4 4 Your loved one is either an exhibitionist with a vast wardrobe of gorgeous lingerie, or, shall we say, an ‘enthusiastic appreciator’ of ‘aesthetic erotica’? Get them a photography session with Hush Hush Boudoir Photography. Based out of some of Edinburgh’s most stunningly beautiful boutique hotels, this new company brings in professional hair and makeup styling for a full, vintage-style photoshoot of tastefully sensual images: you can either buy the experience for your (female) partner, or present your own photoshoot to your beloved as a sexy book. (Don’t worry. Any rogue wobbly bits can be airbrushed). It probably goes without saying, but if you’re buying this for a partner, be sure that they’re absolutely comfortable with this sort of thing, eh? Hush Hush packages start from £360. Find out more from www.hushhush.uk.com

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5 Your loved one buys her clothes from vintage shops, and has possibly been enjoying a bit of burlesque

action recently, but deep down is still a real girlie Get her these ridiculously frou frou-fabulous, retro-

inspired frillies by Yorkshire designer Caroline Rose, exclusively at Bohemia and designed to make

anyone’s bum think it’s the 1950s. We mean that in a good way. Rose & Co. Pants,

£18, Bohemia. Two stores in Edinburgh: see

www.bohemiadesign.co.uk or call 0131 447 2630.

5 8

6 Your loved one is . . . not my loved one, OK? We’re just, er, taking things as they come. It’s modern. It’s complicated. Alright? Sure. You don’t want to let them know your feelings just yet. Not that we’re saying you have any feelings one way or the other. Because you might not. Why not just make a joke out of the whole thing, with a laconic slogan card from Lazy Oaf. Very useful if you’re dancing around that awkward, two- dates-in-and-oh-no-it’s-Valentine’s-Day issue. Or, you know, if you’re thirteen. They can also send it to your, er, fancied one anonymously for you. £2.50. www.lazyoaf.co.uk 7

7 Your loved one is either a shy indie girl who wears Mary Janes and owns every Belle & Sebastian album or a wry, romantic shoegazing chap with thick-framed specatacles Get them 69 Love Songs. The Magnetic Fields’ magnum opus does exactly what it says on the tin: 69 gorgeous, bittersweet, witty and heartfelt songs about love. The triple album is legendary in certain indie circles, so your partner will definitely interpret the significance: we suggest doing a quick scan of their record collection to make sure a previous lover hasn’t already gone there. £7. Fopp, Byres Road and Union Street, Glasgow. www.foppreturns.com 4–18 Feb 2010 THE LIST 15

6 8 Your loved one is . . . well, ‘sexual adventurer’ would be the polite way of putting it. You lucky thing. Get them a big bumper box full of playthings from Organic Pleasures. Sex toys aren’t smutty any more, and the nice team at Europe’s only organic sex shop can help you put together a beautifully-designed hatbox full of everything from feather ticklers to erotica, tailored to your own budget, or you can pick up one of these Fun Factory toy boxes, which start at £55. Organic Pleasures, Broughton Street, Edinburgh, 0131 558 2777. www.organic pleasures.co.uk