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YA BEAUTY! Re: The Beauty Queen of Leenane Absolutely brilliant! Possibly the best thing I have ever seen at the Lyceum. Highly recommended. Morna, Edinburgh BOSS TOWN TEA PARTY Event: Connecting Branches I went to the opening night of this exhibition at Tea Tree Tea last night. It’s nice to see such a variety of work, and work that we would all enjoy hanging on our walls. A very fun venue for an exhibtion too very impressed with the menu choice. More work like this please! komodo, Edinburgh Comment posted at

A great evening, Naomi always makes a great exhibition and this was a fab opening night in a lovely venue. I loved the new prints well worth a look. Big-Yin, Leith Comment posted at PUBLIC SERVICE STATION Re: Five reasons to: Save BBC 6Music Nicola Meighan's piece about 6 Music is beautifully put and probably the best piece I've seen written on the matter


YOUTH IN REVOLT Re: Poppy and Dingan Currently on a Scottish tour, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company’s play Pobby and Dingan features an all-adult cast, despite publicity material describing the story as about a ‘12- year-old boy and his little sister’. I expect children, not adults, to play the parts of children!

Adults in such roles always lack credibility and can look ridiculous.

If youngsters cannot be recruited, then theatres should at least make it clear when publicising such plays that only adults will be on stage, as otherwise, theatregoers are being misled. Romi, Edinburgh

Editor’s note: Yes, but you could also then complain that Rainbow’s Bungle was not a great big furry bear but rather a man, playing a bear. A little poetic licence is to be expected surely? THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY

Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

since this sorry affair began. Let's hope the Trustees of the BBC come across this argument in favour before making any rash decisions. Joe Public, Glasgow Comment posted at SCREEN IDOL Re: Greenberg revealed at The List Surprise Movie at GFF

Dear Mr Dale, Please keep writing blogs! Lizzie D Comment posted at Editor’s note: Thanks to Paul Gallagher and Paul Dale for some excellent blogs over the Glasgow Film Festival, and we hope The List surprise film, Noah Baumbach’s Greenburg, was enjoyed by its audience.

CHASING STARS Re: First word - Gary Lightbody interview How do I get a date with this delicious man? A fully-clothed pool-jumping, sausage eating, super talented, sexy insomniac is precisely what I am looking for! Nalini, Brussels Comment posted at

WHAT A DRAG-ON Re: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo I hear that work has commenced on a Hollywood remake of the first of Steig Larsson's Millennium books. Why on earth is it necessary for great european films (Let The Right One In being another example) to get American versions, apart from serving to fill the pockets of the US studios? Why not give the American public the chance to see something originating east of LA, not English-language and with a star they've never heard of? Revolutionary, I know. Perhaps I'll be proved wrong,

but it seems a shame that the film already in circulation, plus the excellent actress Noomi Rapace, cannot get their fair share of publicity right across the globe. Elizabeth, Edinburgh By email

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Glasgow vs Edinburgh The gloves are off. For too long we've celebrated the cultural efforts of both cities equally. Now it's time to see which one is better! We'll be showcasing the best from both sides of the central belt before delivering our final, indisputable verdict. Easter Days Out Ensure that the bank holiday is spent in style with our guide to getting out with the kids. There’s snowboarding, paint- balling, go-karting . . . or how about the simple pleasures of a kite and a beach? Ah yes, just the ticket.

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