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Ryanair I don’t like to complain. I am Scottish and I will happily eat a cold steak and say ‘yum this is delicious’. I will sip on corked rancid wine and state to the waiter ‘this wine is simply wonderful’. I will indeed stand in a queue and let 73 Italians jump in front of me. I really don’t like to complain.

However what drives me to complain is silly behaviour, silly and ridiculous behaviour, as experienced on a recent trip with Ryanair.

I am a law abiding citizen. I get the fear if a parking ticket is not paid on the date of receipt or if my tyres are not pumped up to the standard issue. I like the law. I ensured my suitcase was 15kg on the nose. Far be it for me to be the cause of our flight being dragged to its murky demise by the excess in my luggage. We arrived two hours before the flight left as instructed to do. In fact, we rushed to the airport to do so. In our rush I did not print off my boarding pass we were in the back of beyond where a kettle was the height of luxury. We arrived and queued and smiled and weighed and were gleefully asked for £40 each (£80 in total) for Ryanair to print out our boarding passes. Bizarre.


Article: Lola Shoneyin The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives A friend of mine heard this author on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and bought me a copy of the novel for my birthday. I read it in two nights and couldn’t get it out of mind for days. This novel is so moving, yet so funny. In life, we don’t plan sadness, or joy; funny things happen and they are often followed by shockingly sad events. I found the novel captured, with sensitivity, hilarious characters in a tragic situation. Nothing wrong with that! Unlike the reviewer, I had no problems distinguishing between

the wives’ voices at all. One way of looking at it is that the gradual introduction to the individual wives might be what you find in a polygamous home. At first, the wives appear to be similar but as you hang about, you begin to see how different they are one devious; one damaged; one obsessed with power. I found the author’s language fascinating and I still chuckle when I think about Baba Segi (the patriarch)’s shenanigans. I don’t think the reviewer did this novel justice. This is a real shame because people might lose out on a fantastic read. I don’t normally go for books by African authors but I will look out for them from now. Human beings are the same wherever they’re from. I knew that already but I know it better now. Susie G, Edinburgh Comment posted at

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The lady held the boarding passes hostage until we attended another office further down the building to pay our

£80. On payment of the £80 we were to return to check-in where the boarding passes would be released.

Why? I don’t even want the £80 back I just need to know; why? The printing of the passes could not have been £80, the manning of the desk may have been £80, but had our passes been released we would not have needed this service. Please tell me why and make it make sense to me in a world where such idiotic processes exist. Jenny Duffy


Article: Green Living Three cheers for the Green Living items in issue 654. A few points. Firstly, the short and breezy

Guide to Greens gave the ‘facts man, just the facts’ and the info on wild garlic and cavalo nero (really our familiar Kale) was all that was needed. Thankfully there was no fancy, affected prose!

Secondly, the Glasgow Guerrilla Gardeners piece read very well. Success to their efforts.

Thirdly, I’m not sure about the role of environmental wardens. Don’t we have too much of the top-down control of our streets and lives? I guess the rising generation are being taught more about good green practice than we were, at least I hope so. Keith Dyson

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