3 Bonnie Bling plastic slogan jewellery Bring a bit of ghetto to the glens. £15, www.muchtoofun.co.uk

THE ESSENTIALS So, what to pack for a positive midgie and body odour-free festival experience? We point you towards a few essentials . . .

1 1 MozzyOff mosquito repellent Natural insect repellent made with essential oils, and they claim it works on Scottish midgies. GTF ya wee buggers! 10ml bottle, £7.95, www.thejetrest.com


2 Solar camp shower Fill with water, leave in the sun for three hours, then hang up to use. Bingo! Avoid the social stigma of being the one with BO in the car home. £9.99, www.nigels ecostore .com


4 4 Plastic wine and beer glasses These guys have got twist-off stems to take up less room in your bag, and are so strong you can stand on them without breaking them. (We’re not sure about pogo-ing though, so don’t push it.) From £6.15, from Tiso, Rose Street, Edinburgh and Buchanan Street, Glasgow. www.tiso.com


5 Don’t fancy carrying crates of beer on the bus? Then sipping warm froth when you get there? Pre-order cold beers now from www.tennents.com/bechilled and collect them on arrival.

8 7

5 Tent These colours should be easy to find on the campsite. Vango Juno tepee 300, £60, www.vango.co.uk


7 Coconut water The healthy way to rehydrate, keep energy levels up, and cure a hangover. And make you feel like you’re somewhere way more exotic than a muddy field in the Borders. 500ml, Dr Martins Coconut Water, Realfoods, Brougham Street and Broughton Street, Edinburgh. 6 Portable stereo speakers Tiny, but not tinny, that’s what we want from our portable speakers. These ones will keep the tunes coming for up to six hours. Go Rock speakers, £30, www.cotswold outdoor.com

8 Hunter mid- length wellies. Hidden upper shins are so very 2009. £49.99, www.rubbersole.co.uk

Lost your torch on a dark campsite? Use your phone’s screen as a lamp. Search for ‘Pocketlamp’, £1 in applications at store.ovi.com, or Android/iPhone users search for Flashlight in Market/App Store.

You need to text someone who knows where you left your tent/ car/dignity, but your battery died filming that last song on your phone. Wouldn’t have happened with ‘Battery Extender’, which extends your phone’s standby time by up to 30%. Search ‘Battery Extender Pro’, £3, at store.ovi.com It’s been three days since you saw a functioning tap, or toilet, never mind a mirror. Don’t despair. This app turns your phone into a pocket mirror. Search for ‘Handheld Mirror’, £1 at store.ovi.com

Ok, fires are normally banned, particularly inside tents, but you can still create the perfect mood with this app, which comes with added romantic background music. Search for ‘Campfire’, £1 at store.ovi.com

27 May–10 Jun 2010 THE LIST 31