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Cover story: Hallowe’en Maybe you plan to spend it watching horror flicks and Derek Acorah re-runs? Or carving pumpkin lanterns in ghoulish fancy dress? Or sitting in the dark, hiding from guisers? Whatever it is, we won’t judge you. But we will give you a ton of tips on what’s on in our A–Z of Hallowe’en. Page 20. Features 18 Fantastic Mr Fox Wes Anderson has rounded up his dream team of acting talent once again, to bring to life Roald Dahl’s cunning tale of a wily fox. Anna Rogers meets Mr Anderson for a chat.


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28 John Irving Kelly Apter talks bears, wrestling and death with the American author of Last Night in Twisted River Offers

Scottish Storytelling Festival 33

Scottish Style Awards Diwali

Gordon Burn Catherine Millet Brian Johnson Barbara Kingsolver Andrew McConnell Stott

Drums of Death Rahzel Fun Size Steve Lawler

Simon Amstell Jim Jeffries

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Jean-Stephanie Sauvaire 48

Fantastic Mr Fox Goodbye Solo 9 Jennifer’s Body Africa in Motion festival DVDs Songbook of Unsingable Songs


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Julie Fowlis Camera Obscura Biffy Clyro Grizzly Bear Be A Familiar Dream Theater Phoenix Records Jazz & Folk Classical

We Will Rock You Bounce Kes Confessions of a Justified Sinner The Dark Things That Face

Lara Favaretto Bik Van Der Pol David Austen Torsten Lauschmann

Recruitment Courses and tuition Property I Saw You Dating

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Win friends membership of the National Galleries of Scotland Win tickets to see We Will Rock You Win an Equity for Punk share in BrewDog brewery

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Regulars 2 First Word US author Ryan David Jahn talks Nirvana, scallop and apple salad, and Helena Bonham Carter. 7 Noticeboard A preview of the Scottish Style Awards, hosted this year by Sophie Ellis Bextor

12 Live it A guide to Edinburgh’s leafy Southside Get Out: New York’s Jane Hotel

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