I Saw You

I Saw You

on a 7am Easy ight, Glasgow to Stansted, 19/01/10. You, shortish dark hair, green coat, sudoku doer, sat next to me and looked beautiful. I’d love to buy you bucky and chips. U/649/04

I Saw You to the hobbs Scourie loving cute girl who loves to fax, your one in a million and loved by your fellow Scourie loving gentleman, your amazing in every-way possible. U/649/05

cute smart,

I Saw You cheeky, Tinderbox, white hot chocolate loving girl, who pushes boys in front of buses when trying to hold her hand. You are dearly missed and loved greatly. U/649/06

I Saw You

Low Miffs’ vocalist, singing your brains out at countless gigs. I’m wild about that voodoo that you do. Be my Valentine? U/649/07

I Saw You

taking the slow road to Govan - did you retain your hubcaps? Here’s to another weekend! U/649/08

I Saw You but you didn’t see me as usual... look a little harder - I am always there for you. Be my Valentine this year, next and forever. U/649/09

licking the

I Saw You ice cream that I gave you in a provocative manner! Darn those Fraises xx U/649/10

I Saw You truthfully, did you really make a pass at that barman or were you trying to test the water? Want to meet me to discuss? Beer is on me H x U/649/11

listening to

I Saw You Bewitched in the offi ce, more than one song too! I’d be cringing if everyone else wasn’t singing along - Hey Hey Hey! U/649/12

I Saw You Lucy, singing your little heart out with gusto on the street at the West End - I’d have given you more cash but my pockets were empty. You are great x U/649/13

I Saw You

Freddie - be my valentine with bells and whistles and tambourines on. I’ll be seeing you on Friday for that kiss P x U/649/14

I Saw You in the East... I Saw You cute little doll face looking sexy as hell in your jump suits running round the city together without a care in the world, good times not lost forever. xxx U/649/27


I Saw You Boobilicious Maiden of Glory U/649/18


I Saw You hunting the poem. I left a message for Rab at the elephant house. U/649/19

I Saw You and your Spanish friend asked me directions to the Reverie Bar in Newington to see SuperJam. I thought you were cute, but regret not asking for your number. U/649/20

I Saw You ... looking for Ketty (hairdresser who worked in Mosko, 3-5 years ago, originally from Sicily) Are you still in Edinburgh? My hair hasn’t been the same since you left...! U/649/21

Begos are

I Saw You small, Jacks are tall, I’m no good at poems, but I’m fab in bed!! Happy Valentine’s Day....Muchos besos U/649/22

I Saw You house. I love you, I love it, I love us three, Dr. B. U/649/23

in our new

Italian Stallion

I Saw You at the Manna House Bakery. You have the best buns in town. U/649/24

... Happy

I Saw You Valentine’s Craig! I love you and your very handsome face. U/649/30

I Saw You Big Dixie, giving me the evils during Horror Club. Hopefully we’ll reach our Final Destination without incident, but I’m glad you’re my emergency contact all the same. U/649/31


I Saw You valentine’s I gave you my heart and the very next month you chucked it - you c***. This year, to save me from tears, I’m forgetting men altogether and dancing my arse off at hot chip. Yeah! U/649/32

I Saw You and it made a girl go ‘woot-woot’! Disparu le Garcon Perdu and lets get ready to rock 2010 - I’ve already got the playlist! U/649/33

I Saw You Gregor at the Van Der Sloan launch - great night - congrats! U/649/34


I Saw You of the COD2 creed of exterminators. Let’s knock down walls in the flat and clean the kitchen. Actually, lets just knock down walls... U/649/35

I Saw You

Kerry, getting ready for your 40th! Don’t worry - nobody will be able to tell that your aren’t 28... Love you lots xx U/649/36

all getting

I Saw You ready for the big day of love. I think I will stick my head under the duvet and pretend to be a mole, or a meerkat, or something that just lives underground and comes out when the danger has passed. U/649/37

I Saw You

at the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh with your Glaswegian friend on Burns Night. I wanted to ask you for your name, but you disappeared! Would you mind to reappear? U/649/25


I Saw You yourself in the Gap and attracting all the sales staff. Don’t you know that your t-shirt is a little tight though? It’s January, and the results are pretty... U/649/38

morning glory

I Saw You George Street passer-by. If I wasn’t taken I’d fancy skinny dipping in your deep and mysterious eye pools.... U/649/26


I Saw You fantastic food for me again and again - I did try, even though I am useless and had to get you to do the duck. x U/649/39

I Saw You Love is in the air! Love is in the air! And we don’t have a care so let’s plan a good singles night because I’ve plain had enough of this. What do you say KP? U/649/15

I Saw You I think I love your little toe, in the morning when you glow, I can’t remember how this should go, be mine, Little Mo. xx U/649/16

I Saw You

lots of love to my beautiful wife Janine on Valentine’s Day. Keep making me pasta. x U/649/17

I Saw You

cute little doll face looking sexy as hell in your jump suits running round the city together without a care in the world, good times not lost forever. xxx U/649/27

I Saw You

(Murray)! Can’t wait for your hard man DJ set. U/649/28 Danny Dyer

I Saw You

atties feeling at-y. Don’t worry chickens: it’s almost the weekend and then you can ruuun for hiiiillls (which I hear are alive). love you to the max xx U/649/29

Tilly, going

I Saw You to uni in Derby hopefully! Looking forward to much tea and sconeness on Wednesday! x U/649/40

I Saw You

in the Botanic Gardens with an easel. It is ‘easelly’ the best picture I have seen in a long time. If you can forgive me for that joke then please come for a coffee at Inverlieth tea rooms! U/649/41

I Saw You Valentine’s Day all of yous U/649/42


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