I Saw You bartender at the Arches. Do you ever go on nights off? U/668/19 I Saw You running around robbing banks all whacked up for scooby snacks. U/668/34



Double room to rent in 2 bedroomed flat sharing with one other female. Close to city centre. Rent - £350pcm plus bills. Tel: 07917 303 349 Large bright double room in a clean, quiet, friendly, central, modernised non smoking flat few minutes walk from the city centre, Haymarket train station and on a main bus route. 2 bathrooms and a large shared kitchen/living area. Fully furnished. All flatmates are professional, working, quiet and friendly and are in their 20's and 30's. No council tax and free wireless broadband £390pcm. Minimum 6 month contract. Available from 2 Oct. David. 07910 031 217

Flatshare? list.co.uk/flatshare


I Saw You Cheryl what were you thinking?! U/668/07 I Saw You following me around charity shops with a patient wee look on your face. U/668/08

I Saw You on Thursday 30th, Ashton Lane. You had a fur (fake I think..?) jacket and brown boots. I had a grey coat on. We smiled. I should have asked you for a drink! Next time? U/668/09 I Saw You being lovely. But crazy. But lovely. But crazy. xx U/668/10

I Saw You Glasgow. Please STOP raining! U/668/20

I Saw You stomping your feet and moaning about going shopping. Man up, darling! xI Saw You brainstorming with me on a cold Monday morning. Your help is massively appreciated. U/668/21 I Saw You or at least I'll see you in TWO weeks! TWO WEEKS! I have been waiting for this since I was fifteen. Amazing. xx U/68/22

I Saw You mad looking girls skating in the park. You kind of scared me, but I still want to join you... U/668/23

I Saw You getting engaged! I am so happy for both of you xxx U/668/24 I Saw You in Classic Grand, falling over a plant when you tried to dance. Hahaha. U/668/25


I Saw You starting your christmas shopping. I am both appalled and a little bit in awe. x U/668/11 I Saw You reading love it and loving it. What other guilty pleasures do I need to know about? U/668/26

Scott the engineer in Tusk, 25.09.10, you Home Alone 2 and new york fan, me brave brunette, too shy to ask you out, so I got home alone...doh! U/668/01


I Saw You or at least, I used to see you! Come back into my life, you tiny mental. You are missed sorely. Xx U/668/02

I Saw You my dolmades, everywhere and all the time. Hurry up mandatory national service, get your vine leaves back here, wearing a festival hat! Love your rabbitxx U/668/03 I Saw You in Citation on Saturday 2nd October. You had a red hoodie on and were tucking into a big breakfast! Both you and the dish looked yummy. X U/668/04

I Saw You running from the rain with a polka dot umbrella. Hope you managed to avoid the puddles! U/668/05 I Saw You walking past Tramway in a black jacket, last Monday, about 6pm? You looked sweet. Wish I'd said hello. Maybe next time? U/668/06

I Saw You Scott, all beardy and lovely. I hope to see you again VERY soon. xxx U/668/12 I Saw You dancing for me, in thigh high boots. Such a cliché, but I'm not complaining! U/668/13

I Saw You, you bloody superstar. So proud of you! U/668/14 I Saw You in Wagamamas eating Ramen - you were tastier than the food. I winked. U/668/15 I Saw You take this as a hint, please, please, please, please! Can we go to the theatre?! Can we? Can we? xx U/668/16

I Saw You throwing a big strop over nothing. It's fiiiiine, calm down. U/668/27

I Saw You trying to undo your shirt after I pointed out you had done it up wrong in Starbucks in the centre. You flashed me your toned tummy - nice! Can I have some more? U/668/28 I Saw You Frederick Van Frederickson. Lord of Fredland. What decree will you make next? U/668/29

I Saw You Bunty. Oh Bunty. What a name for a lady. Love it! U/668/30


at Loopallu. Danced beside you to Magic Numbers. You have gorgeous dark curls. I think you saw me too. Am kicking myself. Please call. U/668/31

