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MODERN WARFARE Re: Butterfly Kisses Who doesn't love the Glasgow institution that is Dee’s in Trongate? The Specials shopped there when they played Glasgow last year, and what's good enough for The Specials is good enough for me. Sadly, Fred Perry don't think

the same way. They have recently stopped supplying Dee's. Is anyone else up for pledging never again to grace the Fred Perry shop in Buchanan Galleries with their presence? If so, please write to their head office in Covent Garden to explain why. The address is: Fred Perry,

24 West Street, London, WC2H 9NA Your sincerely Lucy Reynolds

CITIZEN SMITH Re: John Smith Map Or Direction Great album from an artist unknown to me before I saw him supporting David Gray in Bristol, December 2009. One of those support acts that kept the crowd interested from the start, and was given a rousing send off at the end of his set. Great delivery of his material and even had some witty banter to go with it. Well worth a listen if you like accoustic

LETTER OF THE FORTNIGHT HOUSE OF FUN Re: Beach House Teen Dream (648) I am totally bemused by your review. Having heard a lot of hype via Grizzly Bear, Sub Pop and Bella Union, and the reviews online, I thought it wasn’t going to live up to the hoohaa. But ... Oh my God. It’s certainly one of the best records of the year already Doug. I cannae believe your comments. Very weird. The songs totally stick and don’t leave! ‘Norway’, which is on every time I turn 6Music on, is so infectious, and I love ‘Zebra’ too. I will be buying it the moment it comes out. Spotify is OK likes, but not like the real thing! Clarisse, Glasgow

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

music with substance and what a great guitarist. Loved his percussion guitar style. Strongly recommend going along to see him if he performs near you. Peter M Comment posted at DIFFERENCE OF OPINION Re: Golden years Tracey Emin Although I am the first to admit I haven’t digested her entire life’s work, I am yet to see anything that marks her

out as being anything other than mediocre, lazy and severely overrated. She cites Egon Schiele as

an influence. Well, occasionally I can see a loose connection, but one would have to suffer from some form of insanity to draw a worthwhile comparison.

Rewards and recognition should purely be on the basis of the ability to produce great artworks, but this should be wholly based on innate talent, hard work and practice, inspiration and, at times,

useful guidance.

Often in the world of art too much importance is given to what we have between our legs, how we use it (our orientation), our colour and ethnicity or our cultural background. Such considerations can

inform or inspire interesting or inspired work but should not be a passport to recognition when your artistic ability is at best questionable.

I accept that various

minorities suffer genuine prejudice and this does to an extent explain why female artists for example tend to be neglected. At a technical level, historically (by that I mean the ability to observe, draw and paint) there have been a number of female artists who could stand as tall as ANY of their male contemporaries. Rosa Bonheur and Elizabeth Thompson were particularly gifted at their respective genres. I read Ms Emin’s CV and

apparently she is a woman of words and one would hope this would be a recognition of some element of intelligence, as opposed to the obnoxious drivel she seems to be adept at. Gary Davies Comment posted at

Next issue out Wednesday 3 February

All Loved Up While wanting to avoid the gushing, greetings card industry version of Valentine’s Day, we do want to give all lucky-in-love List readers the chance to make the best of the most romantic day of the year. Pick your present, restaurant and hotel carefully with our lovers’ guide. Hot Chip Geek alert. Cerebral synthesiser strike force Hot Chip are back to show you the meaning of ‘wistful electronica’ with a new album and Scottish tour dates. We review the record and get hip with the Chip.

YOU’VE GOT 15 DAYS TO LIVE 96 THE LIST 21 Jan–4 Feb 2010

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