (‘ena as detective Danny Fisher. chasing a ferry in his sports car. bringing a runaway streetcar to a standstill with his bare hands and generally leaving a trail of destruction around New Orleans. Seleetei/ release. Vicky Cristina Barcelona ( l2.-\) .0 (Woody Allen. Spain/I'S. 2008) Javier Bardem. l’enelope (’rtil. Scarlett Johansson. Rebecca Hall. 96min. Young Americans Vicky (Hall) and ('ristina (Johansson) go to stay in Barcelona for one summer. When artist Juan (‘arlo (Bardem) declares his lust for both of them a series of events are put in place that may just be a bit too ‘I.atin' for either of them. Dampened by uneven shifts from farce to tnelancholy. two- dimensional characters and indifferent direction from Brooklyn bard Allen. (It/eon :It The Quav. (flax gou'.’ ()(lt’t’ll.' Brae/lead. ReIt/t‘en; WALL-E (1WD... (Andrew Stanton. IS. 2008) Voices of Fred Willard. Jeff (iarlin. Ben Burtt. 103mm. Inspired by sci-ti classics from the I‘Jblls and 70s. I’ixar have created a post-apocalyptic story set in a future in which the Iiarth has been abandoned by humankind. where a solitary robot named “ALL-I". executes his now poinllcss trash collecting programme. At its heart this is a very sweet romantic comedy. and that's what provides the emotional clout. Selected release. The Way Bobby Sees It (PU) (Jason Watkins/Wendy Todd. l'S. 2008) 57min. Documentary about blind competitive downhill mountain biker Bobby McMullen. This screening will be followed by Ad How ells' short film The Biker. Part of Iidinburgh Bike Week Film Festival. I-ilmhouse. Edinburgh. Way Out West (I') C... (James Ilorne. l'S. I937) Start Laurel. ()liver Hardy. James Finlay sort. (forum. The comic duo find themselves ‘()n the Trail of the Lonesome Pint" as they head out to hand over a gold- mine deed. Plenty of good gags in this fast- pttccd Western spoof. Glasgow I't'lm Theatre. Winstanley (PG) .0... (Kevin Brovvnlow/Andrew Mollo. l'K. I975) Miles Ilalliw ell. Jerome Willis. 'I’erry Higgins. 90min. Docudrama style account of Iingland's first commune. established in 16-19 by (ierrard Winstanley on St George's Ilill in Surrey. It lead to the development of Digger‘s communes being set up throughout the Iinglish civil war. l'nique and near seminal low budget feature from two of Britain's most overlooked filmmakers. Do not miss this rare screening. (ilttvgmv l-‘i/m theatre. X-Men Origins: Wolverine ( IS) 0.. (Gavin Hood. l'S. 2009) Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds. I.iev Schreiber. 97min. I’roficiently directed by Hood. this explores a politically -correct back-story for Jackman's mutant Wolverine. who sports a concealed exo-skeleton which provides him with not only a formidable physique. but also a pair of retractable and highly lethal metal claws. I)espite its unwieldy title. .\'-.Ilen ()rigins: IIii/verine transcends its origins to provide a confidently handled action- hlockhltslcr. Seleetetl release.