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Re: The quest for the best cup of coffee in Glasgow and Edinburgh (668) There is great coffee in Edinburgh, but you need to know where to go . . . Thanks The List for noting

some excellent coffee shops in Edinburgh. I also appreciate the guide to coffee terminology. I think I can tell a good cup of coffee, but I don’t necessarily know what factors come into it to make it good.

I only wish the standard of coffee would improve in general in Edinburgh. Too many places serve awful stuff. Aussie in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Comment posted at

BACK FOR GOOD Re: Robbie Williams rejoins Take That for 2011 tour Go away Robbie. Juliet, Scotland

Take heart fellow fans. Juliet speaks only for for those who think they are above the rest of us. We are the majority. Roll on 22 and 23 June 2011. A.F-A, Scotland Comments posted at

Re: Christmas and New Year events With Christmas and Hogmanay on the way I’m sure your fine periodical is collating all the best of what’s happening throughout the festivities. However, I would just like to ask if you could stretch out the days.

Like myself, many people have to work through Christmas and New Year, and as such don’t get to fully enjoy it. I was therefore wondering if you could publish details of events and attractions taking place on the 2–6 of January for us less fortunate souls who’ll be working during the celebrations. Paul Kenealy, Glasgow Comment posted at

Editor’s note: Don’t panic! We’ve got it covered Paul. Our three-week bumper Christmas/New Year issue will take you from Thu 16 Dec through to the Thu 6 Jan and our listings at will be updated throughout the Christmas and New Year break. We’ll be working hard so you don’t have to miss a thing. How’s that for service?

LETTERS OF THE FORTNIGHT SOUND AND VISION Re: Synaesthesia II Trevor Jones This exhibition of Trevor Jones’ work is a revelation. Each work reflects and was inspired by a piece of music and it is fascinating to see sound translated into colour. The distinctive style of the artist shines through in every work, yet each piece is proudly unique. The white walls of the Union Gallery provide the perfect display area for the artist’s work. Thoroughly recommended! CPJMaguire, Edinburgh

Quality abstract painting is hard to find these days but a visit to the Union Gallery in Edinburgh to see Trevor Jones’ latest exhibition is a very rewarding experience indeed. Bill Hare Comments posted at

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

WHEELY BAD Re: Most Wanted Christmas Presents (670) I was disappointed to see you rated Heelys at the top of your 'Five Most Wanted Presents' column in your last issue. Have you decided now to promote the reign of terror exacted by prepubescent delinquents, instead of Scottish arts and culture? Heelys make the young think they have the right to move faster than us. They

intimidate the elderly on streets, in supermarkets aisles, church aisles, everywhere! Heelys make Scotland unsafe. I do not stand alone in this belief; a facebook group stands testimony to that. The List should be campaigning to ban Heelys from Scottish streets, not encouraging these floating spectors and their gleeful carnage. Percy McDonald, Edinburgh Via email

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BAR GUIDE Raise your glasses: the exhaustive List bar guide is back! As you read, our intrepid journalists are undergoing the hardship of visiting loads of boozers. Read the fruits of their labours in our next issue. CHRISTMAS TREES Is the dusty artificial number from the attic no longer fit to hold a bauble? Our Christmas tree buying guide will let you in on the perfect place to buy your festive foliage, be it real, plastic, mail order or chop-your-own.

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