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FREEZE FRAME Re: Bobby Niven: Hermit’s Castle, Chez Galip I really liked these films, especially Hermit’s Castle. The shots of the snowy sea washing up around the structure are pretty eerie. Sierra Metro on a freezing November night was the perfect setting for this. Big-Yin, Leith Comment posted at


Re: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (671) I was interested to see your feature on Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, truly one of the loveliest, most thoughtful and endearing pieces of filmmaking of this era. I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. It blends vividly beautiful cinematography with surreal storytelling and folklore, as well as intense emotion. Though your antigonistic writer Dit Beauvois (playing devil’s advcoate surely? How

can anyone not like this film?) played down the idea that this film could do something to appease tensions in Thailand. To suggest that art does not have a political role to play is somewhat jaded. Weerasethakul’s film might have a limited release in his home country, but, as with much of the most controversial and opinion- changing art over the last 100 years, just because it’s only seen initially by a small group of people doesn’t mean that its influence can’t filter down through word of mouth even the very fact that a Thai film with this level of emotional resonance has made it big on the world stage is cause for consideration and may help precipate a change in attitude.

Let’s not drag arthouse filmmaking down with the old suggestion that slower films are ‘extremely boring’. Try ‘mature’, ‘touching’ or ‘majesterial’ instead . . . or just pick yourself up a ticket to Jackass 3D if your attention span is that short. Kevin, Musselburgh Via email


TAKING THE PLINTH Re: AfroCubism is the latest project from makers of Buena Vista Social Club (671) Thanks for this great article. However, Bassekou’s N’goni is not a one-stringed lute. There are lutes in Mali that are one-stringed and are referred to, in French, as mono-chord. They are typically played in the north of the country by the Peul and Songhai ethnic groups. The lute that Bassekou plays has four strings, or sometimes six, and is commonly called the Djeli N’goni and is Maninka in origin. Bamako, Mali Comment posted at

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

CITY BREAK Re: Bar Crawler, City Café (671) I noticed you made out as if the City Café ditching its Trainspotting image is a bad thing. Given they're re- branding as a family restaurant, I'm not sure their ‘pre-club cool’ is much of a concern. And while references in books and films tend to help with promotion, I'm not sure Trainspotting is the kind of

book (or film) any self- respecting place would want to associate with. Unless they want to play into the trending glamorisation of such lifestyles. Hamish, Edinburgh Via email Editor’s note: The City Café is the ‘Burgh’s top pre-club spot in this issue’s Bar Guide (page 11), so it seems its cool is in tact, with or without the help of Irvine Welsh.

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