£9.99 Des McLean Is This The Way To Armadillo?

£15.99 Jim Jefferies Alcoholocaust

£15.99 Danny Bhoy Subject To Change

£15.99 Stewart Lee If You Prefer A Milder Comedian, Please Ask For One

£15.99 Richard Herring Hitler Moustache

£16.99 Dorothy Paul The Best Of 3DVD

...all this plus more than ever in-store

Titles and prices are subject to availability while stocks last at participating stores/online. Prices may vary online. DES MACLEAN: IS THIS THE WAY TO ARMADILLO: © Alba Home Vision; JIM JEFFERIES ALCOHOLOCAUST: © 2010 Paramount UK Partnership TA Comedy Central; DANNY BHOY - SUBJECT TO CHANGE: © PIAS Comedy under license from Levity Entertainment 2010; STEWART LEE - IF YOU PREFER A MILDER COMEDIAN, PLEASE ASK FOR ONE: © 2010 Paramount UK Partnership TA Comedy Central; RICHARD HERRING: HITLER MOUSTACHE: © Richard Herring / PIAS Comedy 2010; DOROTHY PAUL, THE BEST OF: © Alba Home Vision.

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