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How did you get that job?

Names Darran Barton Job Titles Director

Company LOOKLOOK Photobooths When did you start your job? We launched the company in May this year. I’m a fashion

photographer so it wasn’t too much of a jump, but we are the first company in Scotland to offer this service, so we had to do a lot of research to get the photobooth delivering the high standard experience we wanted to offer. We also worked with a great design agency, the Touch Agency, who really understood that good design

was key to our brand and came up with a brilliant name and a super- cool logo. So what does your job actually involve? We hire out photobooths for weddings, graduations, Christmas parties and corporate events. I look after the production side of things so my day involves meeting with lots of clients and creating bespoke photobooths and packages that meet their needs. We’ve been really lucky to be able to work with some great clients early on such as Taste festival, I-on Magazine, the SECC, and now we’re involved in the Scottish Sun’s Movember campaign. It’s my role to make sure the photographs are of the highest quality, with flattering lighting and also to ensure we are providing great service such as instant prints; and also looking after the online gallery, allowing each image to be shared on Facebook.

Best / Worst Aspects? Having an innovative product that people are genuinely excited about and hearing people laugh when they are in the booth as they see their

photos on the screen is definitely a highlight. Also I’m a bit of a geek and loving being able to play with new photo and lighting technology, allowing us to be innovative in our approach to the design and the build of our booths. The downside is realising it’s 3am and you’re still working!

Looking back, what advice would you give to a young Darran at the start of his career? Get lots of experience to know the ins and outs of the industry you want to get into; work for free if you have to; and meet lots of people who share their experiences with you and help you along the way. And finally . . . what is LOOKLOOK up to during the festive season? We go to new events every week so check out our image gallery at, and if you are having a Christmas party then invite us along to liven up the night! We’re doing a massive 40% discount for all parties in December 2010.

2–16 Dec 2010 THE LIST 93