BBC regular Marcus Brigstocke has stepped out of his usually grumpy geography teacher garb to play armour-clad Arthur in the touring production of Spamalot. Here, he talks God, Todd (Carthy) and Rod (Liddle)

First record you ever bought ‘Green Door’ by Shakin’ Stevens. First film you saw that really moved you One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Last lie you told The wording of it would be ‘I’d absolutely love to but I’m busy’. The ‘I’d love to’ bit is the lie.

First movie you ever went on a date to The Mosquito Coast.

Last time you cried In February 2010. It was the first performance of God Collar at the Vaudeville in London, during the bit where I talk about a friend who died. It was unexpectedly emotional. First thing you do when you’ve got time off work Spend time with the family, bouncing on the trampoline with the kids. Or otherwise I like boxing.

Last extravagant purchase you made Three Paul Smith shirts yesterday. First crush My friend Sophie Oliver. I fancied her a lot, but not anymore.

Last book you read Buddhism Is Not What You Think by Steve Hagen although I haven’t finished it yet.

First great piece of advice you were given Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Last time you were star struck Meeting Todd Carty (my co-star in Spamalot). I grew up watching him as Tucker [in Grange Hill].

First thing you’d do if you ran the country Resign. Last meal on earth what would it be A couple of dozen oysters, lobster with new potatoes and a green salad, followed by a selection of fantastic fruit and cheeses.

First song you’ll sing at karaoke ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ by Neil Diamond.

Last time you exploited your position to get something When I got on a ferry in France that was already pulling out of the port. I told them I was on TV and they stopped the ferry and let me on.

Last great meal you cooked It’s been a while. Rabbit and pheasant casserole. First time you realised you were famous When I signed someone’s boobs at

university. I wasn’t famous at the time, but she thought I was. First concert you ever attended David Bowie in Milton Keynes.

Last time someone criticised your work All the time! Someone sent me some rude messages on Twitter. Rod Liddle hates me, which I’m proud of. First three words your friends would use to describe you Workaholic, funny, posh.

Last time you made an impulse buy and regretted it I don’t really regret impulse buys, there’s always some pleasure in them.

Last time you bought someone flowers On March 15th this year, for my wife.

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning Muesli . . . and tea.

Last thing you think of before you go to sleep The children . . . and tea. Spamalot, King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 14–Sat 19 Jun.

WeLike The things making our world just that little bit better

In the nerve-wracking run up to the election, we admired one Edinburgh bar’s tribute to politics, through the medium of the cocktail. Villager was serving up The Conservative (Absolut vodka, blue curaçao, lemon & soda), The Labour (Tanqueray No.10, gin, tomato juice, basil and cucumber), The Lib (a LIBeral measure of DEMerara rum) and The SNP (a ‘large Scotch’).

We needed a drink to cool down after spending a fair

while on the smoking hot blog, Les Garcons de Glasgow, where two photographers document the city and it’s more stylish citizens beautifully. ( Elsewhere, we like how Bear in Heaven made the most of their time making a music video whilst volcanic dust-locked in Madrid airport. Why has no one thought of putting a video

2 THE LIST 13–27 May 2010

camera on a baggage carousel before? ( Oh, and we also liked the

invaluable moral and social yardstick, ‘The Trustworthiness of Beards’: ( /28x9roq) We’re onto you, Mr Pencil Tache.