you’ve got Hit Girl using the C-word. I suppose if you did break it down it seems controversial,’ adds Millar, ‘but I think it’s incredibly charming. People keep saying to me, “What do you think Daily Mail readers will say?” And I say, “Well, I’ve bought the Daily Mail every day for five years, and I love it!’”

In the face of adversity Vaughn stumped up some of the cash himself, then threw a dinner party and secured the rest from his Hollywood connections. Working independently gave the Kick-Ass team the freedom to create the film they had always wanted: a vibrant, smart, action movie that brings to life John Romita Jr’s comic book art. ‘Johnny is a co-producer as well,’ explains Millar. ‘And visually, it was really, really important to stay consistent with the book. We had Johnny on set, checking all the costumes, making sure he was happy. He even directed a one-minute animated sequence which people haven’t seen yet.’ And, staying true to his roots, Kick-Ass will be getting a Glasgow premiere as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival. ‘It is odd in a way, but the film is really funny,’ Millar explains, to justify the Comedy Festival connection. ‘We thought, imagine a superhero film that’s as funny as Superbad when it’s funny, but it’s as exciting as Rocky if there’s a fight scene. We just thought: “Let’s amp everything up and turn everything up to 11 all the way through the film.’”

‘It’s bloody, violent and hilarious,’ adds Mintz-

Plasse. Prepare to have your ass kicked.

Kick-Ass premieres as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Cineworld, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Wed 24 Mar; General release from Wed 31 Mar.

Win tickets to the Kick-Ass premiere

The List has five pairs of tickets to attend the Kick-Ass premiere with Mark Millar, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz- Plasse. For details on how to win see

24 THE LIST 18 Mar–1 Apr 2010

WE CAN BE HEROES! Greetings, true believers! In celebration of Kick-Ass, Niki Boyle delves into the murky underworld of skin-tight Lycra and secret identities to give you the inside scoop on five real- life superheroes, battling evil in a neighbourhood near you

Captain Ozone Hero costume: Full body stocking, cape, mask. About: Hailing from Seattle but fighting for various eco-causes around the world (at the time of writing, his MySpace said Dublin), Captain Ozone (pictured, below) is very successful at keeping his true identity unknown we’ve only been able to uncover that his full name is William J. Ozone, although there’s a possibility this is just a cunning alias. However, he does have a lot more information on his homepage. While you’re there, check out his

documentary. Our favourite bit is when he chops a ‘Petrol’ sign in half using a hemp-oil-powered chainsaw.

Angle Grinder Man Hero costume: Gold boots, leotard, cape. Weapon of choice: An angle grinder! About: Have you been unlucky enough to fall foul of the law for a parking violation? Fear not, for Angle Grinder Man is never far away. Using his trusty angle grinder, he removes wheel clamps by force, describing his actions as a ‘rebellion against a much deeper malaise’ in modern Britain, typified by Big Brotherly CCTV and invasive ID Cards. Need him in a hurry? Call the Angle Grinder Hotline.

Daniel ‘Lionheart’ Lerwell & James ‘Lights Out’ Lilley Hero costume: Wigs, fishnets, stillettos. Weapon of choice: Bruised knuckles.

About: Two lairy young hoodlums on a night out in Swansea got more than they bargained for when they started verbally abusing a couple of transvestites in the street. These transvestites

turned out to be cage fighters in drag. Lerwell and Lilley both still compete regularly in the utterly brutal combat competition, so if you ever feel tempted to hurl taunts in the street, beware:

you could be on the receiving end of some harsh justice from this dynamic duo.

John ‘Smeato’ Smeaton Hero costume: Hi-vis vest. Weapon of choice: A pair of Timberlands. About: John Smeaton was a lowly baggage handler at Glasgow Airport until he helped foil a terrorist attack with his unforgettable superhero mantra: ‘This is Glasgow we’ll set aboot ye!’ Having attained worldwide celebrity, his chances of having a secret identity are probably slim nowadays, but with the fortitude of 1400 pints behind him (donated by the grateful citizens of Glasgow), it’s doubtful he’ll need one. Karen Hume Hero costume: Name tag. Weapon of choice: Rolled-up newspaper. About: Karen Hume doesn’t need a snappy nickname her actions speak louder than words. When threatened at knife-point in RS McColl’s in Sighthill in June 2008, she grabbed the closest deadly weapon to hand a right-of- centre local newspaper and proceeded not only to deflect her assailant’s attack, but chase him down the street and offer a description to the local constabulary, who apprehended him soon after. Now, if only we could convince her to start wielding a copy of The List, then we would see justice served.