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Article: Antony Gormley One and Other This book [documenting the project by artist Antony Gormley, where an empty plinth in Trafalgar Square was made open to use by members of the public] is an impressive publication, and I look forward to volumes two and three, which will hopefully will contain a fairer reflection of those who took part. This book claims to provide a

voice for the voiceless and a portrait of the nation, yet there are more photographs of bystanders than there are of those upon the plynth. Many of us stood there to

give a voice to others; to raise awarenes for others; to protest for others. However, this is not reflected enough in this publication. That may not be the kind of art that you wanted, but it’s what you got. So, let’s see the rest of the fantastic photo collection that Clare Richardson must have built up over the 100 days. Publish a photo album, please. Mac603, Southport Comment posted at

Re: Hidden Door While I take my hat off to the hardworking and committed people behind the Hidden Door one-day festival, I have to state: It is the Emperor’s new clothes. The sound was bad grating

and clashing and not all at supportive of the artists, the poetry could not be heard, a couple of the films were OK.

Some of Scotland’s best up-

and-coming musical artists were notable by their absence and most of all the atmosphere was dreary and depressing not a lot of joy or fun in people’s faces or perhaps I was missing the point. Do we need to be miserable and solemn to appreciate good art?

I rarely feel this strongly, but was shocked in fact, I was close to asking for my money back. I was desperate to leave as it was sucking the joy from my life akin to the dementors in Harry Potter. Poor show Scotland. There is much more potential out there. Jennywren, Scotland Comment posted at

THE GOOD GUISE Re: Hallowe’en Please, when referring to Hallowe’en, remember that in Scotland we go guising, NOT trick or treat, which is American. Janette Hannah


Re: Hallowe’en Nice Hallowe’en feature in the current issue. However, has The List, like the rest of the nation, been totally colonised by US culture? What happened to turnip lanterns, guising, dooking for apples and treacle scones? Time to ditch the imported customs and

reclaim our own. Lisette, Glasgow

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse


Re: Mr McFall’s Chamber On looking through my vast CD collection today, lots of them destined for charity shops, I came across Revolucianario by Mr McFall’s Chamber. What a joy!

Many years ago I’d get the train to Glasgow’s Central Station and spend hours in Borders (sadly gone) listening to music. On one of these

occasions this CD caught my attention and i’ve just listened to Revolucianario again for the first time in years after it’s been languishing in my collection unfortunately TV and radio have taken up most of my entertainment time lately. After this listen, this CD is mine forever and I hope to hear the band play live again soon. Lisette, Glasgow Comment posted at




We focus on the Fruitmarket Gallery’s new exhibition exploring the dark elements of childhood through the work of Jeff Koons, Mike Kelley, Susan Hiller, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Gober and Helen Chadwick. We let two popular media figures loose in Edinburgh and Glasgow’s cultural hangouts and sit back and watch the results. Unfamiliar with their surroundings, we observe what an outsider is drawn to in our major cities.

96 THE LIST 4–18 Nov 2010

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