BIG PICTURE CROCODILOPOLIS This life-sized furry friend is one of Heather Tweed’s Anubis figures, currently on display as part of her Crocodilopolis exhibition at Edinburgh’s Forest Café. The bespectacled animals are hard to miss, but there is a subtler element to the show. Seven small crocodile sculptures have been placed around the Edinburgh city centre with instructions for the finder to make a choice: keep the artwork, leave it for someone else or move it to a new location. The Crocodilopolis sculptures, which are inspired by the ancient Egyptians’ love of crocodiles, have been spreading, with recent reports of them appearing in London. Tweed plans to place more objects in Edinburgh during August as part of her Lost Not Found series of work. Forest Café, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, until Sun 28 Mar.