they’re more subtle, in the background. There are still synths, but

‘I guess the last album was trying to be more futuristic, more crazy, 21st century, synthy and weird. This one’s going back to basics.’ Among the genres inspiring the band as they recorded the album, Goddard says most can be traced to that top-right corner of North America and the sounds of Detroit and Chicago. ‘There’s a real musical lineage in those cities,’ says Goddard. ‘It covers soul music, jazz, Motown, deeper dance like Theo Parrish and Carl Craig, into more techno-y stuff.’ Returning the complement, Carl Craig has already remixed tracks from One Life Stand, as has Glasgow’s Drums of Death.

As a group, Goddard says all five members bring different musical tastes to the table. For his part though, he can’t get enough of 90s hip hop. ‘If I could pick my dream collaboration, I’d love to work with older rappers like Kool Keith or Q-Tip, that would be so cool.’

For the live shows this fortnight, Goddard isn’t quite sure what

crowds should expect.

‘There’s always a tension in our band between those who want to go the whole hog and dress up and have every part of our performance all worked out, and the others who want to wear what they normally wear. We’ve never been able to really agree.’ So what side is he on? ‘I kind of veer. I love bands like Nirvana and Pavement, who just come on in ripped jeans and a t-shirt and play. They’re not too styled and just let the music speak. But at the same time I loved Bjork’s live show, and all the costumes and amazing face paints. Devo had an incredible artistic package too we’re trying to think of ways of becoming more like that. It lets you be creative, and it can be a lot of fun.

‘I think like anyone, we get bored sometimes. It’s always good to

keep trying out different things.’

One Life Stand, the single, and album, are out now on Parlophone Records. Hot Chip play O2 Academy, Glasgow on Fri 12 Feb and HMV Picture House, Edinburgh on Sat 13 Feb.


JOE GODDARD ‘Set It Off’ / Strafe ‘This is an 80s electro record produced by Walter Gibbons. It has a great minor key chorus which inspired the bassline for ‘Take It In’ on the new album.’

AL DOYLE ‘Ofterschwang’ / Jurgen Paape ‘It’s a leftfield choice, but I think every party can take a little oompah brass techno; just imagine you’re marching with the dwarves. In Germany.’

OWEN CLARKE ‘Sweet Emotion’ / Aerosmith ‘Best with ice cream on a treadmill, possibly crying.’

OWEN CLARKE ‘Murder She Wrote’ / Chaka Demus & Pliers ‘Best played at 2.35pm whilst Diagnosis Murder is on.’

ALEXIS TAYLOR ‘Sinnerman’ / Nina Simone ‘This is a propulsive, urgent, kind of frightening record, with an incredible groove, which borders on the same territory as piano house, somehow.’

4–18 Feb 2010 THE LIST 29