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WASTING AWAY Article: Wasting time (655) Re: Paul Dale’s comments about Glasgow having a poor recycling record. Here is the reality. I live in a tenement flat.

There are ten flats in my block and we have two blue wheely bins in the back court for recycling, which get filled up rapidly. These are supposed to be emptied every two weeks, but this rarely happens. On one occasion they were left for over two months without collection, and this was long before the recent refuse collectors’ dispute. When the bins are emptied, any additional recyclable material left next to the bins (as they have been filled) is ignored. Phone calls and emails to Environmental Services have had no effect. People will recycle if they’re

given the facilities, but Glasgow City Council are not even supporting their own scheme. Paul Dale should be aware of this before he starts pointing fingers. J Farrell, Glasgow

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Re: Eating & Drinking Guide 2010 (655) Thank you again for the wonderful Eating & Drinking


A RASH(ER) DECISION Review: The Bacon Brothers New Year’s Day (656) I couldn’t disagree with your critic’s review more (Brian Donaldson: one star). I don’t know what type of music you listen to but it must be awful if you can’t see the talent and pure fun in The Bacon Brothers’ album New Year’s Day. It is the best CD they’ve put out to date and it displays a variety of sounds, moods, textures and rhythms that would please just about anyone excluding you, obviously. If, as you claim, you’re asleep by track four then you probably don’t have a very long attention span to begin with and that’s no fault of the music. While I respect your right to air your opinion, I can’t stand by

and read a review that is very misleading to anyone else that may want to take a listen for themselves and decide on their own what they think. Readers, please don’t take The List’s review to heart. Most

people I have come across who have heard The Bacon Brothers really like what they hear. I have never understood those that don’t, but they are very few and far between. So, please, decide for yourselves before listening to someone who obviously has no taste. Mo Locke

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

Guide. I’ve just been for a great meal at Assams following your recommendation in the guide. Every spring I consult the guide to find new places to eat and drink with friends and family. It’s great to have a

reliable, independent, no nonsense review on eateries. Keep up the good work. Claire Martin, Edinburgh

SIGNING ON Event: Jack Edmunson: Book Signing

I met Edmunson, who is an astonishing personality. At the time, he was signing books in a Waterstones store with an energy that was intoxicating.

I couldn’t tell which he

enjoyed more; the numbers of middle-aged women bringing wine and cakes or the more spiritual ones hailing his clairvoyant and psychic powers. David Edwards Comment posted at

FATHER FIGURE Article: Hollyoaks plan ‘brilliant’ murder ‘Brilliant’ and ‘clever’? ROFL. More appropriate for Hollyoaks producer, Paul Marquess, would be something like ‘nonsensical’ and ‘unbelievable’. Have the name Paul Marquess and the former two adjectives ever been used in the same sentence by someone other than himself?

I’m glad he’s acknowledging that Hollyoaks’ audience is already bored. Bored with what’s just come up, and just keeping the telly on for a bit longer to see if it can in fact get worse or just to create some good background noise while vacuuming. Ms Chandler Comment posted at

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Edinburgh International Film Festival As Cannes comes to a sweaty, and rather undignified, close, we’re looking forward to the much more civilised Edinburgh Film Festival. This year’s delights include Sylvain ‘Belleville Rendezvous’ Chomet’s new film, The Illusionist (pictured) and Toy Story 3. We’ll give you the inside scoop on the films that will be making waves. Staycations Holiday schmoliday. Uh huh that’s right, we said it. Vacations are so pre-recession. It’s all about making the most of Scotland, and we’re here to tell how to do just that with our nifty guide.

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