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Hinter wonderland As the Hinterland festival prepares to make its return for a second year, organiser Mike Oman explains why less is more Words: Anna Millar

I t’s no secret that small scale festivals have suffered in the current economic climate, but in Glasgow, self-confessed ‘little guy’ Hinterland festival is trying to fight back. Considerably smaller than its competitors, the festival’s inaugural 2-day event, last spring, brought 12 venues and 120 musicians together. A surprising success for a first outing, 2009’s line-up boasted, among others, The Fall and Simian Mobile Disco. This year, organiser Mike Oman has taken stock and decided less can be more. Following suggestions by gig goers that 12 venues was too many, this year will see the festival brought together over one day. ‘It’s always a bit hard for the little guy, so we had to find a way around it, to make it work,’ says Oman.

‘Glasgow’s got a great music scene, and has a

reasonably small city centre that’s easy to get around, and it felt like there was a bit of a gap in the market for us,’ explains Oman. ‘We realised it could be: spend a tenner, see some great gigs and DJ sets, go clubbing and then stagger home.’ Much like 2009, this year’s line-up will include local and international talent. The action will be centred around the Arches, Sub Club, MacSorley’s, The Admiral and Pivo Pivo, with more to be confirmed. ‘We wanted to create a smaller, closer affair the feedback suggested that we tried to pack too much in, and used too many venues over the two days. We want the set times to be staggered so that people don’t miss anything.’

5 Things. . . FUTURE APPLE GADGETS As Apple launch the iPad, we predict their next releases

1 iDon’t A must-have for Apple naysayers.

Helps co-ordinate worldwide disdain for polo neck sporting Mac

evangelists. Also helps to repair crashed PCs.

2 iSight A high- resolution screen, mounted in front of the face, linked to a HD camera. Films the

world in real-time and displays it with 20:20 clarity.

3 iPlod Detects when a crime is being committed and dispatches a squad of robots manned

remotely by Californian frappuccino nerds in Apple HQ.

4 iPod II Hermetically sealed capsule for doing email that can be lived in for up to 16

years at a time. Automatically euthanises obsolete inhabitants.

5 iSad Stimulates realistic, high-def

‘feelings’ in users too numbed by the digital age to do it

themselves. Also plays new Vampire Weekend album.

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Edinburgh based hip hop producers Capitol 1212 are adding their name to the long list of acts using their music to help the Haiti cause. The pair, also known as Fly- T and Professa Fresh, will join a roster of MCs from home and abroad to create a downloadable EP, with all profits going to medical organisation, Doctors Without Borders. ‘So often music is about money, money’, explains Fly-T, real name

David Boyd. ‘We just wanted to keep it real. After seeing the devastation and misery caused by the earthquake in Haiti, we really wanted to do something.’ The EP will feature MC talent

from the UK and the US; with A- side ‘Fiyah’ featuring Edinburgh based Profisee, London MC Serocee, Liverpudlian Mr Bang On and Boston talent ED-OG. The EP will be available through Rubadub and digitally, via Amazon and iTunes from 8 March. See

UP, UP AND AWAY Pixar film Up has claimed the Film of the Year prize in The List’s readers poll, as part of the 4th annual Richard Attenborough Awards. Other winners included James Cameron, who picked up Best Director for Avatar and Carey Mulligan who won both Performance of the Year by an Actress and the Rising Star award for An Education. 4–18 Feb 2010 THE LIST 7