I Saw You rummaging through the old books at the Barras. Our eyes met across the table. Next week? U/668/17 I Saw You knocking people out of your way, left, right and centre. I'm not going to mess with you! U/668/18


I Saw You by the park looking cute with floppy hair whilst smoking. You winked and I smiled. U/668/32 I Saw You dancing in the aisles for Glee! I won't stop believin'! Xx U/668/33


I Saw You the dene, Stockbridge Saturday 02/10/10 4.30pm you... tall black jacket, jeans... U/668/35 I Saw Youtrying to build a bed with no slats! Doh! U/668/39

I Saw You and that's all you need to know. U/668/40 I Saw You, sawing a Ewe's eye. U/668/41

I Saw You perched on a bench, overlooking Princes St Gardens, looking happily lost in your thoughts. Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to join you..xx U/668/42

I Saw You Hannah Elizabeth. Welcome to the world, you chubby cheeked little sweetheart! U/668/43

I Saw You boy with roses tattooed on his hands. You looked nice. I hope I see you again. X U/668/44 I Saw You giggling REALLY LOUDLY at all of the jokes in Scott Pilgrim. It would have been annoying but yer laughing was contagious. Good work strange man in the front row! U/668/45

I Saw You Storm. So passionate, wild and rough. Like a storm, in fact. Rain on me, Storm. U/668/46

I Saw You months ago, beardy man, always around the filmhouse. Why don't I see you any more? Come back! U/668/47

I Saw You trying to climb a tree in the Grassmarket. What are you playing at, you crazy man? U/668/48 I Saw You mystery man, always walking down the royal mile with a boots bag in hand. U/668/49 I Saw You happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Biddy! Happy birthday to you! xx U/668/50

I Saw You stealing my bagels. What a bad bad baddie. U/668/51

I Saw You typing furiously across from me. You are like an angry little thunderstorm. U/668/52

I Saw You Lee (Storm!). I'm so happy you are following your dream. Maybe you'll look me up when the show is over? If you remember me! Love Gillian (fae 2nd year). U/668/53 I Saw You at the bus stop at Ocean Terminal. You had a checked shirt on under a denim jacket. I thought you must be freezing! I could help keep you warm? U/668/54

I Saw You cycling along the promenade at Porty! You looked so happy I especially liked the way you had to shout "beep beep" as you didn't have a bell. Wee nutter. U/668/55

I Saw You and it was great, and I will definitely see you again very soon! I am planning our weekend already. Love you xx U/668/56

I Saw You dear cat o' mine. Please calm down and stop scratching everything. The furniture cannot handle a ginger ball of terror. U/668/57 I Saw You practising hip hop dancing in the grassmarket! Get your swag on, ladies! U/668/58

I Saw You in the Blind Poet on Friday. I think you are probably too young for me? What a shame! U/668/59

I Saw You on the number 5 bus, looking a bit grumpy at 8.30am. Cheer up! It's only two sleeps til the weekend! U/668/60

I Saw You arguing over conspiracy theories. What an excellent read, fellows. U/668/61 I Saw You freak, oh no, wait I didn’t - and that’s by choice. Because I don’t like you. Hahahaha U/668/62

I Saw You propped up against the bar in Cab Vol on Thursday. You were spilling a drink down your dress. I still would. U/668/63

Place your I Saw You list.co.uk/ i-saw-you

I Saw You Linda PP looking like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, waiting for your Whizz Freedom to arrive in the post - lucky devil. U/668/64

I Saw You Mikey, looking hot and bothered whilst trying to sort the stock room out - bet you’d rather BE hot and bothered hehe... U/668/65

I Saw You new flatmates - thanks for an ace weekend and lots of tea drinking - the best a man can get. U/668/66 I Saw You student girl, getting lost on the Meadows - I told you how to get back to halls. I wish I was on your course U/668/67

I Saw You Cherry Tree Lady on Tuesday U/668/68

7–21 Oct 2010 THE LIST 95