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Sunny room, overlooking Leith Links. Sharing with laid back male and female. £285 pcm plus CT & bills. Seeking male or female, 25-40. To be part of sociable at. Tel: 07813 946 141

Friendly, professional and tidy atmate wanted for gorgeous Georgian 2bed at on shore. Large double room lots of storage. Wifi , cable, free parking & bike storage £400 available now. Tel: 07854 954 149


Nice double room trad top oor tenement atshare. Clean, warm, quiet, friendly, chilled. Sharing with one other. All mods cons incl. broadband. No DSS, pets, smokers, sorry. £410pcm all-inclusive. Tel: 07832 160 606

in city centre

Room to rent at. Fully furnished, would suit professional sharing with 2 males. £250 pcm excl bills and CT Available immediately. Tel: 07519 834 835 or 07955 975 734 after 5pm.

at to rent

Lovely 2 bed with real re, king size bed, funky platform bed, bathroom, kitchen. quiet central cosy. Single or couple only. £560 pcm. Tel: 07947 240 684

Fun, friendly female atmate required to share with one other female in 2 bedroom at, 10 minutes from city centre. Rent incl bills £350 pcm. Tel: 07917 303 349


Flatmate wanted for in Murrayfi eld sharing with one easy-going woman. £270 pcm incl council tax plus bills. Free parking, garden, shed for bicycle, internet access, excellent bus service. Tel: 0131 538 2037

Female atmate wanted 21-30’s, luxury room in huge modernised at MORNINGSIDE. £300 month. From 1st MAY, 6-month minimum let. Lounge, kitchen, TWO BATHROOMS. Virgin phone/broadband. Tel: 07771 644 472 or 0131 332 6718.

Warriston : Flatmate wanted. Great furnished sunny double room, views Arthur’s seat. Parkland setting, parking, close shops, transport. Wifi , wood oor, comfortable. Suit NS professional. Bills £75/m. MAKE ME A REASONABLE RENT OFFER! Tel: 07753 968 593

FEMALE atmate 21-30’s wanted 1 MAY £300 month, fabulous MORNINGSIDE at. Lounge, kitchen, two bathrooms, Virgin broadband/phone/TV. Call Nadine 07771 644 472

I Saw You in the West... I Saw You I came in for my prescription and left with my heart full of love in June ‘09. You’re the best thing that’s happened in my life and the one true remedy for me. U/655/01

I Saw You

I Saw You

I Saw You

S for sexy, H

I saw you with

Glasgow for Honest, A for Amazing, R for Raunchy, O for Out Of This World, N for Now and Forever. Love you, Answer Machine Man with Megaphone. U/655/02 half a cup, just like life it’s always half full, and when I saw you, from day 1, my cup was always full of love - especially in my Boots. U/655/03 and chuckle every night, how we wish we saw it again.....Dawn The Dino, Mr Chuckles, Piglet, Donald and Your Two Crazy Chicks. U/655/04 To don’t stop believin’, to those days we’re singing so loud in the car where no one else can hear, those are the days we don’t stop believin’ EVER! U/655/05 Graeme I’m really hoping so much I see you again to be nice to you, because I’ve liked you so much since nearly forever it seems a wee bit crazy. U/655/06 We saw you smile

I Saw You

I Saw You

I Saw You

Crossing the road, Saltmarket traffi c lights 14/4. Me eating crisps. You asked if I wanted to go for a lemonade. You were funny. Walked back to give you my number. U/655/07

I Saw You in the East... I Saw You I overheard you, one of 3 teacher friends at the Dundee Botanics, on Sunday 11th. You thought it wasn’t the grey squirrels’ fault, and you liked Glee. You sounded lovely. U/655/08

I Saw You Edinburgh virtue. Waiting is senseless! Come on move your minimalism into my clutter......go on. And the dug....... xx U/655/09

Patience is a

I Saw You You had long red hair, drinking cocktails. You are hot! U/655/12

In The Basement.

I Saw You

You we attending an appointment at out of hours Western General and had your knee in a brace, Friday 16th April, 8.30pm. I was sat in the waiting room opposite you. U/655/13 This morning and every morning next to me for ever and always, husband to be! Love you more than Faithless even! X U/655/14

I Saw You

I Saw You

on the decks on Friday. I love you. U/655/15 Trendy Wendy

I Saw You Dancing at the Unity Ceilidh. You worked with chimps at the zoo, I was a baboon not to get your number. Can I whisk you off your feet again? U/655/16

I Saw You

Dawes bicycle on a sunny Sunday in Cramond. Nice Bike. U/655/17 With your green

I Saw You

And your friendly smile at Comiston Wellhouse on Open Doors Day. Me small, silvery blonde with big blue scarf. Coffee some day? U/655/18

I Saw You

at The Street. U R hot as… Fancy catching up? U/655/19 David the manager

I Saw You Moonshiner, like a kind of dream. You took my hand for a kiss from your wet whisky lips and if I could before, I can’t shake you from my mind any more. Your metermaid. U/655/20

I Saw You

Your yellow bag slung over your shoulder, your sexy glasses, but you were so engrossed in the lm that you couldn’t have noticed as I tried to hold your hand. U/655/21

I Saw You

I Saw You

David at The Street serving me the best mojito I’ve ever tasted in my life. Yum. U/655/22 Street. You made me blush when I asked for a Sex On The Beach but didn’t have any kisses to you for making me a special cocktail. U/655/23 Barry at The

I Saw You Trendy Wendy. You spin me round right round BABY right round spin me round round!!!! U/655/24

I Saw You

James boy on your birthday at The Street drinking raspberry beer!!! U/655/25 ‘rocket’. You’re going on it, you’re never coming back… U/655/26

Bazza on your

I Saw You

I Saw You

Ames, looking pretty as ever, sitting on our couch looking out to the castle. Toot to le vie en rose I say. Toot. Toot. Its ace! Super nickel chrome ace. U/655/10

I Saw You

In Filmhouse bar on Monday evening 20th April. You had coffee and cake. I was in a suit. We smiled. Would you like to do it again? U/655/27

Advertise a property to let - call 0131 550 3060

I Saw You In Basement bar on Saturday 17/04/10. You were working behind the bar and you had blonde curly hair. U/655/11

I Saw You

Pissing yourself on the chair while drooling and sipping on a vodka and diet coke. You never looked so hot! U/655/28

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