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CRITICAL MASSIVE Re: Massive Attack The band were brilliant, but what is it with people who spend nearly 30 quid on a ticket and then stand and gossip with their mates (usually with backs to the stage) for nearly the whole time? For a song like ‘Teardrop’

can people not just shut up for three minutes or whatever and listen? They will cheer the beginning of a song they know and then immediately turn round and chat loudly again. If they have to talk through the whole of the gig, can they not just go into the toilets or at least stand at the very back of the venue? Lynda Burns, Edinburgh via email WEEGIE BORED Re: Glasgow Zombie Walk Great idea, but how will anyone be able to tell the difference between the zombies and the average Glaswegian? Dave, Glasgow Comment posted at

WINNER SINNER Re: Confessions of a Justified Sinner Saw this last Saturday. Absolutely compelling! Was on edge of my seat throughout.


BEGGING THE QUESTION Re: The Beggar’s Opera, issue 640 How on earth can you justify your three-star review of Beggar’s Opera at the Lyceum? The fact that the ‘adaptation remains faithful to all but the core of the original: good old-fashioned anti-authoritarian dissent’ is something of an understatement. The production is truly reactionary it denies there is any sense in protest whatsoever; instead we should all indulge in clichés, sexist and homophobic stereotypes, and basically accept that in the future, patriarchy and consumerism will still dominate. There is no sense in trying to change the world. And just to reinforce that message, the ending is changed into something astonishingly banal and glib. Gay’s original had something truly radical about it. Not only

was the re-working a complete disaster, the acting was far inferior to the Christmas panto you might see down at your local village hall on a winter night.

And the letter you printed in a previous issue (Beggar belief 640) really sums up the vacuity and banality of the production.

I hope that you might send someone to re-review the

performance to save the folk of Glasgow and Strathclyde a few quid and a wasted evening. Paul Vickers via email

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

Piggywigg, Peebles Comment posted at DID YOU EVA? Re: Over the Rainbow The Eva Cassidy Story

Saw the advert for this show in the paper and phoned for tickets. I’m just back from seeing the show tonight and I am still on a high. What a wonderful, excellent, talented

cast. The lead singer was magnificent. It could not be faulted, and hardly a dry eye in the house. So glad I did not miss it. ElizabethH, Airdrie Comment posted at UNDEAD CERT Re: Zombieland Zombieland is a good movie. I found it to be moderately funny and definitely watchable. Woody Harrelson is particularly good and make sure you look out for the weird and wonderful cameo by Bill Murray! Esthermate, Bridgend Comment posted at

GOOD WOOD Re: Taking Woodstock I saw this movie here in Woodstock with Ang Lee, James Shamus and Michael Lang in the audience. It’s a small movie from the perspective of Elliot Tiber, a minor player in the overall saga of Woodstock but definitely worth seeing.

Listen to Radio Woodstock 69 with music from the original Woodstock era. Watch Woodstock TV. Join our Woodstock online community.

Go to for details. Peace, love, music.

RFWoodstock, Woodstock Comment posted at

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