crockery. Those wanting a little individuality with their pint head here for excellent food, DJs, quizzes and live music. Or head upstairs to their tearoom for something more genteel in the afternoon. High point: Reading the menu

MACSORLEY’S 42 Jamaica Street, 248 8581. Mon–Sun 11am–midnight. Basic pint: 2.60

A revamp in late 2009 has retained much of the century-old decor at this historical favourite, from the etched windows and mahogany bar to the ancient tiled floor. Nightly live music serenades diners at Biadh, the mezzanine dining space which serves food that goes beyond pub grub into fine dining territory. High point: As sympathetic as refurbs get

BAR TEN 10 Mitchell Lane, 572 1448. Mon–Sat 10am–midnight; Sun 11am–midnight. Basic pint: £3

Perfectly positioned off busy Buchanan Street, Bar Ten is a bustling, vibrant bar with cool decor that borders on utilitarian yet creates an effortless cosmopolitan vibe. Once famed more as a pre-club venue, its appeal is much broader, attracting everyone from shoppers and students to businessmen and clubbers, all out to enjoy the relaxed, unpretentious ambience. High point: An oasis from the city bustle

KING TUT’S WAH WAH HUT 272 St Vincent Street, 221 5279. Mon–Sat noon–midnight; Sun 6pm–midnight. Basic pint: £2.90

Not just one of the best music bars in the city, but arguably across the whole UK. So much more than that Oasis story, this enduringly iconic venue showcases the best local and touring bands in the compact upstairs space, attracting music lovers from far and wide to this quieter end of town. Nearby office workers and musos give the place a lively vibe during the day enjoying the good food and a few classic tracks. High point: Own beer courtesy of WEST brewers SLOAN’S

CHINASKI’S 239 North Street, 221 0061. Mon–Sun noon–midnight. Basic pint: £3.20

This loving homage to author Charles Bukowski and his literary alias Hank Chinaski likes to play it cool, with its mysterious grey exterior giving little away except for a gnarly portrait of Bukowski's booze-bashed face. Inside a couple of portraits and some framed first editions add interest to the dimly-lit interior that oozes a pleasingly subdued charm and style. This downplaying, coupled with its location next to the M8, keeps the place discreet for the predominantly thirtysomething crowd enjoying the mature vibe, excellent food and classy surroundings. Out back is one of the city's better beer gardens and bourbon drinkers will find plenty of solace here. High point: Vast range of bourbons

NICE ‘N’ SLEAZY 421 Sauchiehall Street, 333 0900. Mon–Sun noon–3am. Basic pint: £2.70

A beacon for music–lovers and hip drinkers at the sharp end of Sauchiehall Street. The name sums it up it ain’t the prettiest but the quirky decor of blue ladies, collages and patron’s graffiti surrounding well- worn booths attracts a congenial kaleidoscope of society’s subcultures enjoying the basement gigs, weekend DJs, good food, and a late licence, with a soundtrack from the best jukebox in town. High point: A unique bar full of unique folk

THE BUTTERFLY AND THE PIG 153 Bath Street, 221 7711. Sun–Thu 11am–midnight; Fri & Sat 11am–2am. Basic pint: £2.80

12 THE LIST 2–16 Dec 2010

There’s a charmingly quirky vibe to this popular basement bar, from the name itself to the disparate cosy chairs, idiosyncratic menu and mismatched 62 Argyll Arcade, 221 8886. Sun–Thu noon–midnight; Fri & Sat noon–1am.