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Mesmeric Edinburgh band play material from their forthcoming album Fool of Regrets. Deserters Deserve Death and Shooting Stansfield Henry’s Cellar Bar, 8–16a Morrison Street, 228 9393. 7.30pm. £4. Indie. Eli Keszler, Retail Unit, Brittle Hammer Four and Scrim Secret Location, 7.30pm. £5. Winners Don’t Shiver and Giant Tank present this night of experimental sound headed by free jazz, no wave and improv from US drummer Eli Keszler. Email gianttank@hotmail.com for further details. Sam’s Dice The Ark, 3–7 Waterloo Place, 623 7147. 7.30pm. £tbc. Indie rock with more acts tbc. Cindytalk, The Tenebrous Liar and Somatic Responses The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street, 556 7060. 8pm. £9. Dark and noisy rock experimentation and computer sounds as Cindytalk launch their new album The Crackle of my Soul. The Virginmarys, The Great City and Sweep Across the Horizons Studio 24, 24–26 Calton Road, 558 3758. 8pm. £5. Garage rock from Macclesfield that brings to mind the likes of Wolf Mother, Motorhead and Kings of Leon. Skellum Henry’s Cellar Bar, 8–16a Morrison Street, 228 9393. 11pm. £4. A mix of upbeat rock, blues and ballads. Dundee The Law The Doghouse, 13 Brown Street, 01382 206812. 8pm. £7.50. Indie jangle pop from The Law, not unlike fellow Dundonians The View.

Sunday 25

Social Services, Haight

Exit, Little Eskimos, Reginald, Glasgow Funklicious The Ferry, Anderston Quay, Broomielaw, 01698 360 085. 2pm. £tbc. Afternoon gig on the Top Deck. Bloc + Jam Bar Bloc, 117 Bath Street, 574 6066. 5pm–2am. £tbc. Open mic night hosted by Louis Abbot (Brother Louis Collective), Craig Grant (Union of Knives) and Kenny ‘Jelly Minogue’ Reid. ✽✽ Nine Circles, my Actions Your Bad Day?, Albino Monk and Fanzine Hero McChuills, 40 High Street, 552 2135. 5.15pm. £8. Local rock and indie. Over 50 bands play seven venues across the city with one ticket/wristband that gets you into all the action. Part of Oxjam Take Over Glasgow. ✽✽ Be a Familiar, Yoshi, The Ashbury, The Apologists and Alex Wayt The Admiral, 72a Waterloo Street, 01224 642662. 6pm–3am. £8. Be A Familiar have been compared to Idlewild and Arcade Fire as they play this big indie bill completed by The French Wives and Castaway plus DJ sets from Sons & Daughters and Miss Boner. Part of Oxjam Take Over Glasgow. ✽✽ Attic Lights, Odeon Beat Club, Foxgang, Man at the Window and The Devious Collective Mono, 12 King’s Court, King Street, 553 2400. 6pm. £8. Glasgow harmony rockers head this bumper Oxjam bill completed by United Fruit and El Dog. Part of Oxjam Take Over Glasgow. ✽✽ Tempercalm, Nacional, Ming Ming & the Ching Chings and Call Me Ishael Capitol, 468 Sauchiehall Street, 331 1040. 6pm. £8. Mix of screamo, indie and rock completed by Barn Owl, Maple Leaves, Boycotts and Casino Brag. Part of Oxjam Take Over Glasgow. The Nolans SECC: Clyde Auditorium, Finnieston Quay, 0870 040 4000. 6.30pm. £35. Fractious siblings Maureen, Bernie, Coleen and Linda hit the reunion trail and are still, it seems, in the mood for dancing. Edwyn Collins, The 1990s and The Low Miffs ABC, 330 Sauchiehall Street, 332 2232. 7pm. £18. Over-14s





0844 847 2363


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NELL BRYDEN GLASGOW ORAN MOR MONDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 0871 220 0260 www.seetickets.com

plus special guests Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell O C T 0871 220 0260 www.seetickets.com Sun 25th Glasgow, Oran Mor Mon 26th Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms Tues 27th Aberdeen, Lemon Tree

special guests Don’t Move

THE YOUNG REPUBLIC GLASGOW Nice’n’Sleazys Wed 28th Oct 0871 220 0260

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a Regular Music/Triple G/Mean Fiddler presentation Photo Credit: © Max Lakner

Thurs 10th December HMV Picture House Edinburgh 0871 220 0260 seetickets.com

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PHOENIX 1 They’re fashionably unfashionable Throughout the course of four staggeringly brief but perfectly formed albums Phoenix have proved themselves masters of a studied laissez-faire and baffling nuanced lyrics rendering them thus far impervious to the mainstream.

2 They keep it in the family Originally a Paris-based alt.country Prince cover band, they settled on Phoenix after Christian Mazzalai’s older brother joined them fresh from his Beach Boys inspired collaboration with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo dismissed by melody maker as ‘a bunch of daft punk’.

3 They’ve got a special kind of celebrity Pint-sized heart-throb frontman Thomas Mars has long been associated romantically with directorial heiress Sofia Coppola, facilitating lurking cameos as well as a fittingly offbeat video for United’s sprawling ‘Funky Squaredance’ from her brother Roman. 4 They care With a painstakingly democratic production process and prolific global touring schedule Phoenix have earned themselves both critical acclaim and a vehement cult following. That’s at least three reasons to see them right there. The other two could be them bringing the kitsch 80s pop of genius Brooklyn trio Chairlift along for support.

5 They could yet be very big OK, we’ve been saying this for the best part of ten years but with the release of the pompously named Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, an album that has seen them slip high concept krautrock into the mix and brought no small success stateside, now might be the time to catch Phoenix before everyone and his bad hair jumps on the bandwagon. (Mark Edmundson) Arches, Glasgow, Sun 25 Oct.

show. The former Orange Juice vocalist joins forces with Glasgow-based trio 1990s, while his erstwhile guitarist Malcolm Ross has been collaborating with The Low Miffs. Fightstar, Saving Aimee, Young Guns and Prego Barrowland, 244 Gallowgate, 552 4601. 7pm. £12.50. Over-14s show. Charlie from Busted continues his quest for acceptance in the world of rock with alt.rockers Fightstar. ✽✽ Phoenix The Arches, 253 Argyle Street, 565 1000. 7pm. £15. Groovy French popsters who marry the best of 70’s pop with a club sensibility. See 5 Reasons, page 71.