Wanted professional /student female flatshare in this fully furnished, very clean, 2 Double Bedroom and Study/Reading Room Duplex Property in the New Gorbals, Glasgow City Centre. Tel: 0141 429 0917 Edinburgh Flatmate wanted for a flat on Leith Walk, New Orchardfield, double room, rent is £262.50 and bills are about £35 per month, Broadband access. Move in as soon as possible. Tel: 07885 887 454

Warriston: Bright lovely south face double room in great shared flat (1 other) parkland setting, close shops/transport, walking distance Leith, Leith walk, City. Wifi. good parking. Suit NS.£295+CT+bills. Tel: 07753 968 593 Double room in Great Junction St Flat. Broadband, Cable, small but tidy and comfortable. £275 per calendar month + Council tax and bills, approx. £370 in all... Give me, Adam (G.S.H. Arty and Musical), a call on 07985 270 683 or 0131 553 1473 or



. . . dancing the macarena at the front of the Tanera Heights gig in Maggy May's. Good work squire. I love your enthusiasm! U/670/01


I Saw You trying to dress like a hipster and failing - and you're all the better for it. Stay geeky, you crazy cat. U/670/02

I Saw You pouring your soul into a trumpet at a seedy jazz night. You play music the way it's meant to be played, and you should know your passion has not gone unnoticed. Here's to you, sir. U/670/03

I Saw You kissing Santa Claus under the Christmas tree - well, it was either him, or a very jolly-looking hobo. U/670/04 I Saw You going to see Burke and Hare on Friday night at Cineworld. You had a black jacket on. Hope the film was good! U/670/05

I Saw You running for a train at Central Station on Saturday 23rd - I chased after you with the purse you'd just dropped, and you thanked me with a massive smile. Wish I'd got on the train with you now - same time next week? U/670/06

I Saw You studying long and hard in the library. You deserve a break - hit me up when you've got a minute. U/670/07

I Saw You holding my hand as we walked by all of the zombies. Aargh! They were terrifying. Thanks for being so nice to me X U/670/08 I Saw You playing Hallowe'en charades and being AMAZING at it. No-one can sign “the” like you can. x U/670/09

I Saw You stumbling along Sauchiehall St on Saturday night. I couldn't tell if you were meant to be in costume or if you had such had a rough night! Either way, good effort! U/670/10

I Saw You at John's party you were dressed like a witch, and I offered to be your familiar? Get in touch! U/670/11 I Saw You necking whisky like a champion. Maybe drinking at noon wasn't the best idea, but it was fun. U/670/12

I Saw You tiny pal, returned for one night of glory! It was absolutely lovely to catch up with ye, good luck on your piano hunt.U/670/13 I Saw You Lorna visiting and helping to make sugar bats! Wish we could hang out more often, but it was great to have you round. I cannot WAIT until March next year. U/670/14


. . . in Bruntsfield. Afternoon of Sun 24th. Me parking my car, you leaving with yours (black). Driving in circles, and smiling. Lost? Next time, ask me for directions! U/670/15


I Saw You Black keys, O2 gig:- Edinburgh medicine man seeks disillusioned Toronto nursing student, who has embraced Hispanic studies for more small talk over concert merchandise and sophisticated respite from halls… U/670/16

I Saw You Viv Du, the beautiful girl of Dowan Hill. I’m missing you, don’t let troubles tie you down. Let me give you the strength to fly East. GDx U/670/17 I Saw You First Year Student at Edinburgh University, studying Chinese Studies, male, brown hair, trendy, New Arthur Place. You came to our flat party and left!. Please get in touch! U/670/18

I Saw You Spanish girl in Basement Bar 30th Oct. Unfortunately didn't see you in Fingers. Quizás en otro momento! U/670/19 I Saw You distracting the drunken guy on the night bus from perving over me. Just wanted to say, thank you very much! x U/670/20

I Saw You in the queue ahead of me at The Cameo, being turned away for the same film I wanted to see. You, short brown hair, big cardigan, brown corduroys; me, matching gloves and mittens, big red jacket. Fancy catching a different show together? U/670/21

I Saw You winking at me across the room. Unfortunately, we were playing wink-murder, and you'd just killed me. Well played! U/670/22 I Saw You reading 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' on my morning bus (26). Keep an eye out for me - I'll be wearing my bowler hat. U/670/23

I Saw You quickly looking away from me as I looked up in Costa at Waverley Station. Don't be afraid, I won't bite - come say hello next time. U/670/24 I Saw You handsome man coming down the escalator from Topman last Sunday - you probably weren’t looking at me but hello anyhow. U/670/25

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