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Long to reign over us A new vision for Edinburgh’s former Odeon finally revealed Words: Anna Millar

H ere at List Towers we’ve followed with concern the seemingly dormant life of the former Odeon on Clerk Street in Edinburgh, since it closed its doors in 2003. Although the art deco building opened for brief stints as a festival venue it has remained largely unoccupied for seven years. An Edinburgh landmark since the 1930s, the building has only narrowly avoided demolition bids, and in the last two years numerous people have stepped forward with a vision on how to restore, protect and make the best use the beautiful grade b- listed building.

And now it seems the Odeon will be granted a further stay of execution in the form of The New Victoria project, a new community effort to save the Newington building. Taking its name from the

the Odeon’s former moniker, independent organisation says it is dedicated to securing investment to purchase, restore and run the cinema as a multi-functional space, open to everyone as a major multi-arts venue in Edinburgh. The planned project would include space for film, theatre, arts and music. The group is currently looking for support from patrons and potential investors.

Commenting on the hope for the future, creative director of The New Victoria, Vicki Simpson said: ‘We want to restore this abandoned, neglected building in a manner which reflects its cultural and architectural significance.’

Get involved and watch this space.

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SALT AND SONG WITH THAT? Here at The List we love to hit the high notes, so were more than a little impressed to hear about ‘The Singing Chippy’, aka Luigi Corvi, Glasgow’s opera-singing chip shop owner, who has been in fine voice for his brief appearance in upcoming Scottish indie flick Donkeys. Playing himself, Val D’Oro owner Corvi serenades customers, including actors Martin Compston, Kate Dickie and James Cosmo, as

they sit in a local Glasgow café in the film. Three cheers for a happy ending. Check out Donkeys at a cinema near you now.

ROXY ARY HOUSE CLOSES News just in, as we go to press, is that the Roxy Art House has closed, effective immediately, due to the bankruptcy of the charity who owned it, Edinburgh University Settlement. See listings throughout for any change of venue to Roxy’s scheduled events and keep an eye on our website for more.

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OBITUARY The List were shocked and saddened to hear about the tragic passing of actor Gerard Kelly, who has died of a brain aneurysm, aged 51. Kelly was due to appear at the King's Theatre in Glasgow in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in December and was also scheduled to repeat his role of The Narrator in the Rocky Horror Show at the theatre. A stalwart of the Scottish scene, he will be much missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 4–18 Nov 2010 THE LIST 7