Friendly flat mate Glasgow city centre, gay friendly stunning flat. Gas central heating, wifi, double glazing, newly refurbished, sunny clean double room, furnished. Great local amenities/underground. £300pcm council tax included, shared bills. Call David 07854 514 283 Wanted professional/ student female flatshare in this fully furnished very clean 2 Double Bedroom and Study/Reading Room Duplex Property in the New Gorbals, Glasgow City Centre. Tel: 0141 429 0917

King-Size bed for fun friendly person. Large furnished room in awesome south-side flat with Sky+, Wifi, Washer/dryer, dishwasher, gas fire, jacuzzi w/TV/DVD. Bus/30secs, train/1min, Shawlands/5min, town/10mins. £415 inc bills. Tel: 07925 002 006 Large furnished double room in Edwardian flat in Pollokshields near Maxwell Park Station, sharing with easy going professional male. WiFi, large garden, dining kitchen. £350 per month inclusive. Viewing welcome. Tel: 0141- 423-1340 or 07842 195 597 Edinburgh

Flatmate wanted for a flat on Leith Walk, New Orchardfield, double room, rent is £262.50 and bills are about £35 per month, Broadband access. Move in as soon as possible. Tel: 07885 887 454 Warriston: Bright lovely south face double room in great shared flat (1 other) parkland setting, close shops/transport, walking distance Leith, Leith walk, City. Wifi. good parking. Suit NS. £295+CT+bills. Tel: 07753 968 593

Double room in Great Junction St Flat. Broadband, Cable, small but tidy and comfortable. £275 per calendar month + Council tax and bills, approx. £370 in all... Give me, Adam (G.S.H. Arty and Musical), a call on 07985 270 683 or 0131 553 1473 or Large sunny double room available now. Lovely top floor tenement flat to share with one other. Leith Links, £400 per month, includes Rent, Council Tax and Internet, Gas & Electric. Tel: 0131 554 2634


Tired of Edinburgh? Thinking of moving down south? If so why not get in touch. Maybe we can go together. Rachel 07532 279 804 P/671.01



at Fence Halloween party, Stereo, in your sparkly red hat. You said you didn't bite. SHAME! U/671/01


I Saw You - Met you while you where walking your dog in the New Gorbals, Glasgow. Your dog liked me! So you might as well haha. U/671/02

I Saw You - Lake Como dark eyed Italian girl, Aberfoyle on Sunday 31st October, a vision, can I bake you chocolate cake? U/671/03 I Saw You strolling through town with a strange look on your face. What were you thinking about? U/671/04

I Saw You 50 Cent, talking smack about my pal Janey. Hands off! U/671/05

I Saw You struggling to get on the train with all of your bags. How much did you buy?! U/671/06

I Saw You having daily battles with weeg bus drivers. Stay strong lovely, I'll buy you a car soon. U/671/07 I Saw You running a fork through your hair and flashing your man-pants! U/671/08

I Saw You Edward Cullen looking very glittery. You looked into my cold, dead eyes and made me feel all jittery U/671/09 I Saw You in the Cathouse last Saturday night. You had bright pink hair and were wearing a red jacket. You looked lovely. Wish I'd bought you a drink. U/671/10

I Saw You at your 21st Birthday on Arran! Happy Birthday Lucy! U/671/11

I Saw You and I can't help but think yellow polka dots are going to be in this winter. U/671/12

I Saw You passing your driving test first time with no minors! Well done buddy! U/671/13

I Saw You doing your best zombie impression. You are a bit scary enough without the undead noises... U/671/14 I Saw You applying for loads of jobs. My fingers are tightly crossed. XX U/671/15

Redheaded Athena in hipster tweed jacket browsing the Alasdair Gray exhibition at the Talbot Rice lunchtime Saturday 6th November, make this man's century and come for a drink? U/671/17


I Saw You there in Habitat on a Sunday. You work there, I used to. I am older than you, but you are lovely. Bike helmets are clever! U/671/18 I Saw You drinking coffee in Waterstones bookshop last Sunday. Thanks for moving over and letting me put all of my bags everywhere! U/671/19

I Saw You Hong Kong! & I am about to see you New Zealand, and finally you Hawaii! Eeeeek. U/671/20

I Saw You sitting on laptop, Craiglockhart library (fri afternoon), I saw you, you saw me, petite blonde in beret. Just wanted to say you put a smile on my face, thank you! U/671/21 I Saw You I saw you, zooming down the Royal Mile in the rain at 100 miles an hour, in your new boots. Alas though, you slipped and nearly went arse over tit! But you managed to catch yourself, and thankfully your extremities are still in the right place. For now... U/671/22

I Saw You looking at the clock on the doomed ship. Why didn't you build me a stronger ship? Arsehole. U/671/23

I Saw You waiting in George Square outside of the library. I was going to say hello but I was a little bit too shy. Maybe next Thursday? I hope you are there again! U/671/24

I Saw You Brigid. What a lovely mental. You will be sorely missed. xx U/671/25 I Saw You setting all of the hearts a flutter at the Regent. Shame it didn't stop us getting kicked out... U/671/26

I Saw You spilling drinks all over the carpet and doing nothing about it. SO BADLY BEHAVED! Get your act in gear, aye? U/671/27

I Saw You et je voudrais demander si tu serais ma petite copine? U/671/16 I Saw You eating mince pies and wearing a santa hat. It's November! U/671/28

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