ADAM BEYER Occupation: Swedish techno master Swedish techno you say? I love a bit of Swedish techno And well you should. With names like Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Christian Smith and of course Adam Beyer himself, Sweden has been home to many techno innovators taking a leftfield approach to hard dance beats. Beyer started off sneaking into acid house clubs in his youth and soon caught the bug and since the mid-90s he’s been dishing out hypnotic, driving techno cuts, mainly on his own Drumcode record label.

Who else is on Drumcode then? Obviously Beyer’s own productions feature prominently, including his most recent album Ignition Key, but there are also releases from Joey Beltram, Hardcell, Marco Bailey, Oliver Ho and many more. So pretty much the great and the good when it comes to hard intelligent techno action.

Now that sounds like a decent record label, what else has young master Beyer been up to? Beyer also runs two other record labels. Truesoul is home to a selection of more experimental techno releases while Mad Eye is an outlet for Beyer’s ‘more personal and inventive’ productions. Any other business? Actually quite a bit of extra info in regards to Beyer’s Glasgow appearance. Firstly, this Pressure date will take place at the O2 Academy, the temporary home for the Arches club nights while they close due to essential rail work at Central Station. Secondly, this is the start of a link up with Smirnoff for their SoSlamSub mini-fest (see for a chance to win tickets). Finally, it being Pressure, there’s a few other tasty names to add to the bill: Slam themselves will be joined by Silicone Soul, Esa and fast rising Canadian electronica producer Mark Houle (live) for some dark house and minimal techno. (Henry Northmore) Pressure at O2 Academy, Glasgow, Fri 29 Jan.

38 THE LIST 21 Jan–4 Feb 2010 Jeans Team

CLUB/MUSIC BORN TO BE WIDE Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Feb

Born to be Wide is a bit of strange one. It’s not really a club more of a muso social, it mixes up genres, seminars, producers, musicians, journalists and various other odds and ends. ‘It started out as a way to bring people in the Edinburgh scene together,’ explains promoter Olaf Furniss, ‘although anyone interested in listening to a random music selection is always welcome. We begin with a seminar featuring experienced music business people from Scotland and beyond, then invite them to play their favourite records.’

With guest DJs including ‘Irvine Welsh, Pat Nevin, Kristin Hersh, porn star Ben Dover and even Mark “Joe Mangle” Little, who almost had a punch up with the singer from Found,’ alongside journalists and

musicians as you can imagine the soundtrack is always eclectic. However there is one rule ‘no Smiths, Morrissey or Joy Division’.

This month’s event also marks their sixth birthday with a special German Night including a live set from Teutonic techno popsters Jeans Team. ‘I was keen to have a band which sings in German, is great live and will appeal to Scottish audiences,’ explains Furniss, ‘and unlike Rammstein, there is no danger of them melting the Voodoo Rooms’ ornately painted ceiling with any pyrotechnic nonsense.’ As is customary the night starts with a seminar (‘a must for any band interested in getting gigs in Germany’) then there’s a German music quiz followed by tunes from the DJs which include Mark Chung (Einstürzende Neubauten) and the German Consul and Consul General. As per usual it’s sure to be enlightening and entertaining. (Henry Northmore)

Peter Digital Orchestra

HIP HOP/ELECTRO HOW’S YOUR PARTY? Sub Club, Glasgow, Sat 22 & 29 Jan

January, officially the worst month of the calendar, looks set to gain a boost this year with two How’s Your Party? shindigs. First up we have the world famous turntablists, The Scratch Perverts. Having won every trophy in sight, they now successfully bridge the gap between technical ‘how are they doing that?’ scratching and mixing dubstep, electro and hip hop. Supporting them will be local boy-done-good, Boom Monk Ben. Now an official DJ for Solid Steel Radio, Ben has been getting busy all over the shop with stop offs including Bestival and Rock Ness. The following week, Joe Goddard from Hot Chip performs a DJ set. With his label, Greco Roman, home to Buraka Som Sistema, Dels and Drums of Death, he should fit in no bother at HYP? and will be mixing a variety of dubstep, electro, UK funky and hip hop. In support will be DJ Peter Digital Orchestra, perhaps best known for his wonky hip hop tunes under his alter ego Fulgeance. With his low-slung beats left firmly to one side, the Parisian will be going straight into 4/4 mode. His debut EP ‘Juicy Lady’ grabbed attention with its stuttering sample-heavy tunes obviously made straight from bashing on an MPC and heavily influenced by Matthew Herbert and Mr Oizo. Supporting both out of town guests will be Glasgow’s Point to C, whose sets at Mixed Bizness events have allowed him to showcase his characteristic blend of electronica, dubstep and hip hop. (Pete MacLeod)