BIG PICTURE GALLOWAY FOREST PARK There are presently only two in the world, both in North America, but now it looks like Galloway Forest Park, in remote southwest Scotland, is going to be a shoe-in for international Dark-Sky Park status. A Dark-Sky Park is one where the darkness level reaches its lowest point on land, recorded as Bortle 2 (darkness levels of Bortle 1 are only recorded on the ocean). The result is seen in this photograph: around 7000 stars are visible from Galloway Forest Park compared to the few hundred you can see from most cities. The International Dark-Sky Association, based in Tucson, Arizona, will decide whether to grant the park Dark-Sky status on Nov 16 or 17. Photograph taken by Nigel Joslin and Fiona Jeffrey from Clatteringshaws Loch, Galloway Forest Park. Thanks to Robin Bellerby